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If we can ban it there, we can ban it ANYWHERE. It's up to you No Fracking, No Fracking.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Adam Federman writes 'Five years ago it wasn't a question of if fracking would come to New York but when. This week's decision by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to ban high volume hydraulic fracturing in the state is a measure of how much things have changed in a relatively short period of time. New York is the first state, other than Vermont (which has little or no proven shale deposits) to ban the controversial drilling technique. New York's decision is particularly striking given that it sits atop the mother of all gas reserves: the Marcellus Shale. In no uncertain terms the decision is a major setback for the oil and gas industry in North America'. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Federman explains 'But even though fracking has been banned in New York the battle over pipelines, storage facilities, and oil by rail networks continues. According to Gillingham, there are multiple infrastructure projects in the works across New York State. For the last month activists in the Finger Lakes region have staged an ongoing protest at a proposed natural gas storage facility resulting in dozens of arrests. Crestwood Midstream, the company hoping to build the proposed site on the west bank of Seneca Lake, has said that its goal is to transform the Finger Lakes region into a 'gas storage and transportation hub' for the Northeast.'


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Removal of resistance: Now is the time to fight hardest against fracking. Unification: When you reach the end of a race, you run your fastest. The precedent in New York ought to be enough to ban it in many places, including the entire British Isles.
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