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Mummified trancing Buddha wannabes being sold on the black market and Dalai Lama appears complicit.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: I wrote in February 2015: "Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser report on this absurd new enterprise in the far east.

Herbert and Keiser use the trancing Buddha wannabes black market as a metaphor for our 'zombie banks' and our economy.

I wonder how hard they laughed if they saw the Daily Mail headline a day or two ago, 'now is the best time ever to get a mortgage'! Ha ha ha.

Keiser and Herbert recently (in a recent episode) pointed out that hedge funds are starting to go short on property.

Watch the video in the references below."
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Where is the market now?


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Removal of resistance: You may well ask. Unification: It's a long story. I'll have to get into it, into the details, but as you can imagine there's a lot of puffery and deception in the air. May agents will concede, however, that there have been 2 very bad years for the property market - they naturally blame 'Brexit', many of them, or the related pandemonium. But hedge funds were going short before that - they didn't think the market would go any other way. Why is that? And do current 'explanations' really support that view? Was the market just top heavy and on the brink of a slide, perhaps a crash? Moneyweek were saying that the market would fall by 50%, across the UK, London included, and Feierstein and Keiser was alleging an eventual 80% loss or greater. Yet the mainstream ignored this, now what they warned appears to be potentially a reality, impending, and the mainstream is 'blaming Brexit' - nebulously - and continuing to ignore THE FUNDAMENTALS - the reasons why hedge funds, Keiser, Feierstein, even Moneyweek were forecasting potential southerly movement on the old property market and its prices!

What about the next two years? One must ask that also.
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