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'If you ask a Chinese child attending elementary school, the chances are that he or she would at least know by name, several Western writers, musicians, and politicians. I am aware of many European men and women, holding advanced degrees, who cannot name one single Chinese writer, classical musician, or one member of the Chinese government.'   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Andre Vltchek writes 'Western propaganda, the 'best', the mightiest, the most complete and advanced on Earth, has already managed to infiltrate and destroy dozens of countries on our planet. It has also diverted countless decent and honorable Communist and Socialist movements, forcing them into defensiveness, militancy and paranoia.

If you attack, harm and provoke, the chances are that countries will react. And that is what you want: to force them into defending themselves, and then you shout: 'Yes! See! They are censoring and banning!''.
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Vltchek explains 'Countries like Indonesia, Thailand and India, South Korea, Nigeria and Kenya, are sending the kids of their elites to Western universities, to 'get an education'. Graduates are then made to think like colonial masters, or as good serfs of the colonial masters. In exchange, they are almost certain to get well-paid jobs at home or abroad, as well as recognition. That is actually all that matters [..] to them.

Such an education is not designed to produce revolutionary minds, to create people who will improve lives in their countries. Such an education is there to secure that the status quo is guaranteed forever, and that the master-servant arrangement of the world prevails. It also fully injects 'Western values' into young brains who eventually become rulers in their countries, or go-betweens for the Empire and local people. Again, it is clearly visible in countries such as Thailand or the Philippines, India and Kenya.'


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Removal of resistance: Take my case. I was at St Paul's School (the famous one). I have learned a great deal about 'western' culture, other than being born here, other than all my tv and news etc being western, throughout my life. I speak several European languages, I know much about the history of Italy, France, England. Of their art I know a phenomenal amount. Indeed I speak French very well and understand French - most of those 'je suis charlie's in England don't speak a word more than 'je suis'. Unification: A former 'aga khan', said 'The re-groupings made as a means to cultural progress would need to be safeguarded from an excess of particularism. To-day the two main streams of civilization are fed from two widely divided cultures-the Asiatic and the European. Every Asiatic of is brought face to face with European culture in a variety of ways; but, broadly speaking, the European who has not lived in the East( and nine hundred and ninety nine out of a thousand of his fellow countrymen who have sojourned in Asia) does not know Eastern culture in any real sense. I would therefore make bi-culturalism an essential feature of education. I should aim at the ideal of every European child being taught an Eastern language, and every Asiatic child a European language. It is scarcely necessary to say that under my dictatorship compulsory education would be world-wide and kept up till, say, eighteen or twenty years of age. I should give to education a wider meaning than that which it now has in the public mind. The system would include teaching on health, on the laws of sex and parenthood, and on art and the life of the soul in the widest sense. The broad aim would be to give the workers a recognition of the value of their leisure in providing opportunities for spiritual, aesthetic and intellectual pursuits, for delight in nature and art in their manifold forms and, above all, for direct communion with the Unseen. The effort would be to enrich life through many channels. Travel like staff rides in the army, would be regarded as a normal part of education. Spiritual values would be given the preeminence which is their inherent right. By spiritual experience I must make it clear that nothing in the nature of asceticism or monkery or renunciation of the responsibilities, as well as of the enjoyment, of life is meant. Good and beautiful thoughts, kindliness and gentleness towards others as well as a constant feeling of communion with the obvious soul in the universe around us- these, rather than absurd inhibitions and taboos, would be the meaning of religious education. The value and importance for happiness and contentment or reflection over the fruits of knowledge and the direct reactions to outer nature would be taught to the young. The habit of contemplation would be as general during moments of leisure to-day the wastage of precious time. There would he full freedom and equality of religious opinion, and also of practice so long as it did not trench upon the rights of others. Poetry and imaginative literature of all countries, especially of the neglected Muslim world, would be brought within the reach of each and all. The promotion of the public health would be sought both by education theorem and by the encouragement of physical culture, hiking, sports and games'.

But for having listened to any rendition of that aga khan's speeches, I am seen by 'educated' 'intelligent' old Paulines as 'mad' and possibility 'a religious nut'.

We can all see who the fucking eejuts are, eh? And that pretentious 'education' they have makes them the least humble people in Britain, the least likely to say to themselves 'hang on, I am wrong about some things, I must learn more'.
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