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In the age of Trayvon Martins, Michael Browns, Eric Garners, the right to move freely, to be treated with equal human rights, is not a tangible reality for people viewed as non-white. Movies like American Sniper, which promote the dehumanization of Muslims (especially Arabs), fan the flames of racial and religious hatred, extending beyond hateful epithets to admitted desires to murder Arabs. The killing of three Muslims in Chapel Hill is immediately related to the racial and religious aspects of white culture in the US, and the inability of the left to effectively respond.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Alexander Reid Ross writes 'Yusor Mohammad, Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, and Deah Shaddy Barakat were three family members. Yusor was in school to be a dentist. Her newlywed husband, Deah, was also a dental student, and helped provide charitable care to Syrian refugees in Turkey. Razan, whose name means sensibility and respect in Arabic, and to whom they referred fondly as the 'best third wheel ever,' was Yusor's sister. Their murders are more than the result of an 'extended parking dispute,' they are perhaps the most recent cases of acts of white vigilantism against people viewed as threatening to the standard white narrative'. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Ross points out 'There is a common struggle of racialized and religious minorities against right-wing hatred that is systematically obscured and undermined by today’s multicultural, atheist perspective, making that perspective perhaps as intellectually problematic as what Chris Hedges calls 'Christo-fascism.' Hence, those calling for a level of outrage today on par with the #jesuischarlie movement are absolutely justified in joining in common struggle against all forms of fascistic extremism. Although Dawkins, himself, has denounced the Chapel Hill Shootings, we shall see if he changes the attitude that he, along with Bill Maher and others like him, have carried, which continues to incite hatred against the oppressed.'


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Removal of resistance: Ross adds 'It seems important to note is that Hicks appears to be a typical, white person. Just like George Zimmerman, who appeared to be an ordinary civilian, or the killers of Mike Brown and Eric Garner, both of whom were normal-looking white cops, Craig Stephen Hicks does not seem particularly outstanding in his opinions or his outlook.' Unification: Isn't it everyone's world? The hierarchies need to stop. Privilege, white or otherwise, don't seem to belong in an intelligent and decent society - nor would much that's bad - I don't see why anyone would want to stop us moving towards a better world - and yet every day many people do - it must be the grip of hyperconsumerism on their minds, or what's left of their minds.
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