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The treatment of Arabs, Kurds, or rather Muslims in general, in places like France expose further racialized class structures. French Muslims, often from North Africa (sometimes considered part of the Middle East or, more progressively, together with the Middle East, as the MENA acronym would suggest), are a distinct minority prohibited from practicing various aspects of their faith, but they make up a vast majority of those incarcerated in French prisons. In the US, facile claims to multiculturalism invisiblize Islamophobia on a liminal level.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Alexander Reid Ross writes 'The pervasive presence of Islamophobia as an existential reality - the hatred and fear of Muslims - adds to the difference felt by Arabs in the West, yet the elision of that difference through inclusion in the category of whiteness creates a blurred line that denies a particular group's struggle against white supremacism. Perforce, all arguments upholding white supremacism, itself, become untenable when the notion of 'white' and its configuration of power relations are revealed as palimpsests of varying identities, practices, attitudes, beliefs, performances, languages, and discourses, all layered on top of a cracked fašade of skin color. These are the more - subtle racial implications tied to Islamophobia within day-to-day discourse, which expand the phenomenon beyond a Samuel Huntington-type religio-cultural 'Clash of Civilizations.' Islamophobia is, rather, a neo-colonial power discourse that mobilizes every possible prejudice to oppress the target group.' Direction of resistance / implied resistance: It is not a working class problem or a middle class or upper class problem - it is a consumer-mind problem - everyone in the west who is ultimately just a consumer victim of what corporations want them to think and do is guilty, to some extent, of participating in the maintaining of this problem.


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Removal of resistance: Ross says 'If there is a place where the Black Lives Matter protests and the #jesuischarlie protests meet, it is at the point where the right of all people to live their lives in peace is challenged at the barrel of a gun by those who hate their race, color, or creed.' Unification: Live in peace, together.
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