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But for now, let's cheer this local victory for working people, and working democracy.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Dave Lindorff writes 'At a packed session of the Philadelphia City Council Thursday morning, council members voted 14-2 to approve a bill mandating that all companies with 10 or more employees in this city of 1.5 million allow their workers to earn up to five days' paid sick leave for themselves or to care for a sick or injured person at home.' Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Lindorff reflects 'One peculiar quirk of Philadelphia's new paid sick-leave law is that it specifically exempts unionized workers working under a contract, applying only to workers in unorganized companies. This is because many of the powerful building trades unions in the city opposed having unions included. Labor activists explain that the building trades unions are 'typically pretty conservative, and think that they don't need a law like this because they already get sick pay in their contracts,' and that these unions think that if employers are required to offer it, 'they'll take something else away.' The problem is, with the building trades insisting on an exemption for unionized workplaces, many thousands of workers represented by other unions will not benefit from the law, though they may not have sick pay in their contracts.'


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Removal of resistance: Lindorff explains how success was achieved: Kathy Black, a long-time labor activist in Philadelphia and former head of the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW), was one of the leaders in the fight for paid sick leave in Philadelphia. She attributes this year's resounding and veto-proof victory to the dogged efforts of labor activists and other grassroots organizations, to a 'changing political climate' with 12 cities and two states recently passing such laws creating an 'unstoppable momentum.' Unification: There are a lot of issues to consider here.

I have long found that 'presenteeism' in the UK is shocking, demonstrates most British people have been bullied into a state of subservience and human relations and lifestyle is being made into a lower priority than profit for corporations - without even giving the workers any sort of corresponding rise in pay.
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