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Hezbollah and Iran protect Israeli children against ISIS whilst Israeli government plays dangerous games and gives ISIS succour.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Xinhua writes 'As many as 5,000 fighters of the Lebanese Hezbollah backed by Iranian and Syrian fighters are spearheading the current battles against the rebels in southern Syria, close to the borders with the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, a monitoring group reported Saturday'. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: The majority of Chinese people are being told that 'Syrian analysts said the aim of the battle is to thwart what they called 'Israel plan' to impose a buffer zone using the anti-Syrian government militants in that part of Syria, akin to what it had done during the Lebanese Civil War, when the Israelis used Israeli-backed Lebanese militants to protect its borders with Lebanon.'


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Removal of resistance: That doesn't seem to be wrong of the Syrian analysts. Their claims sound very credible and no doubt research into this will show exactly what backs the claims up. Unification: Fortunately only 'westerners' are kept in the dark about this, on the whole. Much of the rest of the planet is 'on the case'.
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