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Nick Cohen has clearly suggested 'genital mutilation' is an Islamic problem, here is some clear fact which proves that he is mongering hate and fear and should shut up because he is spouting utter bullshit.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Look at the pdf below and scroll to the bar graph showing Genital Mutilation and support it has in various African countries by Christians and Muslims.

Where did Nick Cohen back the idea that it is a muslim thing? When he backed Dawkins' comment which specifically said so.
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: As you can see, there is no question at all, even in places where it happens a great deal, like much of Africa, that it is a 'Muslim' thing. Only a buffoon, a child, a hate monger would ignore the reported facts and go ahead and report this problem as a 'muslim' one.

I grew up as an Ismaili muslim and anyone who knows any Ismaili or of Ismailism will know that in fact until the Guardian told me about Genital Mutilation I'd never heard of it, nothing like it has been done by anyone in the religious community I grew up as a member of, out of the many many 10s of 1000s of people around me in England from that group of Muslims, not one is any different to any of my 'white' 'christian' friends from school. It's very sad how bigots just lie to themselves about whatever they don't know about.


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Removal of resistance: I'll summarise the data I mention, i.e. that key bar graph. (From childinfo.org - see the pdf in the references below). Here goes: Unification: Percentage of women who 'support' genital mutilation, aged 15 to 49:

Guinea: Christian 61, Muslim 69

Mali: Christian 52, Muslim 81

North Sudan: Christian 42, Muslim 79

Eritrea: Christian 32, Muslim 73

Ethiopia: Christian 58, Muslim 76

Burkina Faso: Christian 7, Muslim 21

Ivory Coast: Christian 10, Muslim 50

Central African Republic: Christian 21, Muslim 31

Kenya: Muslim 15, Christian 26

Nigeria: Muslim 7, Christian 16

Benin: Christian 3, Muslim 10

Niger: Christian 7, Muslim 9

I have covered this before in 829 where you can see what the World Health Organisation says about it. It should be noted that jewish cases are also known, as are 'tribal religion' and for all we know, 'atheist'. There is nothing I have read which suggests otherwise.

Another thing to note is that India holds the largest Muslim population in the world. Neither India nor Pakistan features in the list of countries where FGM is seriously prevalent - although conservativisation of some communities in Pakistan is apparently causing a rise there (see Female genital mutilation in Pakistan and beyond, in the referenes). It is also my 'ancestral home' and I find it disturbing how many bigoted assumptions people like Nick Cohen make about my ancestors when I do no such thing to his, the stupid dickhead and stain on journalism that he is. It is of course the bile of people like Cohen, and the guns which speak for him much of the time, and drone bombings of course - which are driving up conservatism among those Pakistani muslims, ironically. A disgusting irony as women are mutilated as a result of it. But whose fault is that rise? Cohen's, and the fault of all those like him, very clearly. Without any doubt.

As for Dawkins' claim to be a scientist, an empiricist - effectively labelling FGM an islamic problem. It is not the fact that it is also done by Christians which proves Dawkins' racist remark to be so fucking ignorant. In many many muslim countries it doesn't happen at all, indicating that it is not causally linked to religion. Dawkins will do himself no harm if he never speaks in public again! If he wants to stop some harm, he should start by shutting up. He harms his mind by spouting shit and reinforcing his ignorance. His buffoonery is an embarrassment to all thinkers, and an insult to anyone with any moral values in life. I have dealt with him many times, with ease, and no doubt will be forced to again.
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