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A mixed marriage - Islam (and its friends) with Working Classes.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: The two big enemies being attacked by corporations and the fellows in their pay - on all sides, everywhere - are working classes - workers - their income and rights and lives and jobs - and muslims (including people who are from muslim backgrounds but aren't strictly speaking muslims as they do not practise muslim traditions and including people who 'look like muslims'). Direction of resistance / implied resistance: There's no need to promote it or urge it.


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Removal of resistance: The marriage of these two is just fated. Unification: It will happen, sooner or later. Love and union are a natural phenomenon.

So far the union of the two parties in question has been growing a great deal but now, under the pressure of this most dangerous forthcoming election and the attempt by banks to use it to dominate us absolutely once and for all - rising heat will merge the two together.
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