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Keep spreading antiwar, keep talking about antiwar, keep shaming warmongers, keep shaming stooges, keep shaming apathy which subjugates itself to war mongers. You are making democracy and helping to save lives and build futures.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Andrew Murray writes 'I would just like to draw attention to three lessons coming out of the election, before turning to the specific implications for the anti-war movement.

The first is the importance of voter registration. 1.7 million people signed on to the electoral register between the election being called and the closing date for registration. That is equivalent to about 24 parliamentary constituencies. Most of them, I am sure, did so in order to vote Labour. There is a clear point here - the more people are involved, the more democracy there is, the better things go for us.

The second lesson is this - no progressive politician need ever go in fear of the Sun or the Daily Mail again. They could not have done more to smear Corbyn, McDonnell and Labour generally. The net result was a rise in Labour's share of the vote from 30 per cent to 40 per cent. The Tory tabloids now look like paper tigers.

The third is - Labour's campaign was a triumph for the politics of mobilisation, of which Stop the War has been a 21st century pioneer. The voter registration drive, the mass rallies, the armies of canvassers, the huge social media networks - none of these were present in the election campaigns of the recent past, with their emphasis on a safe centrism directed towards small segments of the electorate by an even-smaller cadre of professional campaign specialists. Mass campaigning works - Stop the War is a testament to that, and it is great that some of its spirit has now infused the general election.'
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: This is the peak of our 'battle' to untangle the minds of the millions who still imagine they 'oppose the wars' when they don't join any such campaigns, align themselves with any such movements or even vote for Jeremy Corbyn's antiwar Labour.


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Removal of resistance: Many of them even admit to mistakes but won't evolve from there into being in the ranks of democratic campaigning politically 'engaged' members of an emergent and strong democratic civil society which clearly the bulk of future generations want nothing other than to be a part of. Unification: Don't make excuses for anyone. Do your best to make everyone join the ranks of the 'civil'. Even the Blairs and Mays, even the Murdochs, even the Trumps and Clintons. I'm not telling you to not shoot down their ignorance, to not stand in their way, but don't write them off. Sooner or later it will be too shameful and beyond the pale for anyone to actively allow themselves to be either pro-war or, almost as bad, silent in the face of war.

It's not a campaign to make people vote Labour, or Corbyn, it's a campaign, ultimately, to make people into people who go out of their way to make intelligent choices, genuinely intelligent choices. This begins in their consumer lives, in my opinion, and doesn't reach their political choices until quite far down the line. The best way to capitalise on the Corbyn 'victory' is to encourage all the more people to look more closely at what consumer actions on their part are totally worth cutting out. The fact is visible - more and more people CAN make sensible choices. The problems which corporate/consumer society is causing are in many ways 'easy' to solve by the so-called 'consumers' if they can have the self-possession to police their own buying and gratification-related decisions. Now is a time when more and more people may well be amenable to 'fighting corporations' in this 'front line' way.
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