was founded in 2013 by me, Shams Pirani, as a non-profit entertainment and research zone, as I chose to abandon commercial web development after Edward Snowden's revelations disclosed the true corporate-controlled nature of all of the internet. I spent the time from 2013 to 2022 researching and developing ways to create immense wealth out of more or less thin air using the financial systems of our times. After a long time, a great deal has been achieved on this front. Click onward links to journey into the periphery of my findings and marvels. NB, the financial scientific info on this site is research work and shows only the outcome of varyingly precise experiments. You should never trade without first doing your own full, thorough testing - which can only be done by creating software to do it entirely from scratch and acquiring vast amounts of 'tick' data. In fact the vast majority of professional and amateur financial work results, in the very end, in loss. Material wealth and a hierarchy of material comfort is not the answer to anyone's problems in the longrun. Only the end of money can lead the way to a genuinely civilised and enlightened world.

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Towards a non-idiotic humanity.

White racial preference in Britain, the evidence-based facts.

Militarism, the west's destructive ideology which even 'champions' like Greta Thunberg are far too cowardly to reject, let alone resist.

'Whiteness' is not a 'race' it's an arbitrary physical characteristic no more related to intelligence, morality, culture, or anything else of any broadness than is impacted say by different types of hair straightness, or different types of facial structure, or the distance between your eyes, or how tall you are, or what sort of sex organs you have, etc. Race is a nonsense, a pseudo-scientific western tool of domination which is so far past its sell by date its fungi have their own fungi.

Leading israeli/jewish document on anti-semitism indicates Corbyn's opponents are anti-semitic when they attempt to censor his legitimate grievances with Israel and pretend any such grievances are "anti-semitic".

A brief guide to how British people (and others like them) can stop being islamophobic.

You are not as inherently lazy and stupid as you allow profiteers to indoctrinate you into believing you are.

Majority discrimination against jews and muslims (and obviously MANY "others") in Britain by the people's elected representatives.

Pervasion of belief in eugenics in Britain.

Financial trading methods.

Index of hobo grid.


In recent times for reasons far deeper than the desire to rid myself of the "inconvenience" of publishing what many, from the weakest to the most powerful, do not want to hear, religiously do not want to hear, I have considered more and more the idea of putting tvhobo behind a password barrier and thus removing public access, for the time being. The hysteria of our society, the violence with which it attacks those whose intellect it fears, these are trivial. The truth is I once wanted all this material to be read and digested by my 'society' but what I have seen makes it clear that on the whole that 'society' is nothing to do with me and in terms of 'community' and 'government' and 'protocol' I am but a hobo. So I don't really need this material online any more. The old friends I wanted to read this and learn and face the truth and apologise I am extremely keen to purge myself of for good, and all that is of that ilk, which is, as my research showed, the overwhelming majority of this society we live in, you and I. However, due to my solidarity with the following people I, for now, cannot take this material out of the public domain, these statements must be there to help and support such people (and yes I know many of them don't see what I do as helping, but that's not a flaw I hold against them, nor is it relevant to what I say and do, or to my need to keep this site here FOR THEIR BENEFIT, for the same reason that every protestor at a march adds to that which stands with those brave enough to take a direct - called 'leading' by establishments, to minimise it and brand it narcissism - stand against ignorance and suffering). These people, not necessarily in order of the extent of my loyalty and their vibrant contribution to what for better or worse I'll, here, label "the human spirit", include but are not limited to: Chris Williamson, Jeremy Corbyn, Lee Camp, Russell Brand, George Galloway, Jeffrey St Clair, Jonathan Cook, Patrick Cockburn, Julian Assange, Jeffrey Alexander Sterling, Edward Snowden, Pepe Escobar, Chris Hedges and many other victims of the McCarthyism rampant in that society I am, fortunately for me, excluded from by discrimination, such that my participation in it could never be permitted to be ingenuous and therefore real. With the people I mention, they ARE part of the imperial society, and so there is a real need for "The Empire of Lies" to witch hunt them credibly, and for that reason my evidence remains here, for in the end it is the key to the defence of those with a moral compass.


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