But I'll show you something good, oh I'll show you something good; if you open your heart you can make a new start when your crumbling world falls apart. The miracle of love will take away your pain, when the miracle of love comes your way again.

Saving so-called 'western' society from the disaster its majority has wrought.

  • intellectual honesty
  • defining scarcity truthfully
  • re-organisation of lifestyles to be healthy and abundant
  • letting go of insularism and allowing a single species worldwide to emerge with a single enlightened approach to life, beyond this pantomime sh!t-show 'the west' is so 'proud' of
  • enlightenment of the individual


    it's just a map, it won't take you there, YOU take you there; but i can and will make the map much more detailed, you'll be able to click on those and navigate deep down into what can be taught by me at this time in a way which will enable you if not to know the truth then to have a better chance of using your own abilities to find the truth (as has been the case with my financial algorithm teaching for years)


    Click here to revert to previous front page and iterate your way through key threads which led to the present status quo (be prepared to navigate a great deal, read and re-read a great deal and be shocked at your own present level of ignorance).


    "How long shall we let the wicked reign over my people?"

    "Everything changes."