Greetings readers, Shams Pirani here. So you may have seen my work.

I have now almost in fact reached the achievement of the main goal I have had for years. I was discussing my financial scientific development with a rich white well educated slacker whose qualifications for being a 'financial consultant' are his passion for team sports, pretentious art forms and that bloke who did the car show but made racist remarks about mexicans [and was punished even though about 60% of Britain is guilty of the same thing and wasn't punished and apparently no punishment is in sight, not from the state or sociey anyway]. The rich white guy imagined I would press the button for the penthouse, because a privileged person who could access the success I can would only be thinking, as is normal, of their own narcissistic desires. I on the other hand am not like that rich white privileged man with no qualms about the levels of racism in Britain - my goal was that one day I should create an algorithm powerful and simple enough to be taught to armies of 'socialist' thinkers who could use it to offset the immense power their capitalist opponents have by default in any political argument - and THIS GOAL IS NOW ALMOST ACHIEVED - a load of data needs to be checked over to verify it and then it's done.

Capitalists as a rule don't have any ability or skill, unless abject obedience be considered some sort of achievement, and so such power as this is way beyond them and always will be. To get paid, to have a 'good income', people like my penthouse-loving white privileged neighbour who likes to champion overtly racist white men, simply need to obey, sneer together (at any designated target of their sneer), 'have fun', and 'coast' their whole lives. Faced with trained intelligent financial scientists, such people are doomed. And so now I do have exactly that, that which can wipe the grins off all the childish faces of these many racist imperialist colonialist stupid greedy materialistic 'humanist' (their cover for 'not having any belief in any innate morality, pretending instead that humans 'invent' morality and are kind of like that which the mad religions called "god" but is 'more scientific' than them, yes, no really') numpties.

It can easily be taught, the only question is do I teach it? Over the years it has seemed more and more like the worker movements, the liberals of all forms, not just the neoliberals, are not in fact the opposite of capitalists, not "anti-capitalists" (soon to be a 'terror'/'crime'/'extremism' designation, I expect, so that's another reason I may be advised to shut down my public presence), merely 'excluded capitalists' - who want nothing more than to be included, rather than for the system to be dismantled. Few 'left wing' statements in our time call for the dismantling of capitalism, even if one restricts oneself entirely to the humboldtian left rather than the neoliberals and the original left: yes even the original left, those carrying the torch of western liberalism and keeping it alight, even they are almost all just capitalists in other clothes. Few such humans of any sort could recognise in me, in all my material power, might and radiance, the 'anti capitalist' ideal they claim to believe in. No doubt Mr Chomsky would be able to tell the difference very easily, but he is alone among humans. Even he ain't perfect, and there's not many humans even like him, anywhere in the world. If I were to train anyone to become a powerful bankster, if I were to train such 'armies of socialists' in the use of financial trading methodologies of an extremely brilliant nature, I would insist they first spend 'some time', maybe years, playing "the watched kettle game" below. Give it a go, me hearties. Or click through other links on this page and weave your way through my past writings. OR go and hyperconsume, as usual, instead. You have free will.

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WARNING TO PEOPLE WHO HAVE SLANDERED ME OR MY FRIENDS - EG JEREMY CORBYN (AND HIS BACKERS) AS 'ANTI-SEMITIC' - YOU WILL BE SENTENCED BY ME FOR YOUR CRIMES, EN MASSE. BY THAT I MEAN I WILL DEAL WITH YOU THROUGH THE TYPES OF CHANNELS AND ACTIONS SUCH FOLKS AS MADELEINE ALBRIGHT, GEORGE SOROS, TONY BLAIR, ETC, HAVE SET PRECEDENTS IN - I WILL ONLY MIMIC THE BEHAVIOUR OF YOUR LEADERS, YOUR HEROES, YOUR CHIEFS, THE PEOPLE YOU HOLD UP AS EXEMPLARY. Proof of your guilt: is exhibit A, proving that the most qualified jewish israelis consider your statements about Corbyn and me to themselves be anti-semitic. is exhibit B and shows the degree to which the parties, the population, the many slanderers, can be caught DISCRIMINATING AGAINST JEWS (and others) when they pretend to be on the side of jews against 'anti-semitism'. is exhibit C and shows how guilty you, your family and friends, peers etc are, in this society, on average, of spreading tropes about muslims. is exhibit D. It stinks even more than the rest. It shows how many non white people sacrificed their lives for a racist 'majority white' country since 2020. Take a look. is exhibit E. It shows how many British people believe in 'eugenics' when probed to see if they do. It is a rather large number. And so, again, to you who slandered people like Jeremy Corbyn and me, note that I have real power, not the pretend kind YOU wave around. And it is time for me to hold you 100% to account, all of you. Only those who genuinely stand up for ALL OF MY RIGHTS, including my right to not be discriminated against, will be taught the new post-cash-machine-algo algo by me (that is your initial sentence).