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Dale Maily vs the arms industry.

Dale Maily meets Nigel Lawson.

If you have a party or ask someone on a date without knowing 100% in advance that they will say yes, are you sexually harassing them? Apparently many at the NYT and Guardian really 'think so'. (Using the word 'think' loosely, when applying it to such people, of course). They don't understand that to convict the innocent is to spit in the face of justice.

"Did you know that a third of private rented homes in England aren't up to a decent standard? Worse still, many won't even complain, in case their landlords react by evicting them."

'till we have built jerusalem in donald trump's polluted arse.

Scientists not economists need to be running the government, financial sector and commercial sector.

'It may play well in the Mail or Express but advocating murder will only increase instability' (Lindsey German).

Would Gavin Williamson call for the death sentence for Tom Mair?

Taking most of the profit back out of advertising and rendering it economically unviable as a process.

Your endless hysteria over Europe frankly bores the pants off me.

Alex Cockburn Cspan interview 2007.

There's a lot of work to do - a lot of British people have to stop being lazy and stop admiring themselves and 'their culture' so much and actually deal with THEIR OWN FLAWS.

"Industrial civilization is in the throes of a great disruption, a systemic transition which could either lead to regression, crisis and collapse; or a new way of working and living, a new mode of prosperity, a new narrative of success."

Being 'positive' about genocide?

Consider the nature of science, of knowledge, of truth, of a free mind.

The key to science, according to Feynman.

Ian Austin, Labour MP.

British soldiers under attack from bad health.

Craving more and more wealth and more and more products.

Marx, Lenin, Mao, Vo Nguyen Giap, Fidel, Che, Amilcar Cabral, Fanon, Regis Debray and Malcolm X.

Calling all musicians worldwide.

The myth of the ungrateful horses.

Clean highest quality water provision to all.

A sinister pantomime directed by corporations in the shadows.

Homo Economicus - No relation of Homo Sapiens!

The blood red wages of neoliberals.

Some very beautiful love songs.

Corporations and hyperconsumerism.

Language, thought, communication.

The anthropocene era.

Something more coming to this site, as you'll soon see.

The learning curve of the adult human.

Idiot Gandhi was murdered by a hindu terrorist.

I would teach 'territorial pissings' (by Nirvana) to all GCSE english students.

When I was an alien, cultures weren't opinions. (Kurt Cobain)

Maybe she was wearing a thong. She coulda had a derringer hidden in it.

The pro-war lobby says murder is okay. That's pre-meditated murder.

The rash of terror attacks.

How can you become more intelligent?

'Power for their own sweet selves': the anally retentive financial classes and the giant arse they all speak through.

A vote to reject being looted by invaders.

Should the law protect people's 'right' to harm your kids?

Extreme energy.

Nobody knows. That's the point.

Je Suis Palestinian Journalists.

Playing the Trump card.

Respecting authority.

'Take ibuprofen and die'.

All the while endlessly shopping online, updating Facebook, and texting.

As stupid and ignorant as it is possible for a human creature to become.

Stealing love from children.

Souls cannot be bought back, sorry.

On white female extremists and international resource theft by state terrorists.

Sensible parenting and arresting bishops for protesting against illegal seizures of hospitals.

Traditions of the Palestinian variety.

Disenfranchised voices.

What's 'elite' about abusing and bullying others into submission? Seriously. You fucking pathetic bastards.

Suicide of 'the west'.

Nuclear Iran would be no threat to Israel.

Israel, Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi.

Lack of remorse over the nuclear devastation.

"We're gonna ride forever. You can't keep horsemen in a cage. Should the angels call, well it's only then I might pull in the reins". (Paul Gross, David Keeley)

The Quality he was teaching was not just a part of reality, it was the whole thing.

Pirsig on Jesus and Moses.

Pirsig on quality and art.

Pirsig said "We take a handful of sand from the endless landscape of awareness around us and call that handful of sand the world".

"Why listen to the musings of somebody else?" (Amy Macdonald)

"Home lands" and away lands.

Some apparently believe that food and sex are the two toughest habits to change.

Are people fish, that they feel they can blame the fishermen and fisherwomen for catching them simply because of who they are?

"The number of acres burned in Oregon each year has more than doubled since 1980. What has changed in those 37 years? The climate."

The warfare establishment will get your children in the end, one way or another, unless you take evasive action.

On Monbiot, a true purveyor of 'cleansed' journalism, ie one you may legitimately use the scientific method to define as 'fake'.

Germany, Greece and the two faces of many a British 'remain voter'.

War hawks and US corporations want to derail Eurasian harmony.

The anti-robin-hood policies which led us to the era of Time's-Up Theresa and her posse of incompetents.

Men (primarily) and some women vs the mountains.

Answers on how they are being used.

Genocide of our food chain.

Command and control of NATO member countries.

Prison complex has only 12,000 detainees in the Netherlands.

The future of Sandra Bland's country.

The clandestine ways of tyranny.

Ideological diversity in British politics.

We're gonna need a bigger supply of bullshit repellant.

Muslim women and the shit they have to face from the idiots 'running' our country (into oblivion).

'Undercover' cops, spies, corporate liars etc.

Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty. (Axl Rose)

Victoria Atkins, Conservative MP.

Jonathan Ashworth, Labour MP.

Edward Argar, Conservative MP.

'Well I started out down a dirty road, started out all alone' (Tom Petty).

And more on the topic of 'fake news'.

Two tier system for condemning rape.

So let's talk about 'fake news'.

'The clock to midnight will continue ticking' (T.J. Coles)

British 'white' Tory-Labour Jihadists and their Fundamentalist Training (aka public school education).

Tonia Antoniazzi, Labour MP.

War mongers must resign from Labour. Labour activists who don't call out war mongers are deceitful two-faced snakes - no better than those they try to convince others to reject.

Sex workers are one of the most marginalized groups in the world.

The corporate 'right to lie'.

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Point 351:


Direction of resistance:

Removal of resistance:



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Point 350: Dale Maily vs the arms industry.

Thrust: Haven't seen this one yet.

Direction of resistance: Saving it.

Removal of resistance: Bound to be hilarious.

Unification: Dig in. See vid via link in references below.


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Point 349: Dale Maily meets Nigel Lawson.

Thrust: Check it out.

Direction of resistance: Lawson taken apart here.

Removal of resistance: Great to watch.

Unification: Particularly the comments on Attenborough.


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Point 348: If you have a party or ask someone on a date without knowing 100% in advance that they will say yes, are you sexually harassing them? Apparently many at the NYT and Guardian really 'think so'. (Using the word 'think' loosely, when applying it to such people, of course). They don't understand that to convict the innocent is to spit in the face of justice.

Thrust: World Socialist Web Site writes: "The "Me Too" campaign is reactionary to the core. It has no progressive content. There are many forms of sexual harassment, which extend from the annoying to the legally actionable to the outright criminal. But a vast range of activities, including many that reflect the ambiguities and complexities of human interactions, is being described as malevolent and even criminal.

The all-inclusive and reckless use of the term "sexual harassment" has the effect of obscuring the chasm between the amorphous catch-all called the "unwanted advance" (request for a date, complimenting another person for his or her looks, and, heaven forbid, indicating sexual interest) and a physically violent assault. In reporting the resignation of the long-time editor of the Paris Review, the New York Times informs its readers that Lorin Stein was rumored to be "a serial dater," and that "whispers about Mr. Stein's relationships with women circulated for years." Other depraved acts by Stein reported by the Times include the fact that he "often complimented young women on their appearance" and held "raucous parties."

Progressive social movements have certain essential characteristics, of which the most significant is their broadly egalitarian and democratic content. In the modern world, they are invariably and inseparably connected with the struggle of the working class against capitalist exploitation. Progressive movements strive to elevate, rather than debase, popular consciousness. When fighting injustice, they direct attention toward the underlying social causes of that which is being fought.

The "Me Too" movement exhibits none of these characteristics. Its social base is not the working class, but the more affluent sections of the middle class. As the World Socialist Web Site has often explained, there is dissatisfaction within these layers with the distribution of wealth at the top. They want access to privileges and wealth, and are prepared to use any means to obtain it. This accounts for the contempt for elemental democratic rights and sheer vindictiveness that finds expression in the statements of the Post, the Times and other leaders of this campaign.

The "Me Too" movement is pitched to the lowest level of social awareness, even on the question upon which it is most focused: sex. Throughout the 20th century, there was a persistent effort to demystify sex, to remove the tyrannical weight of religious prejudice in the evaluation of sexual behavior. Even aberrant and violent sexual behavior came to be viewed as a social and psychological phenomenon that required scientific study and medical treatment. Remorseless and inhumane punishment serves no end other than the bitter desire for revenge."

Direction of resistance: Counterpunch tells us: "The accusations of sexual harassment and sexual assault against celebrity (mostly Hollywood) men by women who, mostlty, worked under them in some capacity, or were trying to further their career with acting roles or writing jobs, etc. have created a public response not reached since the *Recovered Memories* epoch of judicial debacles and mob hysteria a couple decades back. But two things have struck me about the rise in fervor, as its experienced on social media and in mass media, and that is that almost none of these celebrities is accused of rape (Weinstein is accused of rape in one case, which he denies). And yet the topic of rape is argued all the time from both genders.

A *Teen Vogue* writer suggested that locking up a few innocent men was a small enough price to pay to get rid of (her words) *patriarchy*. Never mind, I know. But still, its out there, the zeitgeist. And the second thing is that race mediates this discourse in ways that are largely invisible. The vast majority of women commenting on social media, that I have read, are white. Almost all are educated. The celebrity accusers are almost all white.

Now, there seem to be two hidden aspects to this public phenomenon; one is race, as I say, and the other is the normalizing of punishment as a principle - and more, an amnesia regarding civil liberties, the rule of law, due process, the 6th Ammendment to the Bill of Rights, and the UN Declaration of Human Rights. All of which stipulate the presumption of innocence. As well as the right to a speedy trial and the right to face and question one's accuser."

Removal of resistance: I have with my own eyes seen white women in London treat white men much better than black men in cases where advances made were made in exactly the same way - and I have met a few black men who claim that this attitude in many racist white women has made them entirely unattracted to such women, whom they judge back, by appearance - which is problematic for most non white men and MANY white women, who wouldn't behave like that, but who have to be 'written off' anyway by black men fearing those who immorally treat them as harassers or rapists merely for being interested in them.

Unification: On the topic of the notion that jailing 'a few innocent men' is somehow okay - Rumpole points out that "to convict the innocent is to spit in the face of justice".


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Point 347: "Did you know that a third of private rented homes in England aren't up to a decent standard? Worse still, many won't even complain, in case their landlords react by evicting them."

Thrust: Shelter explains that "Did you know that a third of private rented homes in England aren't up to a decent standard? Worse still, many won't even complain, in case their landlords react by evicting them."

Direction of resistance: We can all campaign to fix private renting.

Removal of resistance: You don't need to donate to any campaign. You can just start standing up for yourself and others, and publishing what you can.

Unification: Donating to Shelter may well help, though, so don't be shy about that, but don't consider this a recommendation by me - that's your choice. Consider that in your own way. But read their stuff. It's important. Check out the link in the references below.

A month ago Shelter wrote: "80% of affordable homes lost due to legal loophole exploited by developers.

Developers are using a legal loophole to get out of building thousands of affordable homes across the country every year, according to new research using Freedom of Information laws.

Housing charity Shelter examined how 'viability assessments' reduced the number of affordable homes being built in 11 local authorities across nine cities in England.

The research shows that when the loophole was used in the last year, some 2,500 affordable homes (79%) were lost from the number required by council policies.

Viability assessments allow developers to reduce the number of affordable houses they build on their site, if they can show building them risks reducing their profits to below 20%. It means many developers face no penalty for over-paying for land because they can recover the costs by reducing their commitments to building new affordable homes.

The research sampled: Birmingham, Brent, Bristol, Cambridge, Leeds, Leicester, Manchester, Newcastle, Oxford, Kensington and Chelsea, and Southwark. But the assessments are being used right across the country so the annual figure of lost houses is likely far higher.

The worst affected areas were Manchester, Birmingham and parts of London where viability was used to reduce the affordable housing to a miniscule less than 1% of homes being built."

We have to ALL ask (even the estate agents 'just doing their job') why it is that for example if you go looking for a flat in most neighbourhoods with say 1200 to 1400 per month as your budget for rent, at least half the properties you will see, if not more, will contain damp smells, weak or strong, many will have poor insulation, dodgy windows, poor old carpets, and other things which you can 'escape' if you pay a few hundred pounds more per month.

How come damp homes are on the market and have a price - how come you have to pay additional money to live in places without damp? How come damp isn't just properly outlawed? Any estate agents reading this ought to think about this. This is a matter Mr Corbyn absolutely must address head on from the moment he is Prime Minister.


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Point 346: 'till we have built jerusalem in donald trump's polluted arse.

Thrust: Roger Ball tells us: "So what was Blake getting at when he published this poem in 1808? Well it is effectively split into two parts; a cynical, ironic and sarcastic first two verses asking the reader a series of questions about whether they believe Jerusalem had been created in the past or was currently present in England. Check out all those question marks. I don't think Blake is in the affirmative to say the least! The second two verses are a statement of Blake's absolute commitment to massive social revolutionary change (no question marks here) or as Thompson put it in reference to Blake's poem 'London':

'There must be some utopian leap, some human rebirth, from Mystery to renewed imaginative life. 'London' must still be made over anew as the New Jerusalem'

Blake was not only a sophisticated religious non-conformist and leveller but a staunch supporter of the French revolutionary model for change. Despite being unable to write or speak freely in Britain during the repression of Republicans and supporters of Tom Paine in the 1790s after the French revolution, Blake was able to couch his revolutionary views in more esoteric forms which generally escaped the censors and Government spies. However, in 1803 Blake was charged at Chichester with high treason for having 'uttered seditious and treasonable expressions', but was eventually acquitted. So Blake was no ivory tower poet or simpering patriot, but actively trying to bring the downfall of the British Babylon. It is amazing that his words could be so misrepresented and so effectively recuperated by his enemies in the hymn 'Jerusalem'. In fact if he was alive he would be railing against this and I am sure he has turned so many times in his grave the cemetery has been shaking."

Direction of resistance: I actually had to sing that hymn at school in 'assembly'.

Removal of resistance: It bugged me, when I thought it was the nationalistic evangelical christian zionist clap trap that a lot of idiots mean in their heart when they sing it in churches and assemblies.

Unification: But once I found out the truth I couldn't stop laughing.

Enjoy a youtube vid of the song 'Tom Paine's bones' in the references below. That'll help you find out who Paine was, if you don't know. Start there.


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Point 345: Scientists not economists need to be running the government, financial sector and commercial sector.

Thrust: In 2015, Zero Hedge wrote: 'Markets are allowed their petty indiscretions, of course. But these petty indiscretions seem to be piling up.

Bloomberg last week drew attention to the fact that shares of The Grilled Cheese Truck Inc. had commenced trading on the OTCQX marketplace under the ticker GRLD:

"Let's look at the fundamentals of the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida-based company. Based on the 18 million shares outstanding and a recent stock price of $6 the company has a market value of about $108 million.

No matter how much you like grilled cheese.. I can't see this as a reasonable valuation.

"If you go to the company's website, you will learn that 'The company currently operates and licenses grilled cheese food trucks in the Los Angeles, CA area and Phoenix, AZ and is expanding into additional markets with the goal of becoming the largest operator in the gourmet grilled cheese space.'

"[A]ccording to the company's financial statements, it has about $1 million of assets and almost $3 million in liabilities. In the third quarter of 2014, it had sales of almost $1 million, on which it had a net loss of more than $900,000."

"I can't think of a more interesting sign of the old irrational exuberance in equity markets than a publicly traded grilled cheese truck (four in this case) business trading at a $100-million-plus valuation. That sort of thing doesn't happen unless there is significant excess in the markets."

Any reference to a company seeking to dominate the "gourmet grilled cheese space" is desperately seeking a twin reference to a slogan from late 1999 (right before the bubble burst):

"Our business strategy is to lose money on every sale but make up for it in volume."'

Direction of resistance: People attack Corbyn, from the right, by alleging that his policies will harm society's money and business.

Removal of resistance: Our financial sector is completely out of control, the causes of the 2008 crash have not been addressed, it is likely to take our financial security with it into a black hole if we don't get responsible, honest, talented scientists in charge by wrenching it out of the hands of the Gordon Brittas Society, which ultimately runs it all right now, whilst most of its workers want to depose that rule and want Corbyn's policies and/or Corbyn.

Unification: A Corbyn government will make Britain financially secure again and will establish humane ways to handle the toll the incompetence of the right wing and corporate establishment is taking on the majority, ie "the many, not the few".


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Point 344: 'It may play well in the Mail or Express but advocating murder will only increase instability' (Lindsey German).

Thrust: German tells us: "defence minister Gavin Williamson, who was among the guests of honour at the 3,700 person launching ceremony, also chose today to declare open season on those who went to fight for Isis in Iraq and Syria. He was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying 'Quite simply, my view is a dead terrorist can't cause any harm to Britain.' Williamson also said 'I do not believe that any terrorist, whether they come from this country or any other, should ever be allowed back into this country.'

One Tory minister advocating the killing of British citizens who fought for Isis might be random. But his predecessor Michael Fallon used similar language, calling them a 'legitimate target'. And back in September another minister, Rory Stewart, said that in almost every case the way to deal with British born Isis fighters was to kill them.

One has to assume both that when three ministers say this, it is policy, and policy which they are happy to publicise. It may play well in the Mail or Express, but it is both a brutalising policy, likely to lead to further terrorism and instability, and one of dubious legality. Shocking though it might be to Tory ministers, it is not ok to just go around assassinating people outside the normal rules of war. In fact, it is against international law, unless there is immunity through declaration of war or the right to immediate self defence."

Direction of resistance: Williamson must resign. His illegal statement does not belong in the mouth of an MP, let alone someone in the cabinet.

Removal of resistance: The biggest harm to Britain from Williamson and others calling for and backing these Hitlerian policies - lies in the financial compensation the nation will one day have to pay precisely because it has broken the law in this way and continues to.

Unification: Williamson and others like him are harming society and the world through the instability they foster - but also the wealth of Britain will be hit by the compensation we are one day forced to pay - on that day Williamson's words WILL be quoted in court and it will ratchet up the costs, without a doubt.

RESIGN you evil shit, Williamson. Get the FUCK out of Parliament. You are harming this country in so many ways you sick power-crazed fuckwit.


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Point 343: Would Gavin Williamson call for the death sentence for Tom Mair?

Thrust: His comments about executing terrorists is totally racist if he doesn't also believe in executing white men who commit terrorist attacks, as Tom Mair did, assassinating labour MP Joanna Cox.

Direction of resistance: As far as I can see Williamson's comment is presumably aimed at winning support of far right racists, despite warnings from Ian Birrell, despite what happened at the election to them.

Removal of resistance: I urge Gavin to resign immediately from being an MP and to seek education in the area of not being a racist.

Unification: It is the only honourable thing to do after making such a hideously racist and crap-stirring statement. What kind of message is he sending to men and women like Tom Mair and Jayda Fransen and Donald Trump????


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Point 342: Taking most of the profit back out of advertising and rendering it economically unviable as a process.

Thrust: I wrote: All you 'proud capitalists' who praise our current failed-capitalist status quo, let's focus on how stupid you are being.

Corporations must deduct from their income the cost of -

repairing environmental damage they do, including to human bodies of workforce (thus proper income is also vital - outsourcing to factory slaves is an act of capitalist-failure) and anything else which is caused by their actions when producing what they sell us.

Instead, things like environmental damage and even low pay are left to society to make up for, we have to pay their bills.

For example frackers in the USA go to a place and frack it until it can be fracked no more and leave. The local government ends up having to pay the cost of dealing with most of the environmental damage done by the frackers. Fracking is alleged to be 'profitable' to some extent, some of the time, because considerable cost is just not covered.

If processed food makers cause cancer in society, the cost of those cancers must also be deducted from their income.

It is the case in every situation of a similar nature: those who do stuff to make money must pay for ALL the costs of the stuff they do including those which are knock-on costs.

So when you pretend that you support profit making you're lying to yourselves. What you're saying really is that if an armed robbery planner only spends about 100 pounds on the petrol and a few 100 on the weapons, that's good business, intelligent work and a clear profit - rather than a criminal way to just take money without earning it which technically anyone could do in a lawless society - and the corporate world's lack of regulation, particularly the financial sector, is certainly at a level of lawlessness which is comparable to armed robbery or the British empire or something like those things. Hitler's invasions. That sort of thing.

Direction of resistance: And I realised just now that hyperconsumerism is the product of advertising and branding, to quite a degree, perhaps almost entirely.

Removal of resistance: Hyperconsumerism damages people, their health, their minds and the planet.

Unification: So that's a HUGE cost the ad industry is passing on to us.


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Point 341: Your endless hysteria over Europe frankly bores the pants off me.

Thrust: The great Vltchek writes: "Almost no commentator bothered to notice what was truly shocking about the entire referendum process: an absolute lack of progressive ideology, of internationalism and concern for the world as a whole. Both sides (and were there really two sides there) presented a fireworks of shallow selfishness and of pettiness. The profound moral corruption of the West was clearly exposed.".

Direction of resistance: I noticed it, of course.

Removal of resistance: Blatant as it was to anyone genuinely informed and genuinely awake.

Unification: As Vltchek sagely advises us: "There can be no morally acceptable discussion in Europe about the future of the world, of Europe, of the UK or any other European country that would not begin like this:

'We ruined the world. We robbed the world. We are still ruining and robbing it. Because of the West's imperialism, fundamentalism and greed, hundreds of millions, perhaps a billion human lives have been lost. We are not qualified to govern the Planet and we never were. We cannot indefinitely reward ourselves with ridiculously generous benefits and outrageously high standards of living, as they have been financed by many centuries of looting, genocides and holocausts. Our present-day institutions, from NATO to the EU, are helping to sustain such criminal global order. Some of us now want to dismantle them, on strictly ethical grounds, in the name of the humane race. Therefore we are calling for a referendum..'"


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Point 340: Alex Cockburn Cspan interview 2007.

Thrust: A long but excellent thing to watch.

Direction of resistance: Cockburn talks about everything, from Counterpunch to cars.

Removal of resistance: Better than most of the shite being shown over 'the festive season' on your screens - give it a go.

Unification: Topics include Israel, september 11th, being a radical, being a good journalist and much much more.


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Point 339: There's a lot of work to do - a lot of British people have to stop being lazy and stop admiring themselves and 'their culture' so much and actually deal with THEIR OWN FLAWS.

Thrust: It's been bugging me at the back of my mind for a day or two.

Direction of resistance: I met a nice south London typically oblivious lady, elderly, had taught for 40 years at some school. Honestly doesn't believe that there is racism in the British workplace and I doubt I convinced her.

Removal of resistance: What bugged me is that she, though she voted for Corbyn's Labour - because of Maybot and the theft of school meals from kids - she basically mentioned some Labour MP who attacked some Tory guy of being a 'token ghetto person' - and all this woman said about it was that she called him a ghetto person - she did not pick up on the nuance of token there - which fits with her being in total denial about Britain's widespread racism. In fact she was attacking the Labour MP for calling out the tokenism. And that's basically the opposite of fighting against racism, ie stopping people from calling out tokenism - for tokenism is a crucial part of maintaining racism and helps create the illusion of its non-existence.

Unification: Despite such voters, Corbyn must not betray the many who voted for him hoping he will address foreign policy and racial disparity issues head on - in housing, education, politics, media and of course, genocide.


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Point 338: "Industrial civilization is in the throes of a great disruption, a systemic transition which could either lead to regression, crisis and collapse; or a new way of working and living, a new mode of prosperity, a new narrative of success."

Thrust: Don't just sit there watching the human race, yourself included, slide towards catastrophe.

Direction of resistance: Start by reading the article in the references below.

Removal of resistance: Then apply some of what you gain from it - to your life.

Unification: Be scientific about it. Here, read some items about being scientific: How can you become more intelligent?

The key to science, according to Feynman.

Language, thought, communication.

Feynman, NASA, nukes, CBRN, GMOs, etc etc, exit pursued by climate change.

Are YOU unscientific? Are the papers and sites YOU read unscientific?

The Dumbing Down of Society.

Experiment is the sole judge of scientific 'truth.' (Feynman)

Pirsig said "We take a handful of sand from the endless landscape of awareness around us and call that handful of sand the world".

Pirsig on Jesus and Moses.

Pirsig on quality and art.

The Quality he was teaching was not just a part of reality, it was the whole thing.

"Contrary to the claims of biotech advocates, humans have indeed been harmed by consuming the output of genetic engineering. In fact, the technology's first ingestible product (a food supplement of the essential amino acid, L-tryptophan) caused dozens of deaths and seriously sickened thousands of people (permanently disabling many of them). Moreover, the evidence points to the genetic alteration as the most likely cause of the unusual contamination that rendered the supplement toxic."

Eating meat is more dangerous than you imagine.

Reality is not sharp around the edges. Reality is not certain.

Notes on 'The character of physical law, 1, the law of gravitation', a lecture by Richard Feynman, part of a series.

Sometimes the snow comes down in June, sometimes the sun goes round the moon, I see the passion in your eyes, sometimes it's all a big surprise. (Vanessa Williams)

Science is evidence based, business is profit based, the NHS is being fought over

Science wants to protect it, Business wants to own it and profit from it.

The belief in the existence of "race" is incredibly laughable and shallow.

Feynman, the empirical anarchist.

Elitism is not scientific and science is not elitist.

'.. Atoms - little particles that move around in perpetual motion, attracting each other when they are a little distance apart, but repelling upon being squeezed into one another.' (Feynman)

I wanna be with you when tomorrow comes (Eurythmics).

Therefore, things must be learned only to be unlearned again or, more likely, to be corrected. (Feynman)

Scientific method vs Business and Marketing.

Genocide of our food chain.

Feynman, item 1, about light, corpuscles, particles.

'All things are made of atoms.' (Feynman)

The universe is probabilistic.

'We are free to choose between the pro-big business party on the right and the pro-big business party on the right at the ballot box. We have all the freedom we could ask for. Stop whining, you dirty, ungrateful communist. We are free. Keep repeating: we are free.'

'This is not the intensity of a wave [..] but it is instead the chance that a particle comes as being counted by a photo-multiplier.' (Richard Feynman)

If it disagrees with experiment, it's wrong - says science, says Feynman.


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Point 337: Being 'positive' about genocide?

Thrust: Andre Vltchek writes 'A table was set up for two, an advertisement table, a table with a photo of a giant turkey, two elegant plates, and a U.S. flag sticking out into the air.

'Thanksgiving at Angkor Royal Cafe', a flier read. And: '23rd November.. Join us for a traditional Thanksgiving Feast'.

This was at one of the international hotels in Siem Reap, a Cambodian city near the world architectural treasures of Angkor Wat and the ancient Khmer capital, Angkor Thom.

The same day I read an email sent to me from the United States, by my Native American friends, with a link to an essay published by MPN News, called 'Thanksgiving Guide: How to Celebrate a Sordid History'. It began with a summary:

'While millions of Americans prepare this week to get into the holiday spirit, beginning with Thanksgiving, how many are prepared to view the day through an accurate lens? While to many Americans the holiday serves as a reminder to give thanks, it is seen as a day of mourning by countless of others. The truth is: European migrants brutally murdered Native Americans, stole their land, and continue to do so today'.

The day became an official day of festivities in 1637, to celebrate the massacre of over 700 people from the Pequot Tribe.

In a hotel, I approached a cheerful French food and beverage manager and asked him whether he was aware of what he was suggesting should be celebrated in one of his restaurants?

'Oh I know I know,' he replied, laughing. 'It is a little bit controversial, isn't it?'

'Bit controversial?' I wondered. 'It appears more like you are inviting people to celebrate genocide, a holocaust, with free flowing wine and a giant turkey.'

'I am trying to see things positively,' he continued grinning at me. Then he summarized: 'So I guess you won't be joining us tonight? What a pity..'

'What a pity,' I thought, 'what a pity.' I won't get to eat that famous American pie tonight and turkey and who knows what else, just because I am not eager at all to celebrate the massacres and land grabs perpetrated by the Empire.

The manager couldn't help asking: 'Where are you from?'

I knew he would ask. No European would say what I was saying.

'I'm Russian,' I replied.

'Oh I see,' he gave me that 'I should have guessed smile'.

'Russian-American,' I added.'.

Direction of resistance: He points out: 'I'm convinced that the French manager has been sincerely oblivious about what I was stating. He is supposed to be oblivious. There are, after all, 'our genocides', and 'the genocides of the others'. 'Our genocides', those that we triggered or committed, should never be discussed. Or more precisely, it is extremely impolite to discuss them. Most of the people don't even know about them, including many of the victims. On the other hand, the genocides committed by the others, particularly by adversaries of the West, are widely discussed, publicized, analyzed, inflated and very often even fabricated (All this described in detail in my 840-page book 'Exposing Lies Of The Empire').'

Removal of resistance: I address this grid point to my old school and university 'friends' who find it so hard to admit to what Vltchek there describes so well.

Unification: Read the rest via the link in the references below. I definitely must get hold of the book 'Exposing lies of the empire' which Mr Vltchek mentions.


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Point 336: Consider the nature of science, of knowledge, of truth, of a free mind.

Thrust: Nafiz Ahmed and Andrew Markell tell us: "So rather than creating knowledge, the global media industrial complex is designed to generate competing, polarized narratives around which different audiences coalesce into irreconcilable segregated communities; it reinforces beliefs without teaching critical thinking; it blunts an attitude of openness while promoting a banal left-right dichotomy that fuels a global culture of mindless consumerism".

Direction of resistance: They point out: "At the heart of our collapsing democratic institutions sits the global media industrial complex. If you are brave enough to look closely you will see that both 'free press' and 'fake news' outlets operate as a structural extension of an extreme form of predatory capitalism, using information to capture wealth for the few at the expense of the many, by capturing our minds. They are two sides of one coin that make the same people obscene piles of cash.

We only have to peer under the hood to see this fact staring us in the face.

In the US, six huge transnational conglomerates own the entirety of the mass media, including newspapers, magazines, publishers, TV networks, cable channels, Hollywood studios, music labels and popular websites: Time Warner, Walt Disney, Viacom, News Corp., CBS Corporation and NBC Universal.

In the UK, 71% of UK national newspapers are owned by just three giant corporations, while 80% of local newspapers are owned by a mere five companies.

Today, the world's largest media owner is Google, closely followed by Walt Disney, Comcast, 21st Century Fox and Facebook. Together, Google and Facebook monopolize one-fifth of global ad revenue. And all these corporations control the bulk of what we read, watch and hear, including online. They define our understanding of the world and ourselves.

Yet they reflect a tiny number of people who have a very narrow outlook on the world."

Removal of resistance: They suggest: 'If you see you can act. It becomes obvious that the only solution is to redesign the journalistic format such that new ideas and information lead to constructive action.'

Unification: Read the rest of their article via the link in the references below.

What I think is very important is to understand what Noam Chomsky has taught in public on the topic of 'intellectual self defense' - I think everyone needs to pay attention to what that means, what it is and how they can personally go about strengthening that in their own life. The question of what 'democratic media' would be is also a key question for YOU reader to ask yourself (and others).


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Point 335: The key to science, according to Feynman.

Thrust: In a lecture on The Character of Physical law (part 1), Feynman tells us: 'This is the key of modern science and is the beginning of the true understanding of nature. This idea - that to look at the thing, to record the details and to hope that in the information thus obtained may lie a clue to one or another of a possible theoretical intepretation'.

Direction of resistance: So for example to know what is going on in the world, instead of just reading the headlines and even largely short articles presented by the mainstream media, with huge adverts for huger corporations all around what you're reading and influencing the range of topics those sources are willing to 'dignify', one must look at every reasonable source possible.

Removal of resistance: Some suggested authors and sources are listed on the page accessible via the link in the references below.

Unification: Why not go through the list and pick a few writers from it and go and read their works? It may help you to be a tiny bit more scientific about how you approach the modern world.


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Point 334: Ian Austin, Labour MP.

Thrust: Let's start by saying this man is an ass. A Corbyn-phobic of the most virulent kind.

Direction of resistance: Rudely tried to make Corbyn 'shut up and sit down' or something, when Corbyn was speaking for millions of British people disturbed at Tony Blair's genocidal alliance with mad war hawks Bush and Cheney.

Removal of resistance: In many ways his votes indicate someone who could, if he wasn't a stooge to genocidal racists, be of some use to Labour.

Unification: But as things stand the man is an ass who throws his lot in ultimately with racist political agendas such as those of Trump, Bush, Cheney, Clinton, Obama, Blair, Cameron and May. He is a stain on Britain's name and without a doubt, after his treatment of Corbyn and his contempt for the antiwar movement, should be ejected from Parliament either by his party or failing that by the electorate, at the earlist. This man should piss the hell off from our corridors of power - he does not represent us he represents weapons firms and American corporate imperialism - he is a fifth columnist, as Galloway would say. A totally unmoveable one - clearly grovelling to the US war machine with no capacity at all to stand up and show courage or dignity. Get the bastard out. He should shut the fuck up and get out of Parliament he totally doesn't belong there. A total goon bastard. He will push all agendas which will lead to increases in war, terrorism, deaths 'at home' and abroad, division, hate, racism, demonisation - he's basically following the same agenda as the Sun and Murdoch in many ways. A total ass wipe. Hey, Austin, fuck off out of Parliament you ignorant war monger fuckwit. Seriously. Get the fuck out.


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Point 333: British soldiers under attack from bad health.

Thrust: Joe Glenton writes 'Experts warn the 'floodgates' of post-traumatic stress are about to open, as Britain's top armed forces charity claims mental health issues among military personnel have risen 26 percent over the last year'.

Direction of resistance: Glenton explains 'Some 2,264 personnel have requested treatment with three-quarters said to be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) - an average of six veterans per day over the last 12 months.'

Removal of resistance: So on average every four hours, day and night, for the last year a British soldier has made a medical complaint about this.

Unification: Today, in other words, from midnight to midnight, six more people will have come along and said to doctors that the government has harmed them as a result of their serving their country, as the expression goes.


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Point 332: Craving more and more wealth and more and more products.

Thrust: Colin Todhunter writes 'Capitalism is based on addiction. It encourages people to crave for more and more wealth and more and more products. Ridiculously wealthy people want even more riches, resulting in war, exploitation and the immiseration of working folk. In turn, ordinary people have been encouraged to take out ever greater debts in order to purchase an endless stream of goods of dubious worth. This addictive behaviour is ultimately ruinous for the individual, humankind and the environment, which becomes stripped bare in the process.

Edward Bernays is regarded as the father of advertising, propaganda and public relations. He knew how to manipulate the pleasure and pain centres of the brain and how to get the masses hooked on the products of capitalism. This type of manipulation has been developed and perfected over the past century or so, and we are all subjected to it each and every day. The American Academy of Pediatrics has reported that young people see 3,000 advertisements a day and are exposed to 40,000 different ones per year. It was not without good reason that the late academic Rick Roderick said that modern society would fall apart if it not were based on people's addictions, whether in the form of pharmaceutical drugs or consumer products.

Capitalism does not want a well-informed, educated populace that is aware of its disfranchisement, exploitation and manipulation. It does not require disenchantment and revolutionary murmurs, but acquiescence and passivity from a population that is distracted by infotainment and the advertising industry and its products and looks to its leaders to save it from their fears and confusions'.

Direction of resistance: In short, save YOUR OWN MIND.

Removal of resistance: Shouldn't a person be more pleased with achieving self control, indeed by taking steps in the general direction of 'enlightenment', rather than by feeling gratified, sometimes merely as a result of 'having stuff'?

Unification: What about you, reader? Do you think that it's more important that you have stuff than it is that you are evolved, making the most of life in a real and natural way rather than just pleasing yourself and 'feeling good'?


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Point 331: Marx, Lenin, Mao, Vo Nguyen Giap, Fidel, Che, Amilcar Cabral, Fanon, Regis Debray and Malcolm X.

Thrust: Bernard Nicolas writes 'One of the genuine Peoples' Heroes was buried July 11, 2015 next to a creek on a farm in Marondera, Zimbabwe. Had the government offered it, she would have declined being buried in 'Heroes Acre' (the Zimbabwean equivalent of Arlington National Cemetery), an appropriate setting for recurring PR events.

Her birth name is Tichaona V. Nyamubaya and her Chimurenga name is Comrade Freedom. During the liberation war, she reached the rank of Female Field Operations Commander and in 1979 she was elected Secretary for Education by the first ZANU Women's League Conference. When this writer met her, she was only 24 but she had already been a soldier for ZANLA for several years after quitting school at 15 to join the liberation forces who were waging a guerrilla war against the Rhodesian government from the jungles of Mozambique. In the jungle, she received political education that included Marx, Lenin, Mao, Vo Nguyen Giap, Fidel, Che, Amilcar Cabral, Fanon, Regis Debray and Malcolm X'.

Direction of resistance: In Britain we had a Prime Minister who was formerly working in public relations. A professional deceiver working as the 'leader' of a 'democratic country'. That's David Cameron, in case you're so ill informed that you didn't even know that that particular Prime Minister had formerly worked in public relations in the television industry.

Removal of resistance: What does that say about us? That a professional liar then became the chief public representative in parliament.

Unification: It's high time an honest person like Corbyn does the job instead of these lying, cheating goons.


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Point 330: Calling all musicians worldwide.

Thrust: Alice Bragg writes 'Stop The War members across the country come together in local groups, organising everything from rallies to leafleting, debates and seminars. They also mobilise people for national demonstrations'.

Direction of resistance: The community of love (that is the 'anti war' community) in Britain will hopefully become ever stronger with time.

Removal of resistance: Perhaps we need more music festivals and other such events specifically for bringing that community together and ever more into the reach of anyone still outside it.

Unification: Let's start calling on as many musicians as possible to come together in a big fat global antiwar festival to last ideally until we have united 100s of millions of voices against the war and enabled them to be loud enough to really end these mercantile feudal killings being called 'wars' in order to somehow gain public consent, albeit passively, for this business in human corpse making.


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Point 329: The myth of the ungrateful horses.

Thrust: People always say that famous thing about horses and water.

Direction of resistance: It's a poor metaphor, and it slanders horses, clearly.

Removal of resistance: You can take the horse to the water.

Unification: THEN it needs MANY things before drinking - the will to drink, the awareness that there is something to drink, the capacity to drink. If you for example took a blind horse or a horse with a broken jaw to water, it may not be so easy for them to get on with drinking. If you took one which wasn't even thirsty - wouldn't YOU be the idiot, rather than the horse?


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Point 328: Clean highest quality water provision to all.

Thrust: This has to be achieved.

Direction of resistance: One major side-effect of failing to achieve this is the increased use of plastics (bottles for water).

Removal of resistance: Recycling is an important practise, but it doesn't solve the problem of over-use.

Unification: One goal the world needs is a worldwide absolutely excellent and totally free water provision service to all humans. One huge network of always-clean water.

But a species needs to be much more disciplined and intellectually honest than most of ours is today for such an outcome to be possible from any amount of work and effort.


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Point 327: A sinister pantomime directed by corporations in the shadows.

Thrust: Binoy Kampmark writes 'Instead of exiting a system weakened by its own internal contradictions and failings, Greece is to partake in another mistake wrapped in the rhetoric of pro-European kitsch. In what is tantamount to placing a gun to the head of Greece's sovereignty, parliamentarians will have till Wednesday to finalise what effectively amounts to a suicide pact.

The accord effectively sees the German-led Eurozone group demand control of Greek finances without the provision of debt relief or even a vague sense of genuine debt restructuring. This is a creditor's vision on steroids, absurdly ambitious and destructive.

Varoufakis saw it coming, calling it 'worse' than any other deals placed on the table before. 'I trust and hope that our government will insist on debt restructuring, but I can't see how German finance minister [Wolfgang Schäuble] is ever going to sign up to this. If he does, it will be a miracle' (New Statesman, Jul 13).'.

Direction of resistance: Oh no it isn't!

Removal of resistance: Oh yes it is!

Unification: That'll be 15 pounds entrance fee each, thank you ladies and gentlemen.


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Point 326: Homo Economicus - No relation of Homo Sapiens!

Thrust: Cillian Doyle writes 'It's a widely held view today (but by no means uncontested) that economics is a value free science of choice, detached from any kind of moral concerns. But this is not how it started out. On the contrary, it began life within the humanities as a subsection of moral philosophy - no less, after which time it shifted to the social sciences as it attempted to apply the scientific method, and today through its use of complex (and often entirely inapplicable) mathematical/statistical modelling, it has pretensions of joining the hard sciences.

But this contemporary lack of moral/ethical concern would outrage many of those who are considered its early proponents, such as the enlightenment philosopher Adam Smith. Smith, the man considered to be economics' founding father, is the hero of Conservatives as the supposed champion of the free market, largely through his notion of the 'Invisible Hand'. The 'Invisible Hand' is a metaphor for the supposed unintended social benefits, which arise in a market economy from individuals acting self-interestedly.

But this is a highly selective interpretation of Smith, one that is quite at odds with the general thrust of his work, which stated the importance of things like banking regulations and progressive taxation. Hardly the usual stuff that conservatives advocate for!

Smith condemned the elites of his day - the 'masters of mankind' - for their 'vile maxim', namely 'All for ourselves and nothing for other people'. Hardly a ringing endorsement of the kind of greed (or self-interest), that many claim to discern from his work. What's more, he stated quite clearly that 'to restrain our selfish, and indulge our benevolent affections constitutes the perfection of human nature'. Does this sound like a man who supposedly prioritised selfishness above all else?

Yet Smith's 'Invisible Hand' is the bedrock of mainstream economics. It's the rationale for the kind of neoliberal policies that have been aggressively pursued since the time of Reagan and Thatcher. It's also underpins these so called 'reforms' that the Troika are demanding in Greece, like the privatisations of their ports and airports.'

Direction of resistance: Doyle, like Chomsky, points out that people make something out of the Invisible hand which isn't really there.

Removal of resistance: Chomsky also seems to feel Smith was naive in putting faith in this notion - which I suppose is really just putting faith in a kind of luck. It's absurd. When market forces break down, there needs to be a clear, defined, transparent process for redressing that.

Unification: I don't think I can formulate a strong opinion about the concept until I have read Smith's Wealth of Nations myself and that's one fuck of a long work, so don't hold your breath waiting for my views on it. My views on the notion as put forward by Chomsky and even Doyle there - is that actually bankers create what Buffet calls 'weapons of mass financial destruction' (I think) and that sooner or later that is bound to be put to the use of vanquishing the corrupt banking framework and replacing it, by means of overpowering it with its own weaponry. Perhaps in some ways that coincides with this invisible hand concept, at least the one Chomsky feels Smith actually describes.

The clear disparity between Smith's modern advocates and the truth of his writing as shown by Chomsky, Hedges, Doyle and many more - is less interesting to methane whether or not Smith's faith in human nature, despite his observation that the 'elites' were a bunch of selfish good for nothings, was based on empirical evidence witnessed himself. Perhaps in his descriptions of what happens to people stuck in mind numbing jobs are based on witnessing certain psychological aspects of certain people for whatever reason.

The system we have today isn't going to last. However it changes, the future will be one where the arrogant assumptions about knowledge, intellect and language which have been a terrifying and prominent characteristic of our time are beyond derision and are completely driven out of our lives by both shame and a more positive thing - something to do with the joy of being cleverer, being stronger, having a better life, giving love in a better way, receiving love in a better way - the sort of thing only people like Freddie Mercury could articulate 25 years ago but now so many more people can.


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Point 325: The blood red wages of neoliberals.

Thrust: Ajamu Baraka writes 'The effectiveness of this propaganda effort paid off just a few days after the attack. The domestic and international press gave full coverage to the spate of 'terrorist' attacks that took place in three different counties, but missing from that coverage was any connection and mention of the terror attack in Charleston'.

Direction of resistance: Indeed the American police bought the terrorist Dylann Roof some food from burger king after arresting him.

Removal of resistance: Neoliberals and other stooges need to pay attention and focus on facts like that.

Unification: Drill it into your mind and start to be ashamed of all you stand for and all that pays your wages, your blood red wages.


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Point 324: Some very beautiful love songs.

Thrust: Amado Mio, performed by Storm Large and Pink Martini, Dream a little dream of me, performed amongst others by The Beautiful South.

Direction of resistance: I'll add loads to this list, don't worry.

Removal of resistance: Just putting it down on electronic paper right away.

Unification: It'll be a long long long list, eventually. And urls to vevo and other legitimate broadcasts of these songs will be provided in the references below (but note that artists and copyright holders often make those videos unavailable again later, so the links cannot be seen as permanently reliable).


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Point 323: Corporations and hyperconsumerism.

Thrust: Jeremy Lent writes 'Corporations, just like a potential runaway AI, have no intrinsic interest in human welfare. They are legal constructions: abstract entities designed with the ultimate goal of maximizing financial returns for their investors above all else. If corporations were in fact real persons, they would be sociopaths, completely lacking the ability for empathy that is a crucial element of normal human behavior. Unlike humans, however, corporations are theoretically immortal, cannot be put in prison, and the larger multinationals are not constrained by the laws of any individual country.

With the incalculable advantage of their superhuman powers, corporations have literally taken over the world. They have grown so massive that an astonishing sixty-nine of the largest hundred economies in the world are not nation states but corporate entities.

Corporations have been able to use their transnational powers to dictate their own terms to virtually any country in the world. As a result of decades of globalization, corporations can exploit the free movement of capital to build factories in nations with the weakest labor unions, or locate polluting plants in countries with lax environmental laws, basing their decisions solely on maximizing returns for their shareholders. Governments compete with each other to make their nations the most attractive for corporate investment.

Corporations wield their vast powers to control the minds of consumers, enthralling them into a state of perpetual consumption. In the early twentieth century, Paul Bernays, a mastermind of corporate empowerment, boldly stated his game plan as 'the conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses.' He declared ominously that 'those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government that is the true ruling power of this country.' The sinister words of Wayne Chilicki, chief executive of General Mills, show how Bernays' vision has been perpetuated: 'When it comes to targeting kid consumers, we at General Mills.. believe in getting them early and having them for life.''.

Direction of resistance: The aberration which corporations represent is something one hopes we will manage to overpower, the same way many states have, to various extents, overthrown feudal rule in the past.

Removal of resistance: In which case history will look back at these things and consider them to be very backward and very warped.

Unification: That is a very different perception of them to that which is fostered in the average and indeed mediocre human in our society today.


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Point 322: Language, thought, communication.

Thrust: "A few things have remained pretty constant. One is that at the core of language there must be some generative procedure: recursive, compositional procedure," Noam Chomsky tells us about the scientific endeavour over the last sixty years aiming to understand the nature of human language

"The second is that the field ought to be framed within a biological context. So we're interested in what's come to be called i-Language, internal individual language, viewed intentionally, we care about the actual system of rules, not just some class of objects you might enumerate. .. In the background is a concern to try to show how this biological system could have originated. What's misleadingly called 'evolution of language'. Of course it's misleading because languages don't evolve, but the language capacity, U.G. (universal grammar), does evolve, or must have evolved .. you can derive some surprising conclusions: one of them is that the output of the generative system yields the proper forms for semantic interpretation in quite complex structures .. so that means that what's generated is essentially a language of thought, maybe, I suspect, the only language of thought. The second conclusion is that externalisation .. is just an ancillary process, it's not part of the core of language. .. (these externalisations are) reflexes of the sensory motor system and the nature of the externalisation depends on which sensory motor system you're using .. the sensory motor system is not specifically adapted to language, it was apparently around hundreds of thousands of years before language suddenly emerged and there are many ways to map one to the other and it's a hard process and in fact what we find is that the complexity of language which you have to learn when you learn a language is almost entirely externalisation .."

"A third conclusion is that most of the doctrines about the nature of language and related fields .. most of them are just flat wrong. There's a doctrine which is held virtually at the level of dogma. The way it's put is the function of language is communication. It's a kind of a curious notion because biological systems don't have functions. .. the dogma is that language, uniquely among biological systems, has a function and the function is communication, but if these first two conclusions are correct that has to be false because communication is based on externalisation and if externalisation is an ancillary property of language than communication is even more so."

Direction of resistance: At an individual level these matters can give you much pause for thought.

Removal of resistance: Also at a collective level it is pretty significant, in terms of many of society's structures, the media, education, much of commerce, and plenty more.

Unification: I'll try and provide references to the specific Chomsky material asap.


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Point 321: The anthropocene era.

Thrust: Chomsky tells us: "As we should all be aware, for the first time in history, humans are now poised to destroy the prospects for decent existence and much of life. The rate of species destruction right now is about at the level of 65 million years ago when a huge asteroid hit the Earth, ended the age of the dinosaurs, opened the way for the proliferation of mammals. The difference is that today we're the asteroid and the way may well be opened for beetles and bacteria when we've concluded our work.

"Geologists break the history of the planet into eras of relative stability. Pleistocene lasted several million years, followed by the holocene about ten thousand years ago, that coincided with the introduction of agriculture, and now geologists are adding a new era, a new epic, the anthropocene, beginning with the industrial revolution roughly two hundred years ago and it has radically changed the natural world. In the light of the pace of change one hates to think about when the next epic will begin and what it'll be. One effect of the anthropocene is the extraordinary rate of species extinction. Another is the threat to ourselves. No literate person can fail to be aware that we are facing a prospect of severe of environmental disaster, effects that are already detectable, and that might become dire within a few generations if current tendencies are not reversed."

Direction of resistance: We need to focus on changing the way we live.

Removal of resistance: Only doing that can reverse, in any way, the situation we are facing.

Unification: I'll try and provide references to the specific Chomsky material asap.


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Point 320: Something more coming to this site, as you'll soon see.

Thrust: Thought is central to intelligence, it IS organisation itself - thought and organisation of ideas are clearly one and the same set of structural mechanisms, often overlapping.

Direction of resistance: I built this 'grid' system, with very useful features (for me) such as being able to very easily pull up previous items, copy and paste key bits - whether off the site or indeed into new grid points, including copying and pasting url references easily, and enabling me to take the organisation of ideas and thought to many new levels.

Removal of resistance: It has other uses, such as its capacity to communicate much useful information, and that's always the case, even with future developments which have now kicked off.

Unification: But the key part of those developments is to make the site even more useful to me than at present, in terms of the organisation of thought and ideas, as well as the organisation of development of thought and ideas, and actually it's quite useful in the albeit often trivial field of communication also.


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Point 319: The learning curve of the adult human.

Thrust: Heather Gray writes 'Women under these circumstances become commodities and exist under a form of slavery - bought and sold. It is far better that economic and educational opportunities for women be prioritized. In fact, it is now realized that the world is better, safer and less violent and abusive when women advance, when democracy prevails and when women lead in both business and government (Konner). Chris Hedges also makes reference to the economic issues relative to it all in his recent article 'Amnesty International: Protecting the 'Human Rights' Of Johns, Pimps And Human Traffickers' (Hedges). It appears the Amnesty International staff and members have much to learn'.

Direction of resistance: I was walking along in the extreme heat and being single was not entirely unmoved when a very attractive woman suddenly appeared 100 yards ahead of me, going my way, in a short pink dress which revealed her legs. I didn't look on purpose, she was just in my line of vision. Realising that I risked being a pervert by letting my attention linger on this sight, I focused on what I was doing, which was crossing a road, and then when I reached the other side I heard a loud honking and some men cheering and making boorish noises. I looked up and they had just driven past her.

Surely society can put an end to this pathetic behaviour? And to imagine it can be done by those men alone is insane - the environment creating their ignorance has to change - ie the media and the general dehumanisation of women by society at large, as well as of men - ie hypermasculinity (what those men were displaying) is as created by environment as the objectification which reduces women in many people's eyes, including in many cases themselves, to body parts - less than human - a nice pair of legs, a nice bit of flesh, a nice pair (full stop) - that kind of simplistic animalistic perception.

Removal of resistance: The following point, made earlier, is very relevant to how we solve this problem: The answer to sexism is gender neutrality, not more sexism.

Elisia Puvia writes:

"Even though over time Western beauty ideals have shown marked variability, from the slender and flat-breasted feminine ideals to the curvaceously thin beauty icons (Harrison, 2003), they always represent a non-realistic female body image. Nonetheless, this beauty ideal gets encouraged consistently by the media, and is taken by most women as a point of reference in their efforts to improve their bodies and their looks.

The extent to which a woman's appearance approximates the ideal beauty standard is generally taken as a criterion to assess her attractiveness. Remarkably, most research studying the impact of these standards of female beauty only focused on concerns that are related to weight and body shape, disregarding the arguably most important physical feature in defining beauty, that is, a person's face. The face is the first visible source of information in every day interpersonal encounters; moreover, enhancing facial attractiveness through the use of cosmetic products is a relatively easy goal for most women to attain. Makeup is one of the most popular tools used by women to enhance their facial attractiveness: There is a wide range of products advertised to enhance facial characteristics (e.g., foundation, blusher, powder, covering stick, mascara, eye shadow, eye-liner, lipstick, lip liner, lip gloss). Each of these products allow women to hide their imperfections, artificially enlarge the appearance of their eyes and lips, make their skin of an appropriate tone and texture, in other words make their face look younger, healthier and more attractive.

Between cultures and over time, beauty has always been considered an important value. Although there is a widespread agreement regarding the value of beauty per se, it is possible to introduce different hypotheses regarding its role and its social meaning and the specific contribution that makeup makes in shaping it.

According to evolutionary psychology (Fink & Neave, 2005), beauty standards are innate; although they may vary between cultures and over time, members of different ethnic groups share common standards to define attractiveness. These standards provide information about a woman's reproductive potential, better represented by waist-to-hip ratio. However, also features of the human face determine what is beautiful and reflect universal biological selection pressures that have shaped these standards. According to these theories, a smooth and hairless skin in women are the most universally desired features (because of their association with feminine hormones), slightly reddish skin (indicating good blood circulation) is considered attractive and healthy, as well as the luminance of certain facial features in particular of the eyes. A central feature in the lower face is a woman's lips: when they are full and well defined they give a sense of health and attractiveness. The most often used color for lipstick is likely red; it signals both good blood circulation and is linked with increased emotional arousal and sexual excitement (Morris, 2004). It is easy to note that each of these features can be enhanced by cosmetic products. From an evolutionary point of view, then, the beauty of a female face is biologically determined and the cosmetic industry taps into this by enhancing facial features making them resemble more closely to those qualities that are universally considered signals of beauty and attractiveness.

Another hypothesis starts from the premise that beauty is socially constructed. From this perspective "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", reflecting cultural conventions. In contrast to the evolutionary perspective, feminist scholars have offered a very different explanation for the motivation behind the cultural emphasis on beauty, and thus, the role of makeup in shaping it. They proposed that beauty standards and practices are vehicles for the oppression of women, sign women's inferior status and determine their differences from men. The processes through which beauty ideals oppress women are complex and multifaceted; in the literature this process is known as the BIO hypothesis an acronym for 'Beauty Ideals are Oppressive' (Forbes et al., 2007). The BIO hypothesis has important implications because it underlines the social meaning and function of beauty inquiring the social purpose it serves. Among others, one possibility is that western beauty demands, shift social awareness from women's competencies to superficial aspects of their appearance, undermine women's self- confidence, dissipate their time, and their emotional and economic resources. In line with this claim, recently Swami and colleagues (2010) have showed that media exposure predicted women's cosmetic use and men's perceived need for women to use it.

Within the feminist framework, Bartky in her influential work, "Femininity and Domination" (1990), provides an in deep analysis about the role and significance of makeup use and practices. As she notes one of the most popular and pervasive claims publicized by fashion magazines and ads is that "making up is an aesthetic activity in which a woman can express her individuality"(Bartky, 1990, pag.71). According to Bartky, there is a difference between painting the face and painting a picture, in the first case we are confronted with the same picture over and over again with the possibility to apply only minor variations. Moreover, a woman who decides to express her personality in a genuine, novel and imaginative way is liable to be seen, not as an artist, but as eccentric. Every woman knows that little is permitted in what is considered appropriate makeup at work, for a night out or for some special social occasion. Furthermore, application of makeup is for the most a task that needs effort, discipline and specialized knowledge regarding the correct use of application that a woman must learn in order to manage a wide variety of products. All these duties and abilities regard only women not men, who are not stigmatized if they decide to just follow the ordinary standards of hygiene.

Finally, there is a third way to consider the role of makeup and the significance that it serves. We have noted above that makeup is advertised as an art, but rather then the art to express our personal inclinations, the application of makeup very often is the art to hide a myriad of deficiencies. In other words, makeup may be considered the quintessential art to disguise. Robertson, Fieldman and Hussey (2008), have proposed that makeup might be used as a mask, able to manipulate facial features in order to present one's own positive image to others. They investigated how different personality traits could affect cosmetic use. The aim was to understand the psychological motivations behind cosmetics use. In a correlational study only female participants answered questionnaires regarding different personality traits and their cosmetic use. Results showed that the use of makeup was positively correlated with traits as self-presentation, conformity, self-awareness and introversion, and negatively correlated with social confidence, emotional stability, self-esteem and physical attractiveness. According to the authors, the former group of traits denotes a person's awareness of and interest in their physical presentation and the following desire to manipulate it according to an image that is less individual and more conformant to social preferences and expectations. Makeup, then, would be a de-personalizing mask that women can use to manipulate and promote their desired, public image."

I'm going to read and re-read that item a few times before I start expounding. Maybe you should try to do the same: ie read it, properly, repeatedly, understand what Puvia is saying, check the pdf below and read the whole thesis.

Elisia Puvia has provided other research I have cited also, which is very very interesting and also worth reading.

Problems relating to sexism are hard to fix without first detaching yourself from the sexualization, thus 'celebrity' feminists fail to do it 100%, as the media requires that they present themselves as sex objects of one form or other, soft or hard, direct or indirect. Never can they be celebrity and 'unfuckable'. That is part of the way the media works. Sex is a thing to be revered, the media feels. A sexual element must be ever-present. And so they fail outright to protect their brightest and best from becoming just more bricks in the wall free people need to knock down.

Unification: So the question really is about you, reader, regardless of your gender - and it boils down to this: if you are currently conditioned to follow the normalised approach - and you see women as vaginas and men as penises, you see them both as body parts and subordinate yourself to irrational beliefs, ie similar to those of animals in heat, how easy is it for you, after reading all this, to change? Well - it's not even remotely impossible, I'll tell you that much. The rest is up to you, though, and some words of Marcus Aurelius the roman emperor and 'philosopher' may help you: something on the lines of 'put from you the belief that you have been wronged and the sting will disappear too' - ie it's in your mind and created by a sense of victimhood.

The media and corporate tyrants want all of you - EVEN THE MOST POWERFUL TYRANT IN THE WORLD - all of you - even that tyrant, to feel you have been cheated out of something if you fail to have in your life nothing but gratification of one sort or other - and indeed any gratification you don't get - you consider to be something you've lost.

Aurelius was clearly wise enough to see through this - but of course he was in charge of a massive collapsing empire, so I guess he had a lot to learn from which most people don't have access to! Circumstance necessitated that he wise up.

Only after recognising this is it really more easily possible for many, women and men alike, to face up to the credible arguments put forward by people like Hedges and as follows by some group called "AF3IRM":

AF3IRM writes 'AF3IRM is therefore outraged that Amnesty International (AI), which was founded to strengthen human rights, now seeks to enshrine the business of prostitution as a 'right' - ignoring the human damage that the privilege of sexual access for the dominant, the powerful and the wealthy over the bodies of the oppressed, the vulnerable and the poor, has done to generations upon generations of women, children and marginalized genders'.

AF3IRM insists: 'Criminalize the business of prostitution; decriminalize the practice of prostitution.'

Advertising and media, from tv and films to 'news', driven by a corporate control system, has made many of you so childish that you feel very cheated any time you don't get what you want.

In nature you cannot always get what you want. Indeed you cannot even always get what you need. That doesn't mean you've been cheated. It's just nature, probability, fate, the universe. You have to live with it. But you don't have to let it make you feel shit or make you into a fool. It's just some shit which has happened. Let it happen - and don't cause it to turn you into something you shouldn't be. That means, also, don't pre-empt such 'lack' and respond by urgently being a controlled slave, permanently, a hyperconsumer, on a production line - ever obedient in order to be ever satiated.


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Point 318: Idiot Gandhi was murdered by a hindu terrorist.

Thrust: B.L. Gowani writes 'Gandhi kept on .. pissing on Jinnah Gandhi kept on pissing on Jinnah Jinnah kept on objecting

while maintaining restraint

but Gandhi kept on pissing on him

when it became too much for Jinnah Jinnah pissed on Gandhi's face

lo and behold!

the liquid froze on Gandhi's face

it became the map of Pakistan!

India ceased to be India

became Pakistan and India

Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs were not regarded human but were seen as religious beings

hence for Muslims, the blood of Hindus and Sikhs was halal and for Hindus and Sikhs, killing Muslims became their dharma over a million died - Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs

countless women of all religions were violated

over ten million migrated across the borders'.

Direction of resistance: Gowani warns us 'Gandhi was against untouchability but was in favor of maintaining the caste system.'

Removal of resistance: The savage bastard Gandhi, he tells us, said these diseased fuck-headed words: 'Untouchable hooligans will make common cause with Muslim hooligans and kill caste Hindus.'

Unification: The perceptions of Gandhi in the west are actually very different to Gandhi's reality - people who know very little about that reality all too easily use Gandhi's name right along side that of Jesus - when clearly in far too many ways Gandhi was nothing remotely like the great Jesus of Nazareth.


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Point 317: I would teach 'territorial pissings' (by Nirvana) to all GCSE english students.

Thrust: Kristen Steele writes 'Over the last thirty years or so, private corporations have been steadily taking over school systems all around the world. Going hand in hand with 'free' trade and development, the privatization of education is simply another step towards corporate control of the entire economy. If you're tuned in to education news in the US, you may be familiar with the public school closures in Chicago, the so-called Recovery School District in New Orleans, and the proposed budget cuts in Milwaukee that have brought parents, students and teachers into the streets. But few of us hear about how students in Chile have been protesting for nearly a decade against rampant privatization that has increased economic inequality. Or how the UK government recently passed an education act allowing the conversion of all state schools into privately run 'academies'. Or how Structural Adjustment Programs and development aid have paved the way for privatization of schools across Africa, which has resulted in reduced enrollment of girls and exclusion of the poorest children. Or how similar takeovers are happening in Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, India, and many other countries.

Privatization exists in different forms, including vouchers, public private partnerships, low-fee private schools, and charter schools. Whatever it's called, it amounts to the same thing: private corporations gaining control of and profiting from an essential public function. In every country, the identical argument is used: public schools are failing, reform is needed and big business will do it best, providing choice and efficiency. If the statistics don't match the argument, they are concealed or doctored to fit.

Privatization in education is eerily reminiscent of every other sector that has come under corporate control; many of the justifications and methods are exactly the same. Just as in agriculture, technology is touted as creating 'efficiency.' Just as in healthcare, we're presented with the illusion of 'consumer choice.' Just as in global trade, corporations are deregulated and given generous subsidies. Just as in manufacturing, skilled employees are displaced by underpaid workers with no job security. Just as in energy, the profit motive trumps the wellbeing of people and planet. Just as in politics, legislation is influenced by rich private interests. In none of these sectors has corporate control brought about increased wellbeing for any but the richest segment of society. Why will education be any different?'.

Direction of resistance: If you are one, write an essay about the song and give it to your teacher, as extra work.

Removal of resistance: But do it as a group.

Unification: Individual rebels will be SHUT DOWN. DO it as a group and show your strength.


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Point 316: When I was an alien, cultures weren't opinions. (Kurt Cobain)

Thrust: Chris Hedges writes 'The poor and the working class in the United States know what it is to be Greek. They know underemployment and unemployment. They know life without a pension. They know existence on a few dollars a day. They know gas and electricity being turned off because of unpaid bills. They know the crippling weight of debt. They know being sick and unable to afford medical care. They know the state seizing their meager assets, a process known in the United States as 'civil asset forfeiture,' which has permitted American police agencies to confiscate more than $3 billion in cash and property. They know the profound despair and abandonment that come when schools, libraries, neighborhood health clinics, day care services, roads, bridges, public buildings and assistance programs are neglected or closed. They know the financial elites' hijacking of democratic institutions to impose widespread misery in the name of austerity. They, like the Greeks, know what it is to be abandoned'.

Direction of resistance: There is no scarcity in the world.

Removal of resistance: The disparity is purely a stubbornness which protects almost nothing but the greedy few.

Unification: We can remove the disparity and (if we do it properly) all be equally likely to be happy, comfortable and fulfilled. Why have the disparity?


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Point 315: Maybe she was wearing a thong. She coulda had a derringer hidden in it.

Thrust: Ralph E. Shaffer writes 'The L A. Police Commission, surprisingly, is at odds with Chief Beck over the actions taken by officers in the death of Ezell Ford. Beck declared the shooting by his officers to be 'within department policy.' The commission rejected his conclusion but took no punitive action. It's time to question the wisdom of a policy that justifies nearly every shooting and other use of excessive force by officers - in the LAPD and elsewhere - by ruling it was 'within department policy.' Here is what might occur at a squad meeting following such an incident:

An uneasy feeling permeated the squad room as half a dozen or so officers waited for Chief Backoff's appearance. They knew the Chief's reprimand would be harsh, biting and very personal. After all, the shooting of a nude woman had never occurred here before. And two of the three cops who pulled the triggers were in the room.

Abruptly the squad room door banged open and Chief Backoff barreled in. The six shiny stars on his collar reflected light from the overhead bulb, which dangled from a wire in the center of the room. The department's Public Information officer entered as well.

'Where's Johnson?' barked Backoff, mentally taking a roll call. Johnson was the third shooter.

'On a donut run. We told him to bring back the gooey ones you like.' Backoff took his place behind a podium, the P I beside him.

'Gentlemen, we have a public relations nightmare. Who shot an unarmed, nude, young, pregnant woman?'

Patrolmen Higgins and Smith meekly admitted their role in the shooting. Backoff asked Higgins to explain how two husky patrolmen had to shoot a woman.

'We had a 9-1-1 call. Domestic violence at a party. Some uninvited woman crashed the affair, nude, and the host couldn't get her to leave. So he called 9-1-1. Chief, I hope they aren't making a racial issue out of this. Two of us are white and the other shooter is black. This was an affirmative action shoot.'

Smith took up the explanation. 'When we got there she was on the lawn. We asked her to leave. She wouldn't, and when she came toward us... we shot.'

'Twelve times?' The Chief's voice expressed disbelief. 'And that's just the shells that hit her. The home owner is still tallying up the damage caused by all the ones that missed her and hit his house.'

'How am I going to sell this to the public?' inquired the P I officer.

Robinson, the rookie of the department, had an idea. 'Say she reached for her waistband. That's one the public always buys.'

Groans from the assemblage. Higgins looked sharply at Robinson, shaking his head. 'The woman was nude.'

'Wait,' said Hopkins. 'Don't dismiss that so easily. Robinson's right. We've used that one in six other fatalities this year and no one ever complains. Maybe she was wearing a thong. She coulda had a derringer hidden in it. If she wasn't, Lothario could say he found a thong near the body. He's got a collection of them. He was the investigating officer. Didn't you find a thong that might have been shot off her by a wayward slug?'

Lothario, ignoring the question, offered his own solution. 'The waistband excuse won't work. How about Higgins and Smith feared for their lives? We've used that one so often that only some pointy-headed professor still complains about it when we roll out that excuse, er... explanation.'

'Good Lord, gentlemen,' roared the Chief. 'You didn't shoot an Amazon. 'Feared for your lives?' The woman was 5' 2" and not an ounce over 110 pounds. And she was pregnant.'

Lothario's face brightened. 'That's it, Chief. We fired to protect the unborn infant. An act of humanity.''.

Direction of resistance: Read more via the link in the references below.

Removal of resistance: The thong joke deserves an award.

Unification: What's most terrifying is that the thugs and cretins Shaffer describes in his little parody there are people who generally consider themselves biologically superior to non white people - and this is where all of humanity's troubles lie today. From climate change and nuclear catastrophe to the wealth gap to sexism and racism (obviously) - it all boils down to this one bunch of idiots and all the trouble in the world which they manage to brew.


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Point 314: The pro-war lobby says murder is okay. That's pre-meditated murder.

Thrust: Matt Dathan writes 'The perpetrators of the worst terrorist attack in British history on 7 July 2005 made a video explaining that their motive was western intervention in Muslim counties, most importantly the illegal Iraq war waged by Tony Blair and George Bush, which has resulted in the deaths of up to a million Iraqis.

But here is the despicable war criminal Blair saying yet again on the 10th anniversary of 7/7 that the massacre of 52 Londoners had nothing to do with his foreign policy'.

Direction of resistance: Nobody opposing the war is asserting that the acts of murder were not criminal and immoral and fucked up - either those of Blair and the US and UK armies or the acts of similar criminals on a smaller scale on 7th July 2005.

Removal of resistance: The pro-war lobby says murder is okay.

Unification: Some of the time. The method used by the 7/7 murderers was relatively similar to surprise attacks committed on a much bigger scale by people like the UK and US - similar in terms of how the Geneva Convention judges them and the U.N. sees them, by law, according to Kofi Annan.


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Point 313: The rash of terror attacks.

Thrust: Ralph Nader writes 'Are Washington's relentless bombings and military immersions in sectarian battles within Arab and neighboring regions accelerating the spread of terrorist attacks? Yes. The recent rash of terror attacks in Kuwait, Tunisia, Somalia, France, and other countries are tragic examples of the strategic failures of our government and its very heavy reliance on military interventions, including the omnipresent drones that terrorize civilians.

From the first bombings of al-Qaeda's small band of fighters in the mountains of Afghanistan to the toppling of the Taliban government there by President George Bush in 2001, all Washington's weaponry, soldiers, and trillions of dollars have accomplished is to spread al-Qaeda's numerous offshoots into over a dozen countries.

The CIA calls this 'blowback.' For fourteen years this 'blowback' has destabilized countries, initiated civil wars costing millions of mostly civilian lives and leaving others sickened and injured, and caused many families to be driven out of their homes as masses of weeping refugees.

In the meantime, hatred of the U.S. in those regions grows. The attackers we have helped to provoke are becoming better trained on how to use their weaponry to create more devastation over larger ranges of territories'.

Direction of resistance: I'm pretty sure that if you explained the logic of all this to a five year old they would readily agree that it's obvious that this shit would have happened.

Removal of resistance: The corporate world, science MUST NOTE, if such experimentation proves me right about this - is less rational than a human five year old. What is its real survivability at this time?

Unification: The many catastrophes corporatism is on the brink of birthing (at least one of) are pretty much all likely to wipe out corporations long before individual humans are in any real danger of extinction although as Chomsky points out their lives will be SHIT and it'll be way way worse for everyone than now, and indeed many may well die. It's better really that we find a sane way to dismantle the corporations rather than just letting entropy kick in hard.


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Point 312: How can you become more intelligent?

Thrust: Read a number of key works by Noam Chomsky, including books, articles, interviews, lectures and speeches.

Direction of resistance: Is Noam Chomsky going to make you more intelligent by teaching you some great wisdom in these things?

Removal of resistance: No, he's going to guide you with the scientific method through the pathway of enabling you to make yourself more intelligent, using time and resouces and your own abilities, once you have found your feet and the capacity to defend yourself against external influence and control (and it is, moreover, control which is largely aimed at deriving a profit for itself at your expense).

Unification: You could discover the same basic capacity to be more intelligent through other sources also, perhaps as well as Chomsky - for example many of the things Richard Feynman talks about, particularly in his long lectures (don't just dip in and watch/read soundbites for meme-makers, read and watch and digest lots and lots and lots of what he says, that's going to give you many of the same things Chomsky's material will give you).

Entirely different styles of teaching and presentation of many or all of the same stuff can also, interestingly, be found in the works of Idries Shah, often very explicitly, so there's no doubt about what elements of it I'm talking about, if you are familiar with it.

No doubt the list goes on a great deal beyond this scattering of examples I am familiar with.

Apparently, as I have already quoted examples of on this 'grid', there is Robert Pirsig, who seems to say quite a lot of the same things.

And then there is music. The poet "Sting" just sang the words (in my headphones) "those who subjugate, those who violate, I'll be watching you."

That's another example of a direction from which all the same material can be found, presented in so many ways by so many people.

Think Peter Gabriel, for example. And so many others, in every culture, language and musical style.

So you have a lot of options - however, it may suit you best to read the Chomsky I have cited - he may be the most pertinent of the lot. And as well as Chomsky there is the late Alexander Cockburn and his motley crew of anti-establishment writers, a strange re-manifestation of Thomas Paine, some might say.

You may enjoy reading Cockburn, Chris Floyd, Vltchek and others, along with the Chomsky.

This may be the most easily accessible by you if what you are mostly used to is mainstream modern commercial/consumer culture.

There are facts these men and women (the list of journalists is long, try the link in the references below for some ideas) will tell you which are key and which you will be glad to have been exposed to.

"The Prisoner", starring Patrick McGoohan, along with "Rumpole of the Bailey", to some fairly large extent also present pretty much all of the same key things, but without providing a lot of the factual background which it may well help you to know (which you'll find, above all, in the Chomsky).

Perhaps it is time someone invented, if it doesn't exist, the word "Chomskyphobia" - that's what YOU have if you are too scared to EVER read any key Chomsky writings. If you want to check you really don't have Chomskyphobia, read "Necessary Illusions" - it's easy to read, once you kick off. It lays much bare and it is in fact concerned, very much, with "Chomskyphobia" itself, technically, when it comes down to it. The other book from that era, "Manufacturing Consent", I haven't yet read. No doubt I should.

Another book and film is Catch 22 by Joseph Heller. The film starred Alan Arkin. Orson Welles was in it - and many other big big stars. It is an amazing film.

Anyway, the list can no doubt go on and on and on and on in many directions - proving that there are plenty of ways for you to just spend the time and learn to be as intelligent as you can be. Whatever your tastes and skills, there is an in-road for you somewhere.

The writers Ionesco, Sartre and to an extent also Pirandello and Calvino, in their own amusing ways, have covered sections of this stuff too, but only sections, they came along quite early.

Use the link in the references below for a good list of potential sources, possible in-roads.

There's also Max Headroom, of course. The tv series. Check it out some time, if you can - and 'The Good Life' - an old British sitcom about 'self-sufficiency'.


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Point 311: 'Power for their own sweet selves': the anally retentive financial classes and the giant arse they all speak through.

Thrust: Floyd writes 'There I found a long, larded piece of handwringing and breast-beating entitled, 'Corbynomics: The Road to Penury.' Here was rich and bitter comedy right off the bat. We have indeed been on the 'road to penury' for lo these many decades: a road built by the ravaging financial bulldozers of the elite, with the aid of their diligent servants in the political class: two groups well-represented in the CPS ranks. The report goes on to -

No, I won't do it. Life is too short to go through this kind of excreta at any length. It is not a political or economic argument, but a religious tract, put out by self-deluded moral morons who believe they are shining saints of goodness and reason - even while the rivers of shit and oceans of blood unleashed by their own extremist beliefs rise all around them. These are people who, like that pitiful plutocratic propagandist in Chicago, long for a universal 'Katrina' to sweep away the lesser breeds - and all vestiges of genuine community, all efforts at seeking the greater common good - so they can impose their vision of a 'clean,' corporatized, strictly managed, data-crunched and digitally controlled system of enrichment for the 'right' people, and endless helotry for the rest.'

Direction of resistance: Floyd chides these diseased minded sons of corporate pimps: 'Sad, sad, sad, how very sad you neoliberal cargo cultists are. Waiting for the God of the 'market' (i.e., a rigged system of crony capitalism) to create universal prosperity by enriching an ever smaller circle of wealth devourers and war profiteers, while nations, communities, and individual lives continue to deteriorate. We have been on a 'path to penury' - your path, the jihad of greed and corruption - for decades. '

Removal of resistance: As Jamiroquai has said - it's a virtual insanity we're living in.

Unification: Money is supposed to be a means for society, not an end. People are not supposed to only be allowed good lives if they can afford it - the point of money is to enable all of society to function healthily and comfortably, for nobody to be left out of the loop.


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Point 310: A vote to reject being looted by invaders.

Thrust: Paul Craig Roberts writes 'Greek democracy has proven itself to be impotent. The looting is going forward despite the vote one week ago by the Greek people rejecting it. So what we observe in Alexis Tsipras is an elected prime minister representing not the Greek people but the One Percent'.

Direction of resistance: This is the sort of reasoning given by some for backing the vote for Britain to leave the EU.

Removal of resistance: Max Keiser, however, would rebut that by pointing out that Britain has a very sweet deal in Europe and is in fact one of those who gains from the situation, indeed perhaps some would argue that British finance and industry gains from Greece's losses.

Unification: And that's when those arguing to leave the EU for the reasons stated would have to point out that perhaps one doesn't want to be doing that.

One argument you could make against this would be that perhaps, and it's a long shot, by being within the EU we could replace our representatives there with people who have morals and ask them to put a stop to this kind of savagery 'from within'.

That is pretty much what Corbyn was saying in campaigns before the referendum and one can see the logic in it. Chomsky, meanwhile, apparently felt that the breaking up of the EU, if it were a result of Britain's vote, in the longterm, could lead to a surge in far right 'unity' across Europe and the birth of something even uglier and more destructive than Hitler's nazis - at least that's the impression I get from what Chomsky has said.

So it's a pretty delicate matter, to say the least.


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Point 309: Should the law protect people's 'right' to harm your kids?

Thrust: Prof. Sean Flynn writes 'Philip Morris has sued Uruguay and Australia, under bilateral investment treaties with Switzerland and Hong Kong, respectively, to challenge restrictions on branding on cigarette packages '.

Direction of resistance: Basically kids definitely are impacted by these branding things.

Removal of resistance: As are young adults and others.

Unification: The spirit of the law dictates we protect those people from the manipulation which then causes harm to them. It does. Let's be true to that spirit.


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Point 308: Extreme energy.

Thrust: David Lavallee writes 'In my new film, To the Ends of the Earth, I document the current scramble for extreme energy, also known as unconventional sources of oil and gas, and their environmental, economic and social impact'.

Direction of resistance: Arctic drilling and hydraulic fracturing are two 'methods' you, reader, should look into, read about and debate.

Removal of resistance: Perhaps it is our concept of industry rather than our concept of regulation which needs more attention at this time, when innovating and reforming.

Unification: Solar energy appears to be a worthwhile direction to look in. Whilst other alternative and clean energy may be limited, solar energy is technically linked to an infinite supply and with effort and intelligence can surely be made into such. A continuous free infinite energy supply. It's not the sort of project corporations are set up to be able to handle - it would need to be taken on as a social and democratic project and indeed institution. It is way more than our current global needs demand, and we can no doubt produce a huge amount from the various alternatives we have, but in the long run it is undeniable that we will want to attempt to derive infinite free energy directly from the sun and it is plausible to suggest that we may succeed.


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Point 307: Nobody knows. That's the point.

Thrust: In episode 799 of the Keiser Report, Stacy Herbert explains 'there's a never ending supply of chumps who want to give you their money and believe your story that you're gonna somehow make them rich'.

Direction of resistance: And Max Keiser explains 'The rule on Wall Street is to shear never slaughter. Shear don't slaughter. So you have a book of clients, just constantly shear them every day - skim money off the top of your client book, but don't kill them, don't slaughter them'.

Removal of resistance: Patriarchy and jingoism are the key ingredients to ensuring the chumps remain deluded. A great deal of the time you may see instrument or currency x suddenly fall a lot, and then it goes back up a tiny bit, and the degree of change is reported with the same strength of language in the media - so a drop of 2000 is reported as a fall and then a rise of 150 a 'rebound' - ie the reader is deceived by the media and its emotional hysterical tactics into perceiving the word 'rebound' as 'regain' - ie to imagine that of the 2000 lost, much has been regained. In fact if it drops 2000 and then 'bounces' up a few hundred that does not mean anyone can hope that it will not then go down a further 1000 - all instruments move in a zig zag most of the time, yet 'journalists' reporting events often report part of a zig zag as though it's a new zig zag. When even most of the traders are scientifically illiterate, what can we expect, though?

Unification: Herbert informs us that writes 'research shows, over and over, that stock brokers can't do anything demonstrably valuable. They don't know which stocks will go up or down and when. They don't know which asset classes will outperform this year or next. Nobody knows. That's the point'.


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Point 306: Je Suis Palestinian Journalists.

Thrust: Middle East Monitor writes 'The Israeli occupation forces are continuing with their violations of the rights of Palestinian journalists. Almost 100 incidents have been recorded so far this year, with journalists being arrested in the occupied territories as they try to cover political activities and the Israelis' suppression of Palestinian protest activities. The 99 violations in the first six months of 2015 range from beatings to detentions'.

Direction of resistance: Where is all the anger which accompanied the Charlie Hebdo massacre?

Removal of resistance: Systematic abuse of journalists is just as bad as one off massacres. It's all the same violation of free speech.

Unification: If you're not a hypocrite and you said 'je suis charlie' - then stand up for Palestinian Journalists - otherwise you ARE a hypocrite.


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Point 305: Playing the Trump card.

Thrust: Sophia Tesfaye writes 'Trump later budged a bit, conceding, 'Let's assume that the studies, which say that I'm wrong, are true. That doesn't mean that I'm not right.''.

Direction of resistance: He seems to be Donald Rumsfeld's twin brother.

Removal of resistance: Hadley Freeman was laughing because Trump seems to signal the end of the Republican party, as something anyone intelligent could take seriously.

Unification: She is wrong - he signals the end of the western political classes, through and through - no one in the world can take it seriously even now, but the next generation won't waste time with any part of it, so absurd are the Norman Tebbits and Donald Trumps and Boris Johnsons and so on.


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Point 304: Respecting authority.

Thrust: Noam Chomsky has pointed out that we should always be ready to and allowed to challenge authority which claims the right to preside over us.

Direction of resistance: All proclaimed authority must be open to being challenged to prove its legitimacy.

Removal of resistance: Chomsky gives the example of stopping a child from doing something dangerous to itself - as an obvious example of legitimate authority.

Unification: Chomsky points out that a lot of 'authority' today is far from legitimate and a lot of adults are being treated like children, by governments, corporations and many other institutions.


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Point 303: 'Take ibuprofen and die'.

Thrust: Mike Whitney writes 'In case you missed it: The FDA has just issued a warning on various prescription and non-prescription drugs that Americans ingest by the boatload. As it happens, these seemingly benign pain relievers can kill you even if you scrupulously follow the recommended dosage. But don't take my word for it. Here's a blurb from the FDA website:

'FDA is strengthening an existing warning in prescription drug labels and over-the-counter (OTC) Drug Facts labels to indicate that nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can increase the chance of a heart attack or stroke, either of which can lead to death. Those serious side effects can occur as early as the first few weeks of using an NSAID, and the risk might rise the longer people take NSAIDs. (FDA Strengthens Warning of Heart Attack and Stroke Risk for Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, FDA website)

Notice how the FDA refers to 'death' as 'a serious side effect.' How's that for an understatement?'.

Direction of resistance: Whitney asks 'Why isn't this headline news? People take tons of these chemicals everyday thinking they've been thoroughly tested and are totally safe. Now we find out that's not the case'.

Removal of resistance: Okay. Now tell yourself the truth. You just read that, yes? Now. You DID take ibuprofen this year, didn't you? I didn't. And I hardly ever took it before that. But this is not relevant to YOU. When did YOU take it last? And was it really necessary?

Unification: We have to look after each other. Those lot don't care about us.


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Point 302: All the while endlessly shopping online, updating Facebook, and texting.

Thrust: Henry A. Giroux writes 'Fear and isolation constitute an updated version of Big Brother. Fear is managed and is buttressed by a neoliberal logic that embraces the notion that while fear be accepted as a general condition of society, how it is dealt with by members of the American public be relegated to the realm of the private, dealt with exclusively as an individual consideration, largely removed from the collapse of authoritarian control and democratic rule, and posited onto the individual's fear of the other. In the surveillance state, fear is misplaced from the political sphere and emergence of an authoritarian government to the personal concern with the fear of surviving, not getting ahead, unemployment, and the danger posed by the growing legions of the interminable others. As the older order dies, a new one struggles to be born, one that often produces a liminal space that gives rise to monsters, all too willing to kidnap, torture, and spy on law abiding citizens while violating civil liberties. As Antonio Gramsci once suggested, such an interregnum offers no political guarantees, but it does provide or at least gestures towards the conditions to reimagine 'what is to be done,' how it might be done, and who is going to do it'.

Direction of resistance: Giroux points out 'Echoes of Huxley's insights play out in the willingness of millions of people who voluntarily hand over personal information whether in the service of the strange sociality prompted by social media or in homage to the new surveillance state. New surveillance technologies employ by major servers providers now focus on diverse consumer populations who are targeted in the collection of endless amounts of personal information as they move from one site to the next, one geopolitical region to the next, and across multiple screens and digital apparatuses. As Ariel Dorfman points out, 'social media users gladly give up their liberty and privacy, invariably for the most benevolent of platitudes and reasons,' all the while endlessly shopping online, updating Facebook, and texting. Indeed, surveillance technologies are now present in virtually every public and private space - such as video cameras in streets, commercial establishments, workplaces, and even schools as well as the myriad scanners at entry points of airports, retail stores, sporting events, and so on - and function as control mechanisms that become normalized through their heightened visibility. In addition, the all- encompassing world of corporate and state surveillance is aided by our endless array of personal devices that chart, via GPS tracking, our every move, our every choice, and every pleasure.'

Removal of resistance: As Adam Smith pointed out, 'The man whose whole life is spent in performing a few simple operations, of which the effects are perhaps always the same, or very nearly the same, has no occasion to exert his understanding or to exercise his invention in finding out expedients for removing difficulties which never occur. He naturally loses, therefore, the habit of such exertion, and generally becomes as stupid and ignorant as it is possible for a human creature to become. The torpor of his mind renders him not only incapable of relishing or bearing a part in any rational conversation, but of conceiving any generous, noble, or tender sentiment, and consequently of forming any just judgment concerning many even of the ordinary duties of private life. Of the great and extensive interests of his country he is altogether incapable of judging, and unless very particular pains have been taken to render him otherwise, he is equally incapable of defending his country in war. The uniformity of his stationary life naturally corrupts the courage of his mind, and makes him regard with abhorrence the irregular, uncertain, and adventurous life of a soldier. It corrupts even the activity of his body, and renders him incapable of exerting his strength with vigour and perseverance in any other employment than that to which he has been bred. His dexterity at his own particular trade seems, in this manner, to be acquired at the expense of his intellectual, social, and martial virtues.'

Unification: Whilst totalitarian corporate culture has driven chosen 'underdogs' into increasing stupidity with time, Facebook and Twitter have without warning done exactly the same thing to the vast majority of middle class and upper middle class elitists and sycophants to elitists.

These tools involve repeated actions, most of them passive, mostly pressing a 'like' button. Any deviation, like long prose, tends to be mocked 'knowingly' by people who accept that it is 'cooler' to live a life which involves almost 'no effort', as they would see it. Scrolling and liking. They are now very stupid because of this and there is no difference in intellect between the elite, all the way up to 'royalty' and 'down to' the ghetto children with bad taste and consumer (usually electronic) lust.

The majority of 'professionals' in our society can really do very little outside of these few things: buy goods, operate a spread sheet, operate a web browser, (advanced technical skill for the average person means knowing how to use powerpoint as well), choose a channel or file in order to passively consume audio-visual corporate-sponsored output, commute, use twitter, use facebook (these latter two involve mostly: scrolling, pressing like, occasionally making very short statements, usually entirely phatic).


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Point 301: As stupid and ignorant as it is possible for a human creature to become.

Thrust: As Adam Smith pointed out, "The man whose whole life is spent in performing a few simple operations, of which the effects are perhaps always the same, or very nearly the same, has no occasion to exert his understanding or to exercise his invention in finding out expedients for removing difficulties which never occur. He naturally loses, therefore, the habit of such exertion, and generally becomes as stupid and ignorant as it is possible for a human creature to become. The torpor of his mind renders him not only incapable of relishing or bearing a part in any rational conversation, but of conceiving any generous, noble, or tender sentiment, and consequently of forming any just judgment concerning many even of the ordinary duties of private life. Of the great and extensive interests of his country he is altogether incapable of judging, and unless very particular pains have been taken to render him otherwise, he is equally incapable of defending his country in war. The uniformity of his stationary life naturally corrupts the courage of his mind, and makes him regard with abhorrence the irregular, uncertain, and adventurous life of a soldier. It corrupts even the activity of his body, and renders him incapable of exerting his strength with vigour and perseverance in any other employment than that to which he has been bred. His dexterity at his own particular trade seems, in this manner, to be acquired at the expense of his intellectual, social, and martial virtues."

Direction of resistance: Whilst totalitarian corporate culture has driven chosen 'underdogs' into increasing stupidity with time, Facebook and Twitter have without warning done exactly the same thing to the vast majority of middle class and upper middle class elitists and sycophants to elitists.

Removal of resistance: These tools involve repeated actions, most of them passive, mostly pressing a 'like' button. Any deviation, like long prose, tends to be mocked 'knowingly' by people who accept that it is 'cooler' to live a life which involves almost 'no effort', as they would see it. Scrolling and liking. They are now very stupid because of this and there is no difference in intellect between the elite, all the way up to 'royalty' and 'down to' the ghetto children with bad taste and consumer (usually electronic) lust.

Unification: The majority of "professionals" in our society can really do very little outside of these few things: buy goods, operate a spread sheet, operate a web browser, (advanced technical skill for the average person means knowing how to use powerpoint as well), choose a channel or file in order to passively consume audio-visual corporate-sponsored output, commute, use twitter, use facebook (these latter two involve mostly: scrolling, pressing like, occasionally making very short statements, usually entirely phatic).


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Point 300: Stealing love from children.

Thrust: Hilary Wise writes 'MONA SAMOUNI was 10-years-old when she lost her home, her parents and 19 other relatives, after they were crushed before her eyes in one of the bombing raids of Israel's Operation Cast Lead in 2009'.

Direction of resistance: The crazed bastards who leap on even Jeremy Corbyn and try and slander him as 'anti-semitic' for standing up for 10 year olds like that - are truly crazed.

Removal of resistance: What kind of sick fucks call the defence of that girl an act of 'anti semitism'.

Unification: Sick fucks. You must be rehabilitated psychologically. You are total sick fucks.


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Point 299: Souls cannot be bought back, sorry.

Thrust: Carrie Giunta writes 'What is real and tangible is the US' increasing demand for the natural resources Venezuela has in superabundance.

Resource wealth can be a blessing and a curse. Not only is Venezuela the fifth largest oil exporting country in the world, with the second-largest reserves of heavy crude oil, but also add to that the country's rich mineral reserves, plus a turbulent economy, and you have a recipe for 'resource curse'.

Staving off the dreaded resource curse, Venezuela has paved a new road to success. Key to sustaining this progress is the country's ability to maintain its own mineral wealth.

Venezuela sits on mineral reserves of gold, iron ore, diamonds, coal, uranium and the precious mineral coltan'.

Direction of resistance: Giunta tells us 'If a top-rated US news programme portrays China as a threat because it possesses giant mineral reserves that the US needs for its defense industry, then what does this say about the blue gold wars raging across the Eastern Congo and northern Amazon?

Conflict-free advocacy overlooks the links between minerals and the weapons manufacturing industry, focusing narrowly on smart phones, laptops and tablets. It is doubtful defense companies will be seeking out conflict-free mines and transparent, traceable supply chains.

A conflict-free weapon is still an oxymoron.'

Removal of resistance: If you work in the arms industry, consider the 7 million dead merely in Iraq and Afghanistan in recent years because of YOU - and ask yourself what dollar value you sold those people's lives for!

Unification: Seriously. Get a spreadsheet or whatever it is you use to think with, put 7 million dead people in one box, and in another, next to it, put your estimated informed answer to the question: 'how much money was made by doing that?'


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Point 298: On white female extremists and international resource theft by state terrorists.

Thrust: Nafiz Ahmed writes 'When the Sun's homegrown violent-extremist-in-residence Katie Hopkins calls for 'gunships' to be used against migrant boats carrying starving, desperate men, women and children from Libya, you don't expect her nutty ideas to be taken up enthusiastically by senior government officials in Europe.

Comparing immigrants to 'cockroaches' who spread like the 'novovirus,' she urged that asylum seekers should be threatened 'with violence until they bugger off'. Otherwise, British towns will remain 'plagued by swarms of migrants and asylum seekers''.

Direction of resistance: With reference to Libya, Ahmed mentions 'Thus, although a prima facie (at first encounter) analysis of its own data supported a civilian death toll estimate of between 32,000 and 53,700 Libyans, the UN inquiry simply whitewashed these war crimes'.

Removal of resistance: Ahmed points out 'Western governments also wanted to ensure that their oil conglomerates, BP, Shell, Total, Hess, ConocoPhillips, to name just a few, were in 'prime position' to pump Libyan crude after the war, alleviating Europe's oil and gas prices.'

Unification: Feel free to read the full article by Ahmed via the link in the references below.


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Point 297: Sensible parenting and arresting bishops for protesting against illegal seizures of hospitals.

Thrust: Palestine National News writes 'Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Saturday morning arrested Bishop Atallah Hanna during his participation in a march protesting the illegal seizure of a hospital building which is part of al-Baraka church, north of Hebron'.

Direction of resistance: They illegally seize a HOSPITAL which is part of a CHURCH.

Removal of resistance: A BISHOP PROTESTS and THEY ARREST HIM.

Unification: Tell me you don't want your kids' reputations tied to the behaviour of the people who just arrested that bishop! Seriously. Tell me you are a sensible parent.


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Point 296: Traditions of the Palestinian variety.

Thrust: Raya Al-Jadir writes 'The social enterprise employs and empowers local Palestinian women who know how to embroider and make handcrafts of all kinds to retell the story behind every type of Palestinian dress. Taita Leila works with different villages and co-operatives to make designs that can be incorporated into a modern wardrobe'.

Direction of resistance: I hope xenophobes will pay attention to this rather stereotype-busting endeavour by the young woman in Al-Jadir's article.

Removal of resistance: Check out the whole thing via the link in the references below.

Unification: Take a look. Get involved. Do a little bit for Palestine.


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Point 295: Disenfranchised voices.

Thrust: Monique W. Morris writes 'These themes, when coupled with original quotes from girls, demonstrate the urgency of including Black girls in our national discourses on school discipline reform and in our efforts to develop culturally competent and gender-responsive approaches that ensure the safety of all of our children in schools'.

Direction of resistance: Even outside the serious situation of children's safety, there needs to be an absolute reversal of the disenfranchisement of a lot of people.

Removal of resistance: You don't have to be a black girl to suffer some absurdity, but maybe in many ways if you are those absurdities are likely to be the most virulent and fucked up.

Unification: As I covered elsewhere:

'Where white women stand on the backs of black women, and other women of colour, to gain success and power, feminism is not present. And the claim that the film somehow represents the practice of feminist casting and characters can only hold true if you do the mental gymnastics necessary to deny the fact that black women are women, too.'

Janessa E. Robinson writes "With three leading female characters, the film features no Latina, Asian or Indigenous women and simply opts to fulfil its black quota as a nod to the original storyline. Jones's sassy black character is a transit worker for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, providing her with the skills necessary to track down ghosts across New York. But as the only representation of race and class commentary in the trailer, it ultimately pathologises the working class and blackness by making the two synonymous with a seemingly inept character.


The 2016 reboot has been hailed as a new, feminist Ghostbusters. But praising white women's access to roles that challenge patriarchy yet simultaneously harm black women through perpetuating racist tropes can only be feminist if the word has no meaning.

Where white women stand on the backs of black women, and other women of colour, to gain success and power, feminism is not present. And the claim that the film somehow represents the practice of feminist casting and characters can only hold true if you do the mental gymnastics necessary to deny the fact that black women are women, too.

Although this trailer is the first we have seen of the film, and we have yet to see where the character development or storylines will lead, I won't be heading to the theatres paying to watch a film that shrinks black womanhood for the ease of the white gaze in its marketing."

It is high time that the 'western' establishment realise how racist it is.

What of TRUMP? Katie Hopkins? Tom Mair? The surge of hate crime in post Brexit Britain?

Look in the mirror, my friends. It's time to see who you REALLY are.


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Point 294: What's 'elite' about abusing and bullying others into submission? Seriously. You fucking pathetic bastards.

Thrust: Nafiz Ahmed wrote in 2006 'New evidence from credible witnesses provides shocking new information about the scale of torture that the CIA, working secretly with various UK and European state authorities, has been involved in. A memo from a former British Army officer Peter Wright, who is currently head of one of the biggest scientific research organisations in Germany, recounts evidence from an American military police officer, John Peirce, stationed at the US Army Airfield Colman Barracks in Mannheim. According to the Wright memo, which is considered credible by Amnesty International Berlin, Peirce witnessed the torture of no less than three individuals by US Army and CIA officers. Below are excerpts from the document:

"... the 3 individuals were kept lying on their backs on a Standard US Army issue metal bed frame without a Mattress, all 3 of them were fitted to this bed with hand cuffs and foot cuffs so that they were in principle immobile. This condition had been [in place] for weeks which is easy to prove due to the very deep wounds due to pressure. The normal Toilet activates of a human being were also not allowed; they simply did this fixed to the bed and when the smell appeared US Army Inmates have to hose down the people with a fire hose and clean up.

The US Army has apparently selected this site due to the fact that a Detention site already exists and also due to the Airstrip also on site to allow ease of transport. The PFC [John Peirce] then went on to inform me of a more disgusting act that he has observed personally. The US Army fly in on regular occasions of 3 people 2 men one woman who are dressed not in uniform. It is common knowledge that they are from the CIA amongst the soldiers on base. They come to interrogate the 3 still chained to their beds by using electro-shocks by connecting one electrode to the bed frame and the other to a piece of copper wire wrapped around the Genitals, they bring with them each time a Device to allow this to be done.

First of all no questions are asked. The electro shocks are administered without warning. This process is called 'loosening up'. When the person is screaming constantly between the shocks, the interrogators start talking to him in Arabic, and the other detainees when they hear the screaming clap their hands and make other gestures and comments as they know also of what is happening. When the interrogators leave the Guard room, personnel have learned that to keep the men quiet they replace the professional electro-shock device with a field telephone. All 3 are wired-up to 3 field telephones in the Guard room office and if someone moans or cries they crank up the field telephone to give him a jolt of electricity to make him shut up. It is even a fun game to allow anyone who is willing to give a donation to a Serviceman's widows organization, to crank the handle."'.

Direction of resistance: British children will be forced to learn all about this in 2026, in the history lessons which teach them never to be like today's establishment and corporations and their drones.

Removal of resistance: This is some pretty grim shit.

Unification: I find it disturbing that people who do this to others or have it done for them then look down on others and see themselves as 'exceptional'. Such people are scarily animalistic and clearly the evolutionarily bottom end of the current human race.


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Point 293: Suicide of 'the west'.

Thrust: Jennifer Cohagen writes 'The US has run out of easy enemies. They're now targeting Russia. This is doomed to fail, and wedging EU countries between US and Russia is causing them to break rank with US in droves'.

Direction of resistance: The racist attitude which sees 'others' as somehow weak is why the US is doing this suicidal thing.

Removal of resistance: Many will remark in future how odd it is that no one but the 'expected' (counter attacking / opposition) media is raising any concerns that the US is in the process of killing itself by challenging to large financial blocks to massacre it, just to prove how hard it is to its now already estranged girlfriend (aka Europe).

Unification: We in 'the west' have to use love and understanding in serious ways to bring our peers to safety and sensible living. Yes. It can be done.


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Point 292: Nuclear Iran would be no threat to Israel.

Thrust: Richard Lachmann, Michael Schwartz and Kevin Young write 'Iranian leaders certainly repress their own population, some of their rhetoric is genuinely offensive, and they actively seek to help their allies in the region. But they, like every country in the world (including even the United States), appreciate the logic of the nuclear deterrent: that threatening or using the bomb against any nuclear-protected country would invite national annihilation. Even Israel's intelligence chief Tamir Pardo (a Netanyahu appointee) has acknowledged that a 'nuclear Iran [would be] no threat' to Israel. Or, as Yehezkel Dror, a former adviser to several Israeli prime and defense ministers, expressed it to the Times of Israel, ''With a nuclear Iran, I would sleep quite well'...based on the strength of Israeli deterrence and the doctrine known as MAD-mutually assured destruction.'

But it is this same logic of nuclear deterrence that explains why the United States and Israel have been so determined to prevent Iran from obtaining the capability to build a bomb. Stated simply: while a nuclear weapon is not a useful offensive weapon, it is a formidable defensive weapon. Given the long history of threats- and covert attacks and assassinations-from the United States and Israel, MAD might be the only effective deterrent against a full-on invasion. CIA veteran Bruce Riedel expressed this logic with sarcasm in 2012: 'If I was an Iranian national security planner, I would want nuclear weapons .. Those who don't [often] get invaded by the United States of America.''.

Direction of resistance: Israel and the USA's attempts to make others incapable of defending themselves is an obscene act of war.

Removal of resistance: Humanity must find a way to require both those nations to be disarmed permanently and never again be permitted to actively wage war.

Unification: The people in those nations are the ones whose duty it really is to make this happen.


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Point 291: Israel, Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi.

Thrust: Barry Lando writes 'Indeed, in order to protect his flank and appease America's traditional allies in the region alarmed by a rapprochement with Iran, Obama continues with many of the same senseless policies of the past: backing down in the face of Israel's on-going settlement program in the West Bank, renewing American aid to brutal dictatorial regimes in Egypt and Bahrain, and supporting the Saudis in their ruthless embargo and air strikes against Yemen, the poorest country in the region'.

Direction of resistance: The US 'allies' in the region are like Hitler and Stalin, the lot of them.

Removal of resistance: Fucking hell.

Unification: Micthell and Webb - again, you give me an answer you smug corporatists. WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE YOUR ALLIES? How can your comedy be funny any more if those are the institutions you end up working with, feeding with, earning with??? Answer me, smug comedians.


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Point 290: Lack of remorse over the nuclear devastation.

Thrust: Norman Pollack writes 'America believes itself the product of Immaculate Conception, nowhere more evident than in having global custodianship of nuclear weaponry, originally, exclusive possession and use, as though perhaps part of God's design, and later, when after 1949 that was no longer attainable, presumptive use as a moral right and, as with all armaments, possession of an overwhelmingly preponderant stockpile. The US had a giant head-start, Alamagordo, July 16, 1945, Hiroshima, August 6, 1945, Nagasaki, August 9, 1945, the latter two the only times used for the annihilation of human populations, all brought on by the presumably exigencies of war when unity of the Great Powers was imperative, yet already conceived as a warning to the Soviet Union, and hence even before World War II was concluded the beginning of the Cold War. American atomic policy, quickly shifting from a defensive to offensive posture, became under Truman a cynical mode of power politics aimed at the dissolution of wartime unity, his presidency which betrayed a gross personal ignorance and arrogance only rivaled by that of Reagan and G.W. Bush having therefore imperial ambitions fuelled by an obsessive, irrational anticommunism. Truman contributed to the climate of fear by his lack of remorse over the nuclear devastation and endeavor through the Baruch Plan to maintain the postwar US monopoly on the Bomb, as if to say America could be secure only when it has frozen into place the differential relationship, when it comes to dealing death, with others, a kind of ethnocentric/paranoid mental-set, enemies everywhere requiring and necessitating a total response'.

Direction of resistance: Richard Feynman, one of Britain and the United States' greatest minds in my lifetime, has said (you can go and watch this on video) that he did the wrong thing, morally, by continuing to work on the atomic bomb after Germany had been defeated since there was no longer a threat.

Removal of resistance: As I have written recently:

Feynman's assertion about NASA was that the management was like a stubborn ignorant child and the scientists had failed to assert themselves the way a parent could over a child. "How do we educate the child?" Feynman wondered, looking for a road to solving the puzzle. Musing, at any rate.

Feynman's assertion about atom bombs and nuclear weapons was that (a) he had been immoral and wrong to continue working on the bomb when Germany had surrendered and the threat of Hitler's using atom bombs was gone. It was not built to combat kamikaze pilots, in the view of its scientists. (b) Feynman felt that after the war he noticed that 'nothing had changed' and people were behaving 'just as they always did' and he felt that the existence of nukes/atom-bombs in a world where people were still prone to the stupid and ignorant mistakes etc that they always had been was one with a very short future - soon we would all suffer the consequences of nuclear war, he felt.

In the hands of such incompetents, incidents such as Fukushima or the widespread ignorance of science's actual position, collectively, insofar as one can be said to exist at all, on 'GMOs', would also, it is my theory, worry Feynman significantly. People to question (by reading what they have said about such matters) about this stuff could include Chomsky, perhaps with more of a pinch of salt sometimes David Attenborough and Stephen Hawking, because being put on a pedestal causes a higher error margin in a scientist, even a good one, even 'the best'. Feynman was perhaps an exception, or perhaps not - he admits himself that he messed up and was deeply in error and remorseful - by continuing to work on the bomb, which per se he hadn't really wanted to have anything to do with but shown that nazis could use such a bomb against them he understood that he had to protect society - but when Germany was defeated he should have stopped and he regretted not realising it at the time.

So returning to what Feynman would make of all the stupidness corporations are up to at the moment, along with militarised governments, the world over, I think it makes sense to refer to his criticism of NASA and his criticism of the existence of 'atom bombs' after the war was over. I think we should consider what he'd say about Fukushima and nuclear power in general, as well as his views on solar and genuinely 'clean' energy, with safety as the absolute priority always. Would he think we should restrict nuclear physics to established research facilities and find ways to keep corporate power away from decisions relating to such an important field of human knowledge?

The issue widens to so many others but above all climate change. What would Feynman's view be of the treatment of evidence by the world's corporations and thus by being in cahoots with them, the so-called 'liberal' media eg the Guardian or BBC or other broad sheets, generally speaking?

Feynman's views on titles and 'lapels' are an important thing to note also when deciding what the often-correct scientist would say about the way things are today. It doesn't matter who you are, what your name is, how clever you are, or anything else, when you make an assertion, what matters is whether or not it agrees with experiment/experience. Nothing else. That, in a nutshell, Feynman explains across the internet from beyond the grave to some 'small' but not insignificant audience, is the key to 'science'.

Unification: What to do? Well. Start, now, readers, by facing up to your duty to learn, understand and always use 'the scientific method'.


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Point 289: "We're gonna ride forever. You can't keep horsemen in a cage. Should the angels call, well it's only then I might pull in the reins". (Paul Gross, David Keeley)

Thrust: In these times the battlefield for social control has moved almost entirely into the financial arena.

Direction of resistance: Understanding and controlling any other area of society, thought or analysis makes very little difference to what you can do in the overall scheme of things - the financial landscape controls all from above.

Removal of resistance: So you have to ask yourself what you're going to do about it.

Unification: Are you going to sit there and keep trying to bring down the walls of the fortress?

Or are you going to flood it, with yourselves, and fight every bankster on his or her own terms, taking the battle to the very end of its path and leaving no escape route open for tyranny?

What are you? Humans or consumers? People or clients? Free or farmed?

Start by reading. Finding good information to work with. Start, in fact, before that, by facing up to your duty to learn, understand and always use 'the scientific method'.

I have to tell you some of the things I have found when researching this field intimately.

For example some of the technical things Robert Shiller mentions in his lectures, that's important, and also I have to tell you a lot of the little 'rules' and 'warnings' I have found offered by so many amateur educators in the field of options trading and futures trading and financial spread betting and so on - what's most important about those is where they totally contradict each other, where the truth becomes ever clearer - ie that the way things work out here is a 'case by case' thing - and you don't often or readily adopt any kind of 'general rule' - because an environment like this cannot ever be predictable enough to open the way for the lazy to mint money without effort. If that goes on in today's world, ie through 'Q.E.' - often called 'money printing' - that's not something which is a real part of the financial system - it's indeed some sort of anti-scientific aberration which should not really be here, according to the likes of the 'infamous' Max Keiser.

So there are a lot of factual, crucial things I have to tell you about here, if you are to understand more about the actual science of the financial sector, how to use that science, indeed for the benefit of humanity, progress, indeed equality.

Something else I need to explore and write about is what Max Keiser has said about 'activistic hedge funds'.

Of course I already do my best to cover financial news from the point of view of political activists at the heart of 'opposition' to the establishment, but that's just part of the political journalism covered here.

What I'm talking about adding is the equivalent of Feynman or Chomsky (scientists) (in their fields of Physics and Linguistics respectively), but in the area of Finance. So Shiller is a key man whose words need to be covered. Shiller, like those others, will only pull in the reins 'when the angels call him'. Like Keiser, indeed. My own observations about the many things I have read may also give you a clearer understanding about what really goes on in this world, the world of 'traders'. Not from the point of view of an echo chamber, whatever side of whatever 'chinese wall' it lies - but from the point of view of the lone maverick learning how to overpower even the biggest opponents, use nothing but wits, like some mounty, no flash weapons or swat team, to take that one thing which you are there to take. A profit.

For an example of how I myself would do that, check out the link in the references below.


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Point 288: The Quality he was teaching was not just a part of reality, it was the whole thing.

Thrust: Pirsig wrote "And finally: Phædrus, following a path that to his knowledge had never been taken before in the history of Western thought, went straight between the horns of the subjectivity-objectivity dilemma and said Quality is neither a part of mind, nor is it a part of matter. It is a third entity which is independent of the two."

Direction of resistance: Perhaps an interesting path of enquiry to wander down is one which considers the nature of 'probability' in the context of the nature of 'will' - and examine any potential relationships between those two 'things'.

Removal of resistance: The question of what quality is, as examined by Pirsig, does seem to throw up ideas involving will ('what a person likes') and likelihood (what kind of patterns, biological, relating to stimuli, lead to a person liking anything anyway?).

Unification: I have no idea if anyone has written about these ideas but it's possible that if it has been studied in certain parts of the world's landscape of societies, the British author Idries Shah may have, somewhere in his many many works, mentioned this. It's worth hunting around there for such ideas - and no doubt elsewhere, but I wouldn't know where to begin. Perhaps with German philosophy? Certainly my intuition would lead me to nose around therein myself, if I had the chance and the time.


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Point 287: Pirsig on Jesus and Moses.

Thrust: Pirsig continues to discuss quality thus: "I want to talk now about Phædrus' exploration into the meaning of the term Quality, an exploration which he saw as a route through the mountains of the spirit. As best I can puzzle it out, there were two distinct phases.

In the first phase he made no attempt at a rigid, systematic definition of what he was talking about. This was a happy, fulfilling and creative phase. It lasted most of the time he taught at the school back in the valley behind us.

The second phase emerged as a result of normal intellectual criticism of his lack of definition of what he was talking about. In this phase he made systematic, rigid statements about what Quality is, and worked out an enormous hierarchic structure of thought to support them. He literally had to move heaven and earth to arrive at this systematic understanding and when he was done felt he'd achieved an explanation of existence and our consciousness of it better than any that had existed before.

If it was truly a new route over the mountain it's certainly a needed one. For more than three centuries now the old routes common in this hemisphere have been undercut and almost washed out by the natural erosion and change of the shape of the mountain wrought by scientific truth. The early climbers established paths that were on firm ground with an accessibility that appealed to all, but today the Western routes are all but closed because of dogmatic inflexibility in the face of change. To doubt the literal meaning of the words of Jesus or Moses incurs hostility from most people, but it's just a fact that if Jesus or Moses were to appear today, unidentified, with the same message he spoke many years ago, his mental stability would be challenged. This isn't because what Jesus or Moses said was untrue or because modern society is in error but simply because the route they chose to reveal to others has lost relevance and comprehensibility. "Heaven above" fades from meaning when space-age consciousness asks, Where is "above"? But the fact that the old routes have tended, because of language rigidity, to lose their everyday meaning and become almost closed doesn't mean that the mountain is no longer there. It's there and will be there as long as consciousness exists.

Phædrus' second metaphysical phase was a total disaster. Before the electrodes were attached to his head he'd lost everything tangible: money, property, children; even his rights as a citizen had been taken away from him by order of the court. All he had left was his one crazy lone dream of Quality, a map of a route across the mountain, for which he had sacrificed everything. Then, after the electrodes were attached, he lost that.

I will never know all that was in his head at that time, nor will anyone else. What's left now is just fragments: debris, scattered notes, which can be pieced together but which leave huge areas unexplained."

Direction of resistance: Pirsig goes on: "Phædrus got this far with his concept of Quality because he deliberately refused to look outside the immediate classroom experience. Cromwell's statement, "No one ever travels so high as he who knows not where he is going," applied at this point. He didn't know where he was going. All he knew was that it worked."

Removal of resistance: He continues, elsewhere, "There's an entire branch of philosophy concerned with the definition of Quality, known as esthetics. Its question, What is meant by beautiful?, goes back to antiquity. But when he was a student of philosophy Phædrus had recoiled violently from this entire branch of knowledge. He had almost deliberately failed the one course in it he had attended and had written a number of papers subjecting the instructor and materials to outrageous attack. He hated and reviled everything.

It wasn't any particular esthetician who produced this reaction in him. It was all of them. It wasn't any particular point of view that outraged him so much as the idea that Quality should be subordinated to any point of view. The intellectual process was forcing Quality into its servitude, prostituting it. I think that was the source of his anger."

Unification: Most importantly (on this matter), I think, he wrote "This irrefutable truth seemed to suggest that the reason scientists cannot detect Quality in objects is because Quality is all they detect. The "object" is an intellectual construct deduced from the qualities. This answer, if valid, certainly smashed the first horn of the dilemma, and for a while excited him greatly.

But it turned out to be false. The Quality that he and the students had been seeing in the classroom was completely different from the qualities of color or heat or hardness observed in the laboratory. Those physical properties were all measurable with instruments. His Quality..."excellence," "worth," "goodness"...was not a physical property and was not measurable. He had been thrown off by an ambiguity in the term quality. He wondered why that ambiguity should exist, made a mental note to do some digging into the historic roots of the word quality, then put it aside. The horn of the dilemma was still there.

He turned his attention to the other horn of the dilemma, which showed more promise of refutation. He thought, So Quality is whatever you like? It angered him. The great artists of history...Raphael, Beethoven, Michelangelo...they were all just putting out what people liked. They had no goal other than to titillate the senses in a big way. Was that it? It was angering, and what was most angering about it was that he couldn't see any immediate way to cut it up logically. So he studied the statement carefully, in the same reflective way he always studied things before attacking them.

Then he saw it. He brought out the knife and excised the one word that created the entire angering effect of that sentence. The word was "just." Why should Quality be just what you like? Why should "what you like" be "just"? What did "just" mean in this case? When separated out like this for independent examination it became apparent that "just" in this case really didn't mean a damn thing. It was a purely pejorative term, whose logical contribution to the sentence was nil. Now, with that word removed, the sentence became "Quality is what you like," and its meaning was entirely changed. It had become an innocuous truism.

He wondered why that statement had angered him so much in the first place. It had seemed so natural. Why had it taken so long to see that what it really said was "What you like is bad, or at least inconsequential." What was behind this smug presumption that what pleased you was bad, or at least unimportant in comparison to other things? It seemed the quintessence of the squareness he was fighting. Little children were trained not to do "just what they liked" but- but what? -- Of course! What others liked. And which others? Parents, teachers, supervisors, policemen, judges, officials, kings, dictators. All authorities. When you are trained to despise "just what you like" then, of course, you become a much more obedient servant of others...a good slave. When you learn not to do "just what you like" then the System loves you.

But suppose you do just what you like? Does that mean you're going to go out and shoot heroin, rob banks and rape old ladies? The person who is counseling you not to do "just as you like" is making some remarkable presumptions as to what is likable. He seems unaware that people may not rob banks because they have considered the consequences and decided they don't like to. He doesn't see that banks exist in the first place because they're "just what people like," namely, providers of loans. Phædrus began to wonder how all this condemnation of "what you like" ever seemed such a natural objection in the first place.

Soon he saw there was much more to this than he had been aware of. When people said, Don't do just what you like, they didn't just mean, Obey authority. They also meant something else.

This "something else" opened up into a huge area of classic scientific belief which stated that "what you like" is unimportant because it's all composed of irrational emotions within yourself. He studied this argument for a long time,then knifed it into two smaller groups which he called scientific materialism and classic formalism. He said the two are often found associated in the same person but logically are separate.

Scientific materialism, which is commoner among lay followers of science than among scientists themselves, holds that what is composed of matter or energy and is measurable by the instruments of science is real. Anything else is unreal, or at least of no importance. "What you like" is unmeasurable, and therefore unreal. "What you like" can be a fact or it can be a hallucination. Liking does not distinguish between the two. The whole purpose of scientific method is to make valid distinctions between the false and the true in nature, to eliminate the subjective, unreal, imaginary elements from one's work so as to obtain an objective, true, picture of reality. When he said Quality was subjective, to them he was just saying Quality is imaginary and could therefore be disregarded in any serious consideration of reality.

On the other hand is classic formalism, which insists that what isn't understood intellectually isn't understood at all. Quality in this case is unimportant because it's an emotional understanding unaccompanied by the intellectual elements of reason.

Of these two main sources of that epithet "just," Phædrus felt that the first, scientific materialism, was by far the easiest to cut to ribbons."


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Point 286: Pirsig on quality and art.

Thrust: Pirsig writes "The trouble is that essays always have to sound like God talking for eternity, and that isn't the way it ever is. People should see that it's never anything other than just one person talking from one place in time and space and circumstance. It's never been anything else, ever, but you can't get that across in an essay."

Direction of resistance: Nonetheless, he goes on: "He returned to his notes but it wasn't long before thought about them was interrupted by a recall of her strange remark. What the hell was she talking about? Quality? Of course he was teaching Quality. Who wasn't? He continued with the notes.

Another thing that depressed him was prescriptive rhetoric, which supposedly had been done away with but was still around. This was the old slap-on-the-fingers- if-your-modifiers-were-caught-dangling stuff. Correct spelling, correct punctuation, correct grammar. Hundreds of rules for itsy-bitsy people. No one could remember all that stuff and concentrate on what he was trying to write about. It was all table manners, not derived from any sense of kindness or decency or humanity, but originally from an egotistic desire to look like gentlemen and ladies. Gentlemen and ladies had good table manners and spoke and wrote grammatically. It was what identified one with the upper classes. In Montana, however, it didn't have this effect at all. It identified one, instead, as a stuck-up Eastern ass. There was a minimum prescriptive-rhetoric requirement in the department, but like the other teachers he scrupulously avoided any defense of prescriptive rhetoric other than as a "requirement of the college."

Soon the thought interrupted again. Quality? There was something irritating, even angering about that question. He thought about it, and then thought some more, and then looked out the window, and then thought about it some more. Quality?

Four hours later he still sat there with his feet on the window ledge and stared out into what had become a dark sky. The phone rang, and it was his wife calling to find out what had happened. He told her he would be home soon, but then forgot about this and everything else. It wasn't until three o'clock in the morning that he wearily confessed to himself that he didn't have a clue as to what Quality was, picked up his briefcase and headed home.

Most people would have forgotten about Quality at this point, or just left it hanging suspended because they were getting nowhere and had other things to do. But he was so despondent about his own inability to teach what he believed, he really didn't give a damn about whatever else it was he was supposed to do, and when he woke up the next morning there was Quality staring him in the face. Three hours of sleep and he was so tired he knew he wouldn't be up to giving a lecture that day, and besides, his notes had never been completed, so he wrote on the blackboard: "Write a 350-word essay answering the question, What is quality in thought and statement?" Then he sat by the radiator while they wrote and thought about quality himself.

At the end of the hour no one seemed to have finished, so he allowed the students to take their papers home. This class didn't meet again for two days, and that gave him some time to think about the question some more too. During that interim he saw some of the students walking between classes, nodded to them and got looks of anger and fear in return. He guessed they were having the same trouble he was.

Quality - you know what it is, yet you don't know what it is. But that's self-contradictory. But some things are better than others, that is, they have more quality. But when you try to say what the quality is, apart from the things that have it, it all goes poof! There's nothing to talk about. But if you can't say what Quality is, how do you know what it is, or how do you know that it even exists? If no one knows what it is, then for all practical purposes it doesn't exist at all. But for all practical purposes it really does exist. What else are the grades based on? Why else would people pay fortunes for some things and throw others in the trash pile? Obviously some things are better than others - but what's the "betterness"? -- So round and round you go, spinning mental wheels and nowhere finding anyplace to get traction. What the hell is Quality? What is it?"

Removal of resistance: Pirsig talks of his pre-lobotomised self as another person.

Unification: Indeed he refers to this person, this "phantom", as "Phædrus".


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Point 285: Pirsig said "We take a handful of sand from the endless landscape of awareness around us and call that handful of sand the world".

Thrust: In "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance", Bob Pirsig writes "I should talk now about Phædrus' knife. It'll help understand some of the things we talked about.

The application of this knife, the division of the world into parts and the building of this structure, is something everybody does. All the time we are aware of millions of things around us .. these changing shapes, these burning hills, the sound of the engine, the feel of the throttle, each rock and weed and fence post and piece of debris beside the road .. aware of these things but not really conscious of them unless there is something unusual or unless they reflect something we are predisposed to see. We could not possibly be conscious of these things and remember all of them because our mind would be so full of useless details we would be unable to think. From all this awareness we must select, and what we select and call consciousness is never the same as the awareness because the process of selection mutates it. We take a handful of sand from the endless landscape of awareness around us and call that handful of sand the world."

Direction of resistance: Whilst the 'average' alleged scientist and alleged rational person today would call that handful of sand the world, both Pirsig and the quantum physicist would refuse to do so, seeing in the lack of knowledge we have about our universe far more that is important than in that handful of sand.

Removal of resistance: Other than through 'clues' (ships disappearing over the horizon, the patterns which govern the 'movement' of stars across the sky) we could never discern just by looking that our world is a 'globe'.

Unification: Similarly, some physicists tell me, we cannot discern merely by looking at space and the stuff in it what its real shape is - which is a dimension or more away from what we say in the same way that the globe is to what we see when we look out from wherever we stand (or sit).

All we call science, all of it, but for the 'final piece' we've found, one which simply says 'way more shit unknown than imagined - all learned so far is a pretty tiny microcosm of what's to come', is a pretty tiny microcosm of what's to come.


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Point 284: "Why listen to the musings of somebody else?" (Amy Macdonald)

Thrust: It's in these lyrics by Amy Macdonald:

"I don't care

Who does her hair or

What clothes she wears

I don't care if it's YSL. I don't care if it's Chanel

What matters to me is a strong belief

All this beauty is skin deep

Don't care about hair, don't care about eyes

It's about what's inside

You'll never know who you'll meet on you way to the top

You'll probably see them again when your fame starts to drop

Down down, I'll meet you on the ground

It's no good with your hair and your shiny blue eyes

It's no good when you finally start to realize

I need something more

This pretty face don't work no more

What happened to achieving

What happened to believing in yourself

Why listen to the musings of someone, somebody else

I'm sorry I don't see and I can't quite believe it anymore

What happened to believing that beauty's in the eye of the beholder".

Direction of resistance: One of my good friends has seen Amy busking away, in her youth.

Removal of resistance: So it sounds to me like her lyrics are very 'true', not words spoken without understanding what she's saying.

Unification: Of course, one should not rule out listening to the musings of others before musing some more for oneself and coming to one's own conclusions. Otherwise why would I listen to Amy's song? Obviously. But there is such a thing as demagoguery - a problem, not just a silly-sound-related joke made in a Fry and Laurie sketch.

Feynman said in a few places, very emphatically, that it doesn't matter who you are or what your name is or your title or your bank account or what your friends say you're like or anything else, what matters, in science, when judging the truth of your theory, is what the data shows, whether what you say agrees with experiment/experience - on the part of the persons judging. If it disagrees with experiment, it's wrong - it's as simple as that. There, in a nutshell, Feynman has told us, is the key to science. If it disagrees with experiment it's wrong. It can call itself Prime Minister or King of the World or anything else, it can wear flares, a grey suit, tweed, a burka, a g-string, a hawaiian shirt, a bandana, anything it likes, that makes no difference. If it disagrees with experiment/experience/testing, it's wrong.

Maybe another way to put it, which may be helpful for the people trapped in the conditions of our post-Feynman times, is this: TEST IDEAS TO FIND OUT IF THEY ARE TRUE. It's really not that much to ask. Billions have no access to toilets. To change this you have to be more honest, particularly intellectually speaking - ie honest in your mind, about what you call true and false, what you are lazy about and don't make any effort about. From consumer decisions to lazy political support for things like genocide, destruction of nations to loot them, and many even worse, even sicker things, the evidence of which is now higher than mount Olympus could ever pretend it is.

What is 'the scientific method'?

Well, I recommend you go and study the videos and writings recording the direct words of Richard Feynman about that and other matters. His opinions on NASA and Hiroshima are of vital importance also, in my opinion.


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Point 283: "Home lands" and away lands.

Thrust: Paul Street writes 'This omnipresent "homeland" rhetoric is profoundly nationalistic, authoritarian, and imperial. There's a Germanic, blood and soil feel about it: a sense that U.S. Americans connection to North America below the Canadian line (plus Alaska and Hawaii) is rooted in race, ethnicity, and ancestry. At the same time, it carries an implicitly imperial vision of the United States' global place and role. There's normal "defense" - "defense" of areas beyond our borders in alien regions we control and dominate - and then there's defense of us proper: the home/fatherland.'

Direction of resistance: Street explains, with some reference even to the many crimes of JFK, amongst others, how "Elite class privilege must be defended at all costs inside the Inauthentic Opposition Party".

Removal of resistance: By "Inauthentic Opposition Party" he makes it clear he means the democrats, including the Sanders democrats and also, by implication of other points he raises, Tony Blair's 'new Labour'.

Unification: Read his entire article via the link in the references below. Particularly people whose knowledge of JFK is restricted to one somewhat blurred incident in his life and who know nothing at all, if they are honest with themselves, about his politics, his real political 'contribution', so to speak.


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Point 282: Some apparently believe that food and sex are the two toughest habits to change.

Thrust: In other words what food you eat and indeed how much, and the same with sex.

Direction of resistance: Someone told me this, but gave no substantiation or reference.

Removal of resistance: It is an intriguing question, the question of whether or not that is the case.

Unification: The hyperconsumerism and hypersexuality of modern society is a systematic flaw, but technically individuals could change that, but for the problem of will power itself.

Those producing all the nonsense would find themselves in hot water, in terms of economic survival, if the population actually improved its ability to live better lives and to have will power able to resist the call from advertising, presence and peer pressure to abandon that at any point in favour of more mindless and often potentially harmful consumerism.

This must be discussed. People must face up to their individual responsibility, each and every person, from the young to the old - for it is never too late to change.


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Point 281: Are people fish, that they feel they can blame the fishermen and fisherwomen for catching them simply because of who they are?

Thrust: Kristine Mattis writes 'We live in a time of unprecedented social disarray, ecological disrepair, public health decay, and moral depravity. Nearly every aspect of the way we live in modern industrial societies is completely unsustainable. Even if we were to transition to 100% solar energy tomorrow throughout the planet, the worst effects of climate change might be averted, but the plastic pollution that permeates the most far-reaching depths of the oceans would still remain, the persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) that harm our own health and the health of the entire global ecosystem remain. Not only do they remain, but they continue to be produced, not out of necessity, but for the financial profit of the privileged few.'

Direction of resistance: I myself would say, instead, "not out of necessity, but because of the weak will of the mass, the huge huge mass, of hyperconsumers who refuse to stop shopping."

Removal of resistance: Kristine writes: 'We like to believe the cream rises to the top, but the truth is that the top is actually full of scum. We have seen in recent weeks, if we did not know already, that entertainment, politics, and indeed, all of the wealthiest industries are cesspools of moral depravity, especially at the apex.

There may be some exceptions, but scum is the rule. Some might call these people ambitious, some might call them razor-focused, others would call them sociopathic. It takes a careful regimen of willful ignorance and/or denial to not consider all the harms that directly and indirectly result from avenues toward career achievements in the process of our normal lives - harms such as exploitation of labor, torture of animals, and toxic contamination and of food, water, and natural resources.'

Unification: That may be true but the scum sinks to the bottom and spreads in every other direction too, equally, and as thickly. I would say 'it takes a careful regimen of willful ignorance and/or denial to not consider all the harms that directly and indirectly result from the daily narcissism and obedience to consumerism each and every member of society, regardless of 'wealth' or 'class' or 'race' or 'gender', with very very few exceptions, is subjugated to in the process of our normal lives'.

People don't take responsibility for feeding the corporations power and wealth through their daily obedience not only to the purchasing they do but also to the 'avenues of earnings' they mostly all follow, obeying the absurd infrastructure, accepting the norm, saying, like nazi soldiers, that they have to follow orders. These things, feeding them wealth, legitimising them and working for them, powering them, create the beast, not the ringmaster of the circus. The trucks come in and put the circus up, the ringmaster doesn't pull it out of his pocket. The consumer and animalistic nature of the increasingly (on all fronts, at the top and bottom alike, and in the middle too) hyperconsumer culture also drives the situation along with the money paid to the corporations and legitimisation through obedient slavery of a 'workforce' - people take less and less individual responsibility for society's collective failure, scapegoat fewer and fewer and fewer people (who will get the ticking bomb last? we wonder).

Changing their ways changes the world. The reason this matters so much is that the only difference between most of the other humans and the so-called plutocrats is really largely only the money - they are the same in every other key way, on the whole, in more or less all cases, so if you simply took a 'victim' and put them into the shoes of the 'oppressor' the victim would simply BECOME an oppressor - it would be no different to taking a new light bulb and putting it into the socket from which you have just taken one out. Without a change of character none of them has the moral high ground.

Martin Luther King Junior said "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character".

You obviously don't understand what that means if you lie to yourself that a few plutocrats are immoral and the rest of the human race is saintly and would, with the same wealth as the plutocrat, behave like Jesus or some fella like that.

Utterly self-deluded.

As Axl Rose sang: I know you don't want to hear me deny that your satisfaction lies in your illusions but your delusions are yours and not mine.

So whilst it's totally right that the counterpunch writer should draw attention to the lie we tell each other, well the mainstream, the majority, the masses tell each other, about their 'elite' which they are so proud of - I would myself point out that that elite is just as fucked up as everyone else and the degree to which EVERYONE ELSE is fucked up is actually huge. Amazingly huge. Whether or not it's their fault. Whether or not devices, stupid media products, all sorts of environmental and social meltdowns are 'to blame' - it's the trend to blame a problem on an identity - me tarzan, you rich person - you to blame. Me tarzan you (x) person, you to blame. X = so many things, on every side of every spectrum. Nobody says: me tarzan, me advanced human animal being, not fucking around in infantile hissy fits and territorialism - must unite in will power, with whole world, all stop being wasteful self-indulgent brink-of-apocalypse-mongering utter ape bastards, will evolve, no really will evolve, you jane.

It's always, me tarzan: you identity x. Identity x = other = enemy.

Hate breeds hate - so it's a vicious circle, a cycle of conflict and a carousel of adverseries. Century after century, leading to this, potentially the end of it all, one big proper fight where everyone is sure they're the most righteous identity x and that's far more important than - what's that? Oh, look - doomsday. When? About Friday.

That's how we are. Apparently. Stupid to the end.

OR - we can do something different today, we really can. You could start right now - but it's so hard - the real battle is for intellectual self defense and intellectual honesty.

Sure you need to free your entire life from the control of consumerism and the modern culture of indulgence for the sake of profit, but to do that successfully there is no way to avoid the fact that you have to learn true intellectual honesty.

This is going to start when more than the current about 0.01% I feel most of the time of society actually learns, properly, what the scientific method really is and how we all should use it - and then, this is the key, then the 0.0001% of THEM who actually get any real understanding of scientific method, who make it half way, should stop being lazy and failing to get it right and letting narcissism cause them to constantly be unscientific, often wilfully, and should be the leadership they are supposed to be. That's about the long and short of it, really.


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Point 280: "The number of acres burned in Oregon each year has more than doubled since 1980. What has changed in those 37 years? The climate."

Thrust: Jeffrey St Clair writes: 'If you're looking for a culprit to blame, blame the Blob, the vast patch of warm surface water in the Pacific Ocean that has been expanding off the Northwest Coast for the past six years. The warm air currents percolating up from the Blob, which now seems less like a freakish phenomenon and more like a twisted new reality, has derailed the jet-stream. The low-pressure systems that have brought rain, fog and cool temperatures to the region for millennia have been diverted, replaced by a stubborn high pressure system that tends to stick over the Northwest from June through October. This was Oregon's hottest and driest summer in history. The fifth such record in the last seven years. You get the picture.

But the politicians don't. They see fire as an opportunity for plunder. Sonny Perdue and his wrecking crew at the Agriculture Department, which through a bureaucratic quirk controls the Forest Service, are portraying old-growth trees as standing weapons of mass destruction. Taking the Vietnam approach to the National Forests, which Perdue calls the "woodbasket of the world," Perdue intends to save the forest by clearcutting it, without any restraint from troubling environmental laws. "We're not going to roll over at every 'boo' from the environmentalists," he vowed in Montana in July. How convenient for the timber industry.

Denial prevails, coast-to-coast. In Houston, the Feds are aerial spraying the wreckage of Harvey with pesticides, preparing for reconstructing in the floodplains and marshes. In Oregon, the plans are already being scripted to log the scorched forests for their own good, which is the ecological equivalent of pouring acid on a burn patient. If they succeed, the Columbia Gorge will become a sylvan necropolis to greed and climate change.'

Direction of resistance: How can it be that the majority of the population of the world, including the USA, Britain and other hyperconsumer-forefront nations, do not find this sort of attitude to the environment, destroying it in the name of greed, to be appalling?

Removal of resistance: Well they would? But who's informing them?

Unification: What they know about is what they can fit into their minds in short bursts, received from a few usual suspects, the 'mainstream' media and the algorithmic mechanisms of a few information providers like Facebook and Google.

This is not intelligent. How can it be? It conflicts with our potential survival. It is therefore clearly NOT an intelligent use of technology. A movement for free information in a much deeper way than even today's 'freedom of information laws' must come to the forefront. Perhaps technology such as 'blockchain' is, as many feel, capable of underpinning such a movement on the part of, eventually, the majority of human society. We need to take more concrete steps towards such a goal, much more quickly than we are doing at present.

Perhaps the attention of most of society is too captivated by one form of demagogue or another, perhaps that's the single biggest block in our way. 'Merely' the cult of personality itself and its way of wrapping itself around almost everything, bad and good alike.


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Point 279: The warfare establishment will get your children in the end, one way or another, unless you take evasive action.

Thrust: L. Ali Khan writes 'The grand plan to sell warfare systems openly to allies and secretly to adversaries consists of a shrewd strategy. For years, the warfare establishment studies potential conflicts involving nations that can afford to buy weapons. For example, Saudi Arabia has been identified as a perfect candidate to engage in warfare with its neighbors. Saudi Arabia has a vulnerable monarchy. It is rich. In addition to domestic vulnerabilities, the war in Yemen, the Shia-Sunni discord, the disagreements with Qatar and Lebanon, and many other trigger points force Saudi Arabia to buy expensive weapons.

Creating the dread of Iran as the most dangerous, terror-sponsoring nation in the world fits into the establishment narrative that Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf States need to arm themselves against domestic revolutions and external aggression, all of it allegedly Iran-sponsored. Ironically, the dread of Iran also forces Israel to buy the U.S. warfare systems. The dread of Iran is also beneficial for the European states willing to sell arms to Iran, after a 'wink-wink' opposition from the U.S. warfare establishment. If Iran is militarily strong, the U.S. can sell more arms to its allies. This logic is so simple that the simple-minded finds it incredible.

Likewise, North Korea as a bully state in the region is conducive to selling arms to Japan and South Korea. The warfare establishment has every reason to showcase North Korea as a crazy country that can attack neighboring states without reason or warning. A cornered and demonized North Korea displays craziness of its own making (which country wouldn't under starvation pressures) but the warfare establishment blows it out of all proportion because the higher the dread, the higher the need for 'defense' weapons that the U.S. warfare industry can sell for billions of dollars. To reinforce the dread of North Korea, the bogus conflict over the South China Sea is exaggerated to sell weapons to vulnerable states, including Taiwan.

As India emerges from poverty imposed by the British colonists and joins the top economies, the U.S. warfare establishment is drawing India into costly conflicts with China and Pakistan. The simmering territorial disputes with neighbors have been employed to persuade India to stand up to China and fight a cold war with Pakistan over Kashmir and Afghanistan. India has surged to the second biggest buyer of U.S. weapons.'

Direction of resistance: So what can YOU do, reader?

Removal of resistance: Just let things go on as they are and leave your descendants to suffer all the worst consequences of all this?

Unification: Is that REALLY all you are made of? Alas.


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Point 278: On Monbiot, a true purveyor of 'cleansed' journalism, ie one you may legitimately use the scientific method to define as 'fake'.

Thrust: Jonathan Cook writes: 'Abandoning science

Back in 2007, the IAEA, an agency of scientists, did its bit to assist - or at least not obstruct - US efforts to foster a political case, an entirely unjustified one, for military action against Syria and, very possibly by extension, Iran.

If the IAEA could so abandon its remit and the cause of science to help play politics on behalf of the US, what leads Monbiot to assume that the OPCW, an even more politicised body, is doing any better today?

That is not to say Assad, or at least sections of the Syrian government, could not have carried out the attack on Khan Sheikhoun. But it is to argue that in a matter like this one, where so much is at stake, the evidence must be subjected to rigorous scrutiny, and that critics, especially experts who offer counter-evidence, must be given a fair hearing by the left. It is to argue that, when the case against Assad fits so neatly a long-standing and self-serving western narrative, a default position of scepticism is fully justified. It is to argue that facts, strong as they may seem, can be manipulated even by expert bodies, and therefore due weight needs also to be given to context - including an assessment of motives.

This is not 'denialism', as Monbiot claims. It is a rational strategy adopted by those who object to being railroaded once again - as they were in Iraq and Libya - into catastrophic regime change operations.

Meanwhile, the decision by Monbiot and others to bury their heads in the sands of an official narrative, all the while denouncing anyone who seeks to lift theirs out for a better view, should be understood for what it is: an abnegation of intellectual and moral responsibility for those around the globe who continue to be the victims of western military supremacism.'

Direction of resistance: I think it's up to you, readers, to bring justice to bear upon people like Monbiot.

Removal of resistance: If you don't feed his lies by reading them, he will have to change.

Unification: Just like if hundreds of millions of Facebook users were to show their disapproval of facebook's role in neo-Mcarthyism by staying away from Facebook, en masse, for a long time - they would be shaken up by not only the loss of profits but by the risk to their longterm business model - it would scare them a great deal and they may feel that they will not so easily get away with treating society as a bunch of totally easy-to-lead idiots.

It's up to you, reader. And all other readers. You can tolerate it, or you can make a statement by means of withdrawing your consent from Facebook - showing them that if they are willing to socially and politically manipulate you, you are willing to have a bit of fortitude and unaddict yourself from it for long enough to make them quake in their jackboots.


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Point 277: Germany, Greece and the two faces of many a British 'remain voter'.

Thrust: Pete Dolack writes 'It is a neoliberal world indeed when entire countries are bled dry to safeguard bankers' profits and doing so is presented as the highest moral duty. The human face might have been German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble in the role of Dr. Evil, but the minister is no more than a physical embodiment of powerful social and economic forces. Forces of human creation but not necessarily in human control.

So let us not over-simplify and place all blame at the feet of Syriza as 'opportunists' or whatever word of opprobrium one wishes. Nor should there be allusions that walking away from the euro, canceling the debt and the resulting cutoff from financial markets would be an easy road to take, even if, in the long term, it is the road that should have been traveled. Socialism in one country is not possible in one small country. Socialism in a single big country would be extremely difficult, if the entire might of the capitalist world were arrayed against it.

There are no Greek solutions for Greece, there are only European or international solutions'.

Direction of resistance: Most of the 'remain' debates are very surface-level, very dishonest, focusing on a few emotionally potent oversimplifications, such as perceiving the entire desire to 'leave' as some form of racism - when you have people as ideologically opposed to racism as Lindsey German on the leave side, I think this is a very shallow and deceitful generalisation being made by 'remain supporters'.

Removal of resistance: Indeed one such supporter I know speaks online in a pro EU way and never admits to any of these terrible crimes the EU has committed.

Unification: In private, on the other hand, he totally admits it, voluntarily - that is a serious flaw in society - that people imagine that they should have a public face and a public attitude which can entirely contradict their true private feelings. As for why you would take such a position in public but admit to its flaws in private - it can only, if you think about it, be because remaining in the EU is in the PRIVATE interest of that person, whoever may be in such a situation of two-facedness. Which is fair enough, but it's dishonest to pretend that their actions are in the interests of everyone and indeed to pretend in public that they see no legitimate counter argument. This is not democracy or science but game play, marketing, manipulation - and so regardless of the outcome of such a debate it is very easy to see that there is 'something rotten in the state of Denmark' - what we want in society universally is people making honest, open, transparent, intelligent and sensible decisions which are well-informed. That is not something which happens when people play games with truth in order to protect private interests, is it?


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Point 276: War hawks and US corporations want to derail Eurasian harmony.

Thrust: Pepe Escobar writes 'This is it. It is indeed historic. And diplomacy eventually wins. In terms of the New Great Game in Eurasia, and the ongoing tectonic shifts reorganizing Eurasia, this is huge: Iran - supported by Russia and China - has finally, successfully, called the long, winding 12-year-long Atlanticist bluff on its 'nuclear weapons.''.

Direction of resistance: The greed and violence of US, NATO and other institutional forces is attempting to threaten this long awaited change.

Removal of resistance: Israel, indeed, is leading the charge and drooling over the idea of being able to bomb yet more humans with the co-operation of the US's latest visibly right wing government.

Unification: If you have children or if you ever were a child, have some shame and remorse regarding what these sick games by racists, greedy money lovers and dinosaurs of every kind, from Washington to Tel Aviv, are threatening the safety and comfort of Iranian children, amongst others. What we have done to Syrian, Iraqi, Yemeni, Afghani, Libyan children and others, in Ukraine, in Greece, even in Ireland, in various sick ways, from direct violence to economic violence, is utterly reprehensible and the spate of these forms of violence must end now. There must be no more of it. What is going on at this very moment, moreover, must be brought to an end. A new, non-racist, non-insane 'foreign policy' must be embraced by our government and it is up to our MPs to make sure this happens, not next week, not next month, not next election, but today. This week, next week, and every week until the job is done.


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Point 275: The anti-robin-hood policies which led us to the era of Time's-Up Theresa and her posse of incompetents.

Thrust: Tom Colclough writes 'There is no other way than to see this budget other than a perverted inversion of Robin Hood. A wave of cuts and freezes - which amount to more cuts after inflation - mean that scores of Osborne's beloved 'hardworking people' will be indeed working hard, but earning even more poverty for their work than they did before'.

Direction of resistance: Colclough puts Osborne the ex public schoolboy to shame, telling us 'All is not lost, however. BBC and its budget calculator offer up algorithms that allow you to find out whether you should be grateful enough to warrant a trip down to Clinton's Cards or go all the way and splurge on a John Lewis Voucher. 'I'm £5 better off under this budget; I've just spent it on a fucking card again.'

This budget, outlining £12 billion worth of welfare savings is like almost every one before; an attack on young people, with the attacks now extended to anyone born in the last 25 years. Housing benefit has been scrapped for 18-21 year olds, the new minimum wage will not apply to anyone under 25 and maintenance grants for poorer university students are gone, replaced with another loan. Our poorest students will now leave university with a higher debt than those from more affluent backgrounds.

Housing benefit is a huge relief to almost 20,000 18 - 21 year olds, among them care leavers, young people estranged from their families and others escaping violent relationships. According to homeless charity Shelter, the result of removing housing benefit from these vulnerable people will be more homelessness and despair for an already ostracised group of people. They warn that this policy will take us back to a 1980's level of rough sleeping.'

Removal of resistance: In a world where we have all that we have, how is it intelligent for us to not ensure even distribution? To not ensure people all have somewhere good to sleep and live. Not just the homeless. The huge crisis of bad housing. Over a third of private housing for rental, and much of the 'public' housing.

Unification: That was the situation even before Theresa May's era, in which the problem has clearly worsened considerably. Dissatisfaction is very high. A lot of people are crying out for Corbyn. Theresa May's lack of intelligence is directly proportional to the time it takes her to resign. The distance between the next election and the next Conservative government, should there ever be another one, is also directly proportional to May's lack of intelligence.


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Point 274: Men (primarily) and some women vs the mountains.

Thrust: John Holt writes 'The mining industry, always rapacious in its desires. Is now setting its sights on 2,500 acres in the Emigrant Peak area of Montana's Paradise Valley, a spectacular place with rugged mountains, thick forests and cold, crystalline streams that drift down on the Yellowstone River. As usual, gold is the main quarry in this effort. Lucky Minerals Inc. (at least they didn't have the temerity to name themselves 'Life Is Good Mineral Extraction Consortium', a Surrey, British Columbia, mineral exploration company, has applied for two separate exploration permits in the area, one with the Custer Gallatin National Forest and one on private land with the Montana Department of Environmental Quality.

Emigrant Peak is the backdrop for the famous Chico Hot Springs Resort, just north of Yellowstone National Park, and its owner and general manager Colin Davis isn't happy about the prospect. 'It all leads to only one possibility,' Davis said, 'which is a massive, horrific mine back there.''.

Direction of resistance: The purpose of mining gold is primarily the production of a financial sector commodity.

Removal of resistance: Perhaps it is time for crypto currency to take over and beat this problem.

Unification: The use of energy by crypto currency is a far less serious flaw than the mining involved in gold, it seems to me.


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Point 273: Answers on how they are being used.

Thrust: Kat Craig, legal director at international human rights organisation Reprieve said: 'If the Prime Minister is going to call for more spending on drones, he needs to give us some answers on how they are being used. There is overwhelming evidence that the UK is closely involved in the US' secret drone war, which risks turning the whole world into a battlefield. Yet ministers have never once answered questions from Parliament or the public on the role Britain plays. Drone technology has enabled a vast expansion of secret bombing campaigns which take place without the knowledge or approval of the public. We need a full debate on these sinister aspects of this new technology before we go any further down this road.'

Direction of resistance: It is our right to know what violence and potential crimes our public servants are using our armies to carry out for corporations and other private entities who do not answer to us or serve us.

Removal of resistance: Drone 'warfare' isn't even worthy of the name 'warfare' - it is clearly a system of executing people, not a system of 'fighting wars'.

Unification: It is damning for all of society that this goes on and MPs must be accountable to us on this matter, amongst others. It is of the most serious importance that MPs do not go around the world having people executed, saying it's in our name that they do this, without our even knowing what precisely they are doing, how legal it is, how dishonourable it may be and what sort of backlash we the people end up facing as a result of it. That parents of British children don't know what's going on is, moreover, to some extent, given the degree of analysis and information available via democratic media online, an indictment of their ability to be responsible parents.


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Point 272: Genocide of our food chain.

Thrust: Heather Gray writes 'Governments have been engaged in politics to prevent a nuclear war since the United States dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. So far, thankfully, this prevention has been successful.

In 1995, I visited Hiroshima, Japan and visited the museum about the atomic bombing and its impact. The sad memories and effects linger.

The effects of the atomic bomb in Japan were devastating'.

Direction of resistance: Gray compares the various speeds of death in Hiroshima to the various speeds at which industry is fucking over agriculture's wholesome natural roots. For example: 'Relatively soon after the introduction of contemporary industrial agriculture techniques, such as what Al Krebs referred to above as 'pesticides' or 'plant food' but which in fact are often highly toxic and deadly chemical poisons,' we witnessed the loss of soil integrity, our health being impacted, lower crop yields in some instances and farmer economic dependency on corporate agribusiness.

Natural and organic producers of food will say that what's most important for growing healthy food is the soil - it's all in the soil. In the south, the brilliant black agriculturalist George Washington Carver was a savior in that regard. He taught us that cotton production yields were down because of what cotton production did to deplete the soil of its minerals. He encouraged a rotation of cotton with legumes (peanuts, soy, etc.) to fix nitrogen in the soil.'

Removal of resistance: In its hyperconsumer frenzies and pursuit of instant gratification, society has left its own potential survival far behind in the mists of time.

Unification: We had better retrace our steps rapidly and take hold of our destiny - currently we are sleep walking into self-destruction.

I think the only kind of scientist who can comfortably tolerate the existence of nuclear weapons and of everything else damaging we have created, from GMOs and dodgy pesticides to bio warfare - is a political scientist - the only kind of 'scientist' who has no real link to the scientific method ('if it disagrees with experiment/experience, it's wrong' {Feynman}).

The war between real science and corporations (and their unholy alliance with proponents and students of that which is clearly misleadingly called 'political science') is on the menu. Real scientists must unify, with due expediency, against the attempt to subjugate scientific method beneath 'profitability'.


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Point 271: Command and control of NATO member countries.

Thrust: Diane Johnstone writes 'The United States has been relatively discrete during this crisis, but Washington's will is known. Greece must stay tightly within the European Union, for geopolitical reasons. Just look where Greece is, and what it is: an Orthodox Christian country with traditional good relations with Russia, located on the Mediterranean not so far from 'Putin's Russia'. Greece must not be allowed to drift away. Period.

Another question that has been totally overlooked: is it possible for a NATO member country to shift policy in a way contrary to U.S. interests? Is it free to move toward truly friendly relations with Russia? Greece has seen a military putsch in the not so distant past. The command and control of NATO member countries is closely monitored by the United States military'.

Direction of resistance: Paul Craig Roberts tells us: 'A member of the British Army said that 90% of the lads in his unit voted to leave.

They voted exit because they do not believe they should be involved in Washington's wars. He said that his unit agreed that the wars are dictated by Washington, via Brussels, and not by the British people. He also said that that the soldiers were 'taking their own pen' to the ballot box, because 'they only use pencils at the polls and they could be rubbed out and changed.''

Removal of resistance: It's an interesting report - particularly the fear some soldiers have that the ballots can be rigged in such a fashion. Their fears don't appear to have been proved right in that regard - the Brexit vote won and nothing was able to change that.

Unification: Perhaps some of the many people with a narrow view of the situation surrounding the 'remain' or 'leave' debate should spend a little time in quiet contemplation of what these soldiers are reported to feel. Is it really very safe to allow a situation which distresses these soldiers persist? I'm not saying that's necessarily a reason to 'leave the EU' - but these people surely must start to accept that the highest priority for us to deal with is the control the United States apparently has over our country, certainly is seen to - by our soldiers, apparently - and we have to ask ourselves what sort of country we are, how free we are and how safe we are and whether or not steps must be taken to deal with the insecurity those soldiers appear to agree we are suffering from, something they, on some of the front lines, have to face without lies or sugar coating, unlike your average MP, telegraph or guardian journalist or facebook like button pusher.


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Point 270: Prison complex has only 12,000 detainees in the Netherlands.

Thrust: Huffington Post writes 'As prison populations surge in the UK, with overcrowded cells and repeat offenders, the opposite is happening in the Netherlands. The country is actually to close eight prisons because of a lack of criminals, the Dutch justice ministry has announced'.

Direction of resistance: It would be better for the UK and US if they learned to be like the Netherlands in this regard.

Removal of resistance: The violent authoritarian system in the USA and its junior partner or its manservant - however you choose to see it - that is the UK - is clearly just a self-compounding disaster which itself needs to be handled as a crime.

Unification: The abuse of the population by a prison system ought to be one of the major war-crime-like peace-time crimes which governments are finally hauled in for.


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Point 269: The future of Sandra Bland's country.

Thrust: Ajamu Baraka writes 'In Waller County, Texas, Sandra Bland, a young black woman from Illinois, an activist with Black Lives Matter, who was, according to friends and family, excited about her new job in Texas is stopped for a minor traffic, beaten, jailed and found dead two days later in her cell. Her death labeled a suicide by the Waller County Sheriff Glen Smith'.

Direction of resistance: Baraka points out 'This week, under the leadership of black woman activists, much of the resistance movement to the escalating violence of the state will gather in Cleveland to engage in reflection and planning. Sandra Bland will be on the minds of those activists as well as Malissa Williams who found herself at the receiving end of 137 bullets fired by members of the Cleveland police department that ripped apart the bodies of her and her companion Timothy Russell. And the activists will certainly highlight the case of 12 year old Tamir Rice who was shot point blank two seconds after police arrived on the scene where he had been playing with his toy gun in a park near his home.'

Removal of resistance: There is clearly an incompatibility between the nature of the USA as it has come to be created and the nature of a place where people are free and safe.

Unification: It is clearly becoming the priority of the engaged parts of US society to pursue the alternative reality the nation now known as 'the USA' could be transformed into with work, time, luck and love.


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Point 268: The clandestine ways of tyranny.

Thrust: Jonathan Cook explains: 'As soon as next month, the net could become the exclusive plaything of the biggest such corporations, determined to squeeze as much profit as possible out of bandwith. Meanwhile, the tools to help us engage in critical thinking, dissent and social mobilisation will be taken away as "net neutrality" becomes a historical footnote, a teething phase, in the "maturing" of the internet.'

Direction of resistance: There is much in his article you really must read, indeed not least of all this: 'ISPs will be given a much freer hand to determine the content we can can get online. They will be able to slow down the access speeds of sites that are not profitable - which is true for activist sites, by definition.'

Removal of resistance: It makes me glad that over the years I resisted all the pathetic fears of orthodox consumer minds that my site was 'too simple' - TVhobo's three main advantages have always been (a.) very low memory and bandwidth usage for the reader, always opens up faster than any other site, (b.) total independence from Facebook and Google, close to none of its readership coming from those routes, most of its readership loyal, (c.) structure designed to bring the elements of the information the user most wants to see most clearly into his or her field of vision in the most easy to handle layout (one mocked for appearing unsophisticated and yet which readership proves to be very happy with).

Unification: I hope more of 'the left' starts taking my advice on how to go about developing in this society of ours - clearly reliance on 'social media' and the rest of it is weak. One thing many fear in tvhobo on all sides is its 'software' - which can be found on the gridmap page - just a little offering by me to the world at large to enable them to copy me directly if they really want, or close to it - but the software, like the site, is just there to encourage people to develop democratic media and critical thinking and intellectual self defense sites themselves, and to apply a great deal of self-scrutiny to their work so that when they attack the ignorance of the goons out there they do it in the strongest way possible. Perhaps less people should have feared using open hobo 'grids' as I have suggested in the general direction of many 10s of 1000s of readers, 100s of 1000s, indeed, since 2013. A marriage between blockchains and an evolved open source grid system would entrench genuine direct democratic journalism and networking in a permanent way. It would be over for the clandestine ways of tyranny.


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Point 267: Ideological diversity in British politics.

Thrust: Johannes Karreth and Jonathan Polk write 'Recent research has found that policy convergence among the two major parties in Britain has diminished the representation of ideological diversity and decrease satisfaction with democracy among some British voters. This pattern might reproduce in voters in other European countries. The rise of more populist alternatives to traditional Social Democratic and center-left parties in the form of Syriza in Greece and Podemos in Spain is but one indication of this trend'.

Direction of resistance: Since that has changed there has been much progress in some areas, but not really enough.

Removal of resistance: The Corbynist 'coup' within Labour has changed the face of British politics, hopefully forever.

Unification: Nonetheless my research seems likely to show that nearly 90% of Labour MPs and nearly 100% of Conservative MPs are still one united front of bankster-protecting war hawks with no morals. There is still MUCH to do, but the goons are, as unified as ever, sweating - unified sweating.

An electorate not just informed about a few contemporary facts but increasingly informed about and seized of the very nature of 'free' and 'democratic' action and argument can have this shower of deceitful, pompous, self-righteous public speakers on the run. 'A new kind of politics' is emerging and no matter what corporations do to fight it back, from red herring political debates (like 'Brexit') to neo Mcarthyism and the all new attempts at censorship of the internet-based new increasingly more democratic (than our pre-internet media's past) media, the old establishment is collapsing and many of its best fighters are already changing sides and joining the new establishment which, under Jeremy Corbyn, is preparing to take over and purge our democracy's corridors of power of this shower of utter bastards, self-serving money-crats. Fifth columnists, working for US corporations, as the honourable Mr Galloway puts it.


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Point 266: We're gonna need a bigger supply of bullshit repellant.

Thrust: Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge writes 'the mainstream spin machine is going into high speed the more negative data is exposed and absorbed into the markets. If you know your history, then you know that this is a common tactic by the establishment elite to string the public along with false hopes so that they do not prepare or take alternative measures while the system crumbles around their ears. At the onset of the Great Depression the same strategies were used'.

Direction of resistance: Durden points out 'It is undeniable; the final collapse triggers are upon us, triggers alternative economists have been warning about since the initial implosion of 2008. In the years since the derivatives disaster, there has been no end to the absurd and ludicrous propaganda coming out of mainstream financial outlets and as the situation in markets becomes worse, the propaganda will only increase'.

Removal of resistance: And indeed Durden advises us 'The truth is, the crash in global stocks which will undoubtedly continue over the next several months despite any delays on ZIRP by the Fed is a product of universal decay in fiscal infrastructure. Nearly every single nation on this planet, every sovereign economy, has allowed central and international banks to poison every aspect of their respective systems with debt and manipulation. This is not a 'contagion' problem, it is a systemic problem to every economy across the world'.

Unification: Clearly people are going to need to have a lot of bullshit repellant spray handy now.


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Point 265: Muslim women and the shit they have to face from the idiots 'running' our country (into oblivion).

Thrust: Siema Iqbal writes 'Muslims and Islam have been vilified and demonised by society and the media. Islamophobic attacks are on the rise. And no, I haven't been the target of an Islamophobic attack yet, but I'm also not naive enough to think it won't happen to me just because I don't wear a headscarf or because my clothing is more westernised. I dread opening my news app in case there's another unfair, biased headline for which I will then have to apologise, whether it's about child grooming or a violent killing.

I was pleased to hear you mention Islamophobia, but what have you done to counter it? Did I miss that in your speech, David? Prior to the general election, Theresa May proposed Islamophobia being recorded as a separate crime, but is this actually going to happen?

The media's prejudiced use of the term 'terrorism' has created the link between the word Muslim and terrorism, embedding it in people's minds and propagating hate towards the Muslim community. Anders Behring Breivik was labelled a terrorist until he was found not to be Muslim; then many chose to brand him a 'mass murderer' instead. Dylann Roof was described by many people simply as a 'shooter', despite having a manifesto of hate. Had they been Muslim, both would surely have been straightforwardly deemed 'terrorists'. Why should I have to stop my children from watching the news or reading the papers? The media is using the actions of a few - who quite clearly do not understand the meaning of Islam - to tarnish 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide and demonise a peaceful religion. The media needs to take some responsibility for the way in which Muslims are being treated in the UK and for the rise in Islamophobia.

David, you need to ensure the media is fair in its reporting. This double standard, inadequately monitored by the regulator Ipso - the supposedly independent body created after the Leveson inquiry - contributes towards people's lack of a 'sense of belonging' and to radicalisation.'.

Direction of resistance: Lady Warsi also has useful things to say about this.

Removal of resistance: Where it the Britain so many deluded consumer slaves pretend/believe exists?

Unification: Where is this modern, civilised country. I don't see much of it anywhere.


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Point 264: 'Undercover' cops, spies, corporate liars etc.

Thrust: Using deception to further an 'honest' society?

Direction of resistance: Seriously.

Removal of resistance: I'd tell you to wake up but you won't listen.

Unification: EVERYONE ELSE! Wake up!! I know you listen. (Eventually).


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Point 263: Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty. (Axl Rose)

Thrust: M.G. Piety writes 'There is a relentlessly leveling dynamic in contemporary Western culture, a desire to tear down, to discredit anyone who dares to rise above the fray. Danes call this Janteloven, or the law of Jante, which can be summed up as: No one should have the temerity to think he is any better than anyone else.

This leveling tendency masquerades as a progressive force, yet it is anything but. The spectacle of greatness is sublime. It elevates us above our petty egoisms, confronts us with the fact that there is something larger and more important than our paltry, individual selves. And this, my friends, is a dangerous, dangerous truth that what I will unfashionably call 'the forces of darkness' would rather keep hidden from us.

To glimpse this truth is life changing. Those whose lives are illuminated by it are not compulsive consumers. They are not petty, envious of neighbors, neurotically fearful of perceived enemies. They support the development of human potential, not retributive systems of justice and endless war.'

Direction of resistance: We can only imagine how great Mr Corbyn's victory would have been if not for so many crawling, cowardly people who claim to oppose Tories but who were too gullible to believe Corbyn commands the support he does and so voted 'strategically' for other parties, thus actually helping the tories when they imagined that was the opposite of what they were doing.

Removal of resistance: I think it seems likely that Corbyn would have had one of the greatest parliamentary victories in Labour's history.

Unification: This is the price of accepting mediocrity as the norm - people who failed Mr Corbyn and society so much at that election. I know a few of them - people who actually told me that the reason they wouldn't vote Labour was that it was a wasted vote and that Corbyn couldn't possibly win unless it was a progressive coalition of several parties. They did not believe he could command many votes all by himself.

And why? They feel his honesty and integrity are a weakness.

This is something to note - many of you out there see integrity as a weakness.

When a doctor is performing surgery on a potentially dying patient - it is the integrity of their method which that patient's life depends on.

You have clearly been brainwashed by tv into believing reality is the way screenwriters and men like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey see it. You imagine yourselves to be modern and rational but you are far from rational and your belief system finds parallels in many medieval societies.


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Point 262: Victoria Atkins, Conservative MP.

Thrust: 'Consistently voted for use of UK military forces in combat operations overseas'.

Not sure where she shops for printer ink cartridges: '£726 on printer ink cartridges' - that's an expense of hers in a particular pair of months apparently (see link in the references below).

Direction of resistance: Another war hawk. Tory or Labour, there are so very many war hawks.

Removal of resistance: The general population has shown time and again it doesn't support this, other than the racist far right contingent and a chunk of the privileged, but the rest are clearly antiwar.

Unification: I think the best thing we can do is ensure that after the next election every tory and every labour MP is absolutely fucking terrified (of the public backlash and the contempt for them in the public mind) of supporting wars.

They do this in OUR names and the backlash, the responsibility for all the war crimes, the anger in those hearts whose worlds we destroy and rape, FOR MONEY, is directed at us, the people.

This is why so many young people 'refuse to wear a poppy' - as the Daily Mail puts it, obviously they are correct that the whole poppy culture is one of obligation and force and has nothing to do with freedom and choice and peace and love and unity.

Atkins you war hawk - resign, go the fuck away. I want no war hawks in the tory party, or indeed the labour party. Resign you genocide backing fuckup. Get the fuck out of the tory party - we don't want nasty racist war monger brainless fuckups like you in it, or in any party, get the fuck out Atkins you fucking pathetic failed public servant. You are here to serve ALL BRITISH PEOPLE including non white ones. GET THE FUCK OUT OF PARLIAMENT YOU FUCKING DISGUSTING RACIST.


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Point 261: Jonathan Ashworth, Labour MP.

Thrust: "Consistently voted for raising welfare benefits at least in line with prices".

His war votes are mixed - a capacity to lean more towards antiwar, no doubt.

Direction of resistance: Clearly represents the next generation's needs well.

Removal of resistance: A promising candidate.

Unification: Good luck to him.


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Point 260: Edward Argar, Conservative MP.

Thrust: Whilst most tories, for obvious reasons, voted for investigations into the Iraq war, this one actually voted with those trying to cover Blair's rear end.

Direction of resistance: That makes him even more vile than most other tories, without a doubt, in my opinion. A war hawk, and virulently so, it seems. Covering much corporate rear-endage too. A kind of 'model tory' - a purveyor of professional vileness.

Removal of resistance: Anyway, just a few preliminary links, as usual, to be going on with.

Unification: His trip to Saudi Arabia is no doubt worth reading about, clearly.

The Indy writes: 'The MPs listed as having received paid-for visits to the the country are Edward Argar, Rehman Chisti, Sir Alan Duncan, Sir Edward Garnier, David Jones, Kwasi Kwarteng, David Mackintosh, Mark Pawsey, Royston Smith, Martin Vickers, and Helen Whately.' (See link in the references below).


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Point 259: 'Well I started out down a dirty road, started out all alone' (Tom Petty).

Thrust: Paul Edwards writes 'Evolution in economic systems produced the fatal cancer of contemporary Capitalism. In retrospect, this appears to have been inevitable.

Human life requires food, water, shelter, clothing, which, if not produced, must be traded for, bought, or stolen. As societies ramified in complexity general self- sufficiency decreased and a money economy supplied them.

With ever growing populations, demand increased exponentially, allowing entities that could provide necessities exploitative power-even with an abundance of supply-through ownership and control of resources.

In Capitalist economies, as in nature, greater force displaces lesser. More money displaces less; consolidation is inevitable. Larger and fewer financial entities eliminate competition. Capitalism perfected the process. Economics is not governed by human ethics or morality any more than gravity is'.

Direction of resistance: That doesn't mean commercial society will die.

Removal of resistance: The corporate/consumer fanatics need to stop confusing the means and the end.

Unification: The aim has always been for all humans to be able to live well, and so the system must evolve - a great deal - because we're not near that stage.

In fact we're going backwards very fast.


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Point 258: And more on the topic of 'fake news'.

Thrust: Michael Bradley writes 'Since the US is deeply involved in the economic, political, and military affairs of countries across the Middle East and North Africa, failure to mention such details (or at least to provide a single example of a detailed case of US involvement, say, the US and Saudi support of bin Laden's forces in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation that helped later to give impetus to the formation of al Qaeda), strikes me as irresponsible omission'.

Direction of resistance: When you write something misleading, where the image presented is in some way fake, and call it 'news', that's surely fake news?

Removal of resistance: So these omissions Bradley mentions, their omission does indicate that there's much 'fakeness' in the so-called 'mainstream' media.

Unification: What you need to do, each and every one of you, although clearly Bradley there (and many like him) is/are okay - has grasped the reality - but what YOU need to do, if you haven't, is be honest with yourself about the PRECISE meaning of the word balance.

Which 'news' providers actually behave like kids on a playground, brow-beating others, not bound by adult notions such as genuine accountability and honesty?

A simple example of dishonesty in the mainstream media is an incident where Rowena Mason pretended some vile Tory had said something they very clearly didn't say. Which is very sad. There are plenty of HONEST ways to rubbish and bring down a vile tory. Only people with totally the wrong agenda would be using lies and playground games to try and attack a Tory goon.

And a more important example is that of Monbiot, a 'Witchfinder General', according to Jonathan Cook.

Then you have the outright arses, like Norman Tebbit and Nick Cohen - pretty much everything they ever say can be used to demonstrate that they are full of shit. Nonetheless, examples even from them will be provided on this 'grid' of information.


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Point 257: Two tier system for condemning rape.

Thrust: In the west, little is said of American and other western military rape, against each other and against people in other countries.

Direction of resistance: And even at home, the same double standards apply: The UK Column writes 'Or could their real reluctance be that the abusers are white, the victims are white and those 'blowing the whistle' on physical and sexual abuse at OCVC are Asian, Muslim and Non-White. A situation contrary to the desired mainstream political agenda and common purpose which seeks to target one community above another'.

They report 'In February of this year, two ex students students 16 and 17, reported an OCVC staff member, already implicated in abuse of other students, for physical assault. No formal statements were ever taken by TVP and five weeks later the police informed the family that no further action would be taken due to the lack of evidence. The 'no investigation, no evidence' pattern continues. Neither student could return to OCVC for fear of being assaulted again. One has joined another college where they now feel safe and are understood to be doing well.'

Removal of resistance: As I have pointed out: '1 in 5 women aged 16 - 59 has experienced some form of sexual violence since the age of 16' (in Britain).

If you have daughters or granddaughters in Britain, note that they may have as high as a 20% chance of suffering sexual violence from (in all probability) a white male, by the time they are 70.

That's a fact.

Take steps to protect your daughters.

Demand that the Home Secretary take a strong position on the rapes carried out by (mostly) 'white' men every single day in Britain. I've never seen her raise this as a cultural problem - but it most certainly is. WHY do these men think they can do that? What the fuck is wrong with them?

Unification: Apparently 11 men rape a woman or man every hour in Britain, obviously most of these men are white - and what is important to also note is that clearly they are spread across 'all classes' - British society (and other societies, for example western ones) has a very serious problem in how it portrays women - it is a hyperconsumer society which hypersexualises everything and everyone it can. Driven by greed, lust and gratification, this society's actions and beliefs cause a lot of problems both here and abroad. The insane obsession with sex is the root of this problem and until it is dealt with the problem clearly is just going to get worse.


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Point 256: So let's talk about 'fake news'.

Thrust: An example I recently found of something you can accurately call 'fake news' is Rowena Mason's absurd claim about something an MP said, but there are so many different examples and some are 'more subtle' than others. (See also: "Rowena Mason (Guardian journalist) is a marketing and advertising copy writer, in terms of what she really does, not a journalist, in any traditional sense of the word").

Direction of resistance: So for an example of the less glaring type of fake news narrative, consider that on the topic of fake news writer George Monbiot, actual journalist (proving his points with evidence) Jonathan Cook writes: 'Investigative journalist Gareth Porter has published two exclusives whose import is far greater than may be immediately apparent. They concern Israel's bombing in 2007 of a supposed nuclear plant secretly built, according to a self-serving US and Israeli narrative, by Syrian leader Bashar Assad.

Although the attack on the "nuclear reactor" occurred a decade ago, there are pressing lessons to be learnt for those analysing current events in Syria.

Porter's research indicates very strongly that the building that was bombed could not have been a nuclear reactor - and that was clear to experts at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) even as the story was being promoted uncritically across the western media'.

Removal of resistance: Cook points out that George Monbiot is a kind of 'witchfinder general' when it comes to false portrayals of those his (and Mason's) corporate masters want to smear: 'The relevance of the nuclear reactor deception can be understood in relation to the latest efforts by Guardian columnist George Monbiot (and many others) to discredit prominent figures on the left, including Noam Chomsky and John Pilger, for their caution in making assessments of much more recent events in Syria. Monbiot has attacked them for not joining him in simply assuming that Assad was responsible for a sarin gas attack last April on Khan Sheikhoun, an al-Qaeda stronghold in Idlib province.

Understandably, many on the left have been instinctively wary of rushing to judgment about individual incidents in the Syrian war, and the narratives presented in the western media. The claim that Assad's government used chemical weapons in Khan Sheikhoun, and earlier in Ghouta, was an obvious boon to those who have spent more than a decade trying to achieve regime change in Syria.

In what has become an ugly habit with Monbiot, and one I have noted before, he has enthusiastically adopted the role of Witchfinder General. Any questioning of evidence, scepticism or simply signs of open-mindedness are enough apparently to justify accusations that one is an Assadist or conspiracy theorist. Giving house room to the doubts of a ballistics expert like Ted Postol of MIT, or an experienced international arms expert like Scott Ritter, or a famous investigative journalist like Seymour Hersh, or a former CIA analyst like Ray McGovern, is apparently proof that one is an atrocity denier or worse.'

Unification: Cook informs us: 'There are reasons to think that Monbiot is seriously misrepresenting the strength of the OPCW's findings, as several commentators have observed. Most notably, Robert Parry, another leading investigative journalist, points out that evidence in the report's annex - the place where inconvenient facts are often buried - appears to blow a large hole in the official story.

Parry notes that the time recorded by the UN of the photo of the chemical weapons attack is more than half an hour *after* some 100 victims had already been admitted to five different hospitals, some of them lengthy drives from the alleged impact site.

But potentially more significant than such troubling inconsistencies are the conclusions of Gareth Porter's separate investigation into Israel's bombing of the non-existent Syrian nuclear reactor. That gets to the heart of where Monbiot and many others have gone badly wrong in their certainty about events in Syria.'

Read the rest via the link in the references below, should you want to take a more honest approach to informing yourself of what's going on.

People like Mason (quite blatantly) can repeatedly be found misleading the public and reporting not on facts but as a direct result of an agenda, ultimately, as has been proved time and time again, at the expense of factuality itself.

As I wrote before: Britain and other western nations set to repeat catastrophe of Blair and Bush era and suffer all the same consequences again.

The following extract from an article by Jonathan Cook ought to inform the less deluded, less self-adulating 'westerner' of the deception our media and governments are once again engaged in having failed to learn the lesson from what happened when Campbell and Blair 'sexed up' documents to claim to the British people that Saddam Hussein had WMDs and could attack us within '45 minutes' - lies which eventually were outed, at the cost of the life of David Kelly, and as admitted in the Chilcot report many years and millions of corpses later:

"This was not a chemical weapons strike," a senior adviser to the US intelligence community told Hersh. "That's a fairy tale. If so, everyone involved in transferring, loading and arming the weapon .. would be wearing Hazmat protective clothing in case of a leak. There would be very little chance of survival without such gear."

According to US intelligence, Hersh reports, the Syrian air force was able to target the site using a large, conventional bomb supplied by the Russians. But if Assad did not use a chemical warhead, why did many people apparently die at Khan Sheikhoun from inhalation of toxic gas?

The US intelligence community, says Hersh, believes the bomb triggered secondary explosions in a storage depot in the building's basement that included propane gas, fertilisers, insecticides as well as "rockets, weapons and ammunition, .. [and] chlorine-based decontaminants for cleansing the bodies of the dead before burial". These explosions created a toxic cloud that was trapped close to the ground by the dense early morning air.

Médecins Sans Frontières found patients it treated "smelled of bleach, suggesting that they had been exposed to chlorine." Sarin is odourless.

Hersh concludes that the "evidence suggested that there was more than one chemical responsible for the symptoms observed, which would not have been the case if the Syrian Air Force - as opposition activists insisted - had dropped a sarin bomb, which has no percussive or ignition power to trigger secondary explosions. The range of symptoms is, however, consistent with the release of a mixture of chemicals, including chlorine and the organophosphates used in many fertilizers, which can cause neurotoxic effects similar to those of sarin."

Demonising Arab leaders using complete lies has an additional result to merely enabling us to illegally invade countries and cause untold damage and anger so many people that 'terrorism' is 100% guaranteed on our soil as an outcome.

Indeed - demonising Arab leaders and portraying them as worthy of being killed also aids and abets the general narrative among racist members of western society that easterners are somehow less rational or trustworthy than westerners.

People like Bush, Cheney, Trump, Blair, Thatcher, Nixon, Cameron, May, Johnson etc demonstrate themselves to be sick in the head - the Tory government is now in bed with the DUP which claims that being against gay marriage and supporting the 'case' for businesses being allowed to not allow gay people on their premises are 'not homophobic' ideals.

We have people like that running our society but we point at other people's leaders, call them evil and bomb their soldiers and call for their removal.

Cook concludes as follows: "So let us set aside for a moment the specifics of what happened on April 4 and concentrate instead on what Hersh's critics must concede if they are to argue that Assad used sarin gas against the people of Khan Sheikhoun.

1. That Assad is so crazed and self-destructive - or at the very least so totally incapable of controlling his senior commanders, who must themselves be crazed and self-destructive - that he has on several occasions ordered the use of chemical weapons against civilians. And he has chosen to do it at the worst possible moments for his own and his regime's survival, and when such attacks were entirely unnecessary.

2. That Putin is equally deranged and so willing to risk an end-of-times conflagration with the US that he has on more than one occasion either sanctioned or turned a blind eye to the use of sarin by Assad's regime. And he has done nothing to penalise Assad afterwards, when things went wrong.

3. That Hersh has decided to jettison all the investigatory skills he has amassed over many decades as a journalist to accept at face value any unsubstantiated rumours his long-established contacts in the security services have thrown his way. And he has done so without regard to the damage that will do to his reputation and his journalistic legacy.

4. That a significant number of US intelligence officials, those Hersh has known and worked with over a long period of time, have decided recently to spin an elaborate web of lies no one wants to print, either in the hope of damaging Hersh in some collective act of revenge against him, or in the hope of permanently discrediting their own intelligence services.

Hersh's critics do not simply have to believe one of these four points. They must maintain the absolute veracity of all four of them."

Just as our recent illegal immoral invasion of the middle east under Blair and Bush led arguably to the collapse of our economy and the total subjugation of our working classes, to the rise of 'terrorism' in the form of people from the places where we are responsible for the deaths of millions seeking 'revenge' against us for killing people and destroying the fabric of society, the resultant continued surge in Stalin-era and Hitler-era 'internal' security and surveillance of British and American people and above all ever rising contempt for us and our kids and our culture on the part of most of the rest of the living planet, so too will a repeat of the invasion of Iraq, this time an invasion of Syria which the US has been desperate to carry out for a while, for its own self-gain, cause all the same problems but at an even worse level - far more of it - more poverty, more economic collapse, more terrorism, more environmental disaster - everything. Are British people so weak and lost that they will not prevent May doing exactly what Blair did?


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Point 255: 'The clock to midnight will continue ticking' (T.J. Coles)

Thrust: Counterpunch tells us: "The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) has published several reports over the last few years. They discuss geopolitics and related themes, one of which is the likelihood of nuclear war or accident, including what it means for long-term survival"

Direction of resistance: They quote one British government document which says: "Limited tactical nuclear exchanges in conventional conflicts by 2035 also cannot be ruled out, and some non-Western states may even use such strikes as a way of limiting or de-escalating conflict."

Removal of resistance: So, people. Do you want to do everything you can for your kids in the area of having all nukes banned, all CBRN weaponry totally outlawed and world bodies having zero tolerance for the existence of any such weapons?



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Point 254: British 'white' Tory-Labour Jihadists and their Fundamentalist Training (aka public school education).

Thrust: In an article entitled "Meet Britain's Nuclear Nutcase: Defense Secretary Michael Fallon", Counterpunch's John Wight tells us: "By now we are all aware of the role that Madrassas (religious schools) have played in places such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, and across the Middle East in radicalising young people with the inculcation of extremist ideology and fanaticism. In Britain we have our very own version of Madrassas. We call them public schools - institutions such as Harrow, Eton and Fettes where maniacs such as Michael Fallon, Boris Johnson, David Cameron, and Tony Blair are hatched, inculcated with a fanatical belief in British exceptionalism and imperialism".

Direction of resistance: The mythology behind the perpetuation of racism and jingoism and elitism and classism and imperialism is easy enough to out as nonsense, but the so-called 'elites' and academics and somewhat fake journalists are too deeply in denial to even read that information and attempt to comprehend it, unlike yourself, potentially, o reader.

Removal of resistance: Such ignorance is self-destructive.

Unification: And sure enough the neoliberals and other dinosaurs are very busy destroying themselves every day now. It's almost unpleasant to watch.


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Point 253: Tonia Antoniazzi, Labour MP.

Thrust: Too fresh to have voted for any genocide or war mongeirng yet, but did vote 'aye' for universal credit roll out, with the majority. Perhaps most Labour activists will not readily speak about this in public - tis all, perhaps, largely a marketing game for many of them. Few people with integrity exist in any 'party' or anywhere else, indeed, on the political landscape. People speak of 'a new kind of politics' - but often continue to use the old kind of tricks and games. The case of Rowena Mason's absurd 'attack' on albeit western-military-industrial-complex stooge Hammond is a good example.

Direction of resistance: So I'm not sure about what that means exactly - ie the Labour MPs voting FOR the roll-out of Universal Credit. I know Corbyn appears to be against it and it appears that he is probably right to oppose it. How come 'his' MPs were voting for it? How corporatist and tory are they? That's the question we must ask of each and everyone of them.

Removal of resistance: Presumably loud activists attacking tories for Universal Credit on behalf of Labour generically (not ever bothering to distinguish between the shower of corporatist genocidal racist Labour tools and morons on the one hand and the Jeremy Corbyns on the other) will not be the best place to look for an answer to this.

Unification: Hey, Labour activists, what's the point of your having Jeremy Corbyn if you also go on the record agreeing with and backing Labour MPs who are the total opposite of him?

Do you actually understand logic? FFS.

Anyway, people, below are some preliminary links for Tonia Antoniazzi.

I'd like to know why all these MPs are voting to keep airline prices down - I'm not sure it is really in the interest of the environment for them to do that. I shall look into it much further. Maybe all these MPs need to be replaced with greens or something. Still, there is as yet no evidence that Antoniazzi has followed or will follow the example of numerous Labour MPs in being a stooge for arms companies, a jingoist, a war monger and a corporatist. Some of what she says indicates she may have a vested interest in fighting corporatism but her link to team sports may have indoctrinated her and made her into a jingoist. I'll have to read more about and from her.


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Point 252: War mongers must resign from Labour. Labour activists who don't call out war mongers are deceitful two-faced snakes - no better than those they try to convince others to reject.

Thrust: Stop The War wrote 'Jeremy Corbyn, frontrunner to be the next leader of the Labour Party, and the national chair of Stop the War Coalition, has said that, if he becomes leader, he will issue an apology on behalf of Labour for the illegal Iraq war.

In this interview with Channel 4 News, Stop the War convenor Lindsey German says Jeremy Corbyn's proposal that Labour be held to account for the Iraq war will be popular and is the right thing to do'.

Direction of resistance: Corbyn must follow this through fully.

Removal of resistance: Labour MPs who defy this mandate must be politically punished.

Unification: There is no room for arms dealers and genocide-backers. All MPs, Conservative, Labour and anyone else, must embrace a civilised set of ethics or resign from Parliament. Immoral people should not be MPs.


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Point 251: Sex workers are one of the most marginalized groups in the world.

Thrust: Chris Hedges writes 'Salil Shetty, secretary-general of Amnesty International, said: 'Sex workers are one of the most marginalized groups in the world who in most instances face constant risk of discrimination, violence and abuse. Our global movement paved the way for adopting a policy for the protection of the human rights of sex workers which will help shape Amnesty International's future work on this important issue.'

In the sickness of modern culture, the ability to exploit with impunity is distorted into a human right even by a renowned and respected humanitarian organization. That is quite a card trick. We live in a global culture where the wretched of the earth are chattel and where sexual slavery - which is what most prostituted women and girls around the globe endure - is sanctified by market forces. These women and girls are among our most vulnerable. After being crushed by poverty, racism and sexism, they are unable to find other ways to make a sustainable income. They are treated little better than livestock transported to markets for consumption. That a so-called human rights organization parrots vile justifications is emblematic of the depth of our moral degeneration and the triumph of misogyny.

Women and girls who are prostituted should be treated not as criminals but as victims. The criminals are the johns and the pimps and traffickers who profit from the sale of human flesh. Decriminalizing prostitution, which allows these modern slave masters to openly ply their trade, means the exploitation will grow explosively. We must work to create a world where those who are dispossessed of their human rights are not forced into this dilemma. We must not accept a world where poverty destroys the lives of the weak and the vulnerable, including children. Those who profit from prostituting women and girls must be driven out of business'.

Direction of resistance: Chris preaches a direct action against prostitution from the outside, from the laws and the social framework.

Removal of resistance: The impact on the culture of hypersexualisation in the western media is felt across the globe.

Unification: This huge cultural flaw in western societies needs to be studied far more honestly than it is by most people at present.


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Point 250: The corporate 'right to lie'.

Thrust: Jim Goodman writes 'On July 23, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 1599, the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015. A gross misnomer, since the bill's real purpose is to preempt the rights of state and local governments to pass laws requiring the mandatory labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), to overturn GMO labeling laws already in place in several states and to prevent the passage of any federal mandatory GMO labeling law.

If this bill becomes law, U.S. consumers will be deprived of basic information about the content of their food, information they want and have a right to know. It will prohibit truthful disclosure and non-misleading free speech, clearly a violation of the First Amendment'.

Direction of resistance: We cannot allow corporations to have the power to lie like this or in any way any more.

Removal of resistance: We need an industrial honesty law/act.

Unification: Go on Corbyn. We want a law which will allow us to shut down a business 'just' for lying to customers. Above 10,000 customers lied to should equal instant shut-down of the business - as for jobs 'lost' - the business can be closed, sold off, and the workers given a pay off and helped with getting new jobs. After all, it would be unreasonable to say 'let's keep the mafia open because it provides jobs to its family members'.


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