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The career politicians, like proverbial goldfish, cannot understand as they swim around their little glass jar.

Lib dems will leave your kids to burn to death, they have proved this. Don't trust them. They are more power crazy than Blair and Johnson and all the goons you're used to loathing. The lib dems have had their sick and power grabbing nature concealed by their general impotence.

Boris Johnson runs away from Jeremy Corbyn and the 'patriots' cheer (instead of 'patriots', read: racists, whose frothing and foaming desire to 'leave the EU' (in what, a space ship???) makes them see the coward Boris Johnson as a 'strong man').

Some questions for "The IHRA" and a bunch of others.

Now showing: the numberwang blame-a-muslim-any-muslim special.

With respect for the victims of white supremacist Weapons of Mass Destruction at Hiroshima and Nagasaki last century. Something in the name of Palestine, a reminder of a great statement against apartheid.

Another victory for white racists and more humiliation and shame for all white people who claim to oppose and reject racism!

'Capitalism' and externalities.

"We are the White Race! We built Athens and Rome! We are Evropa!!!"

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