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If you have a party or ask someone on a date without knowing 100% in advance that they will say yes, are you sexually harassing them? Apparently many at the NYT and Guardian really 'think so'. (Using the word 'think' loosely, when applying it to such people, of course). They don't understand that to convict the innocent is to spit in the face of justice.

"Did you know that a third of private rented homes in England aren't up to a decent standard? Worse still, many won't even complain, in case their landlords react by evicting them."

'till we have built jerusalem in donald trump's polluted arse.

Scientists not economists need to be running the government, financial sector and commercial sector.

'It may play well in the Mail or Express but advocating murder will only increase instability' (Lindsey German).

Would Gavin Williamson call for the death sentence for Tom Mair?

Taking most of the profit back out of advertising and rendering it economically unviable as a process.

Your endless hysteria over Europe frankly bores the pants off me.

Alex Cockburn Cspan interview 2007.

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