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On intellectual freedom: something to challenge what most of us have been led to believe about 'language' and 'communication', and indeed the degree to which we have been led to disregard thought, erroneously, and a little bit on how little we actually know about the universe, eg the fact that the law of inertia is "of no known origin" (as Feynman put it) - nobody knows the reason why things coast forever. More on the Feynman another time, first, digest the Chomsky.

British police make statement declaring Britain a totalitarian state on matters of press freedom - former Tory Chancellor contradicts them.

Jeremy Corbyn vs the new Tory 'leader'.

Obedience, education and capitalism.

Owen Jones' capacity for learning seems weaker than I had imagined (and I hadn't thought much of him, so that's pretty awful).

Chomsky on "the future of capitalism".

The Blair-led Islamophobes use the pretence of 'anti-semitism', smearing all British muslims (the majority of whom are obviously incensed by Israeli genocide and apartheid), by association, with "anti-semitism" (other than uncle Tommohammeds whom they use as tokens to help them pretend they and their supporters are "not racist") and pandering to the Islamophobes Boris and the Tories and Farage have all pandered to, to win votes from white racist voters. Is Labour ready to pay the same price those guys are paying? This is the most strong and stable time in Labour's history, it seems. Does Corbyn want to risk letting Hodge, who voted to bomb Iraq under Blair, and those like her and Blair take away all that the Labour party has achieved?

Nick Clegg condemns Facebook's and Twitter's determination of what constitutes 'hate speech' as unfit for purpose and calls upon democracy to intervene.

The web of deceit that is 'the west' now faces "false false flags".

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