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The externalities companies leave to you are ever increasing, hence the ever increasing 'profit' of those Chomsky gives Bezos as an example of.

Wimbledon, Richard Nixon and Nazi Germany.

<< In the same year, Jess also defended Labour MP Sarah Champion, whose article about child sexual exploitation for The Sun stated that "Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls". The article, which claims that "these people are predators and the common denominator is their ethnic heritage", caused such alarm that local charity Just Yorkshire was commissioned to conduct a survey on the article's impact on race relations. The report found that women and school-age children [..] have experienced a perceptible spike in racist and Islamophobic comments and responses". In spite of this, Jess defended Sarah's article, later remarking that "The British Pakistani-Bangladeshi community, certainly where I am, has issues about women's roles in a family, in society. That's the truth". >>

<< Global warming, Overpopulation, Social inequality. The three legs that carry this monster that is the Climate Crisis. >>

WE ARE LONDON, London talking, London walking.

Dear Mr Corbyn, a public statement to you and your friends, allies and associates.

Still not in awe of the unchecked (by the ethical policies of Corbyn J) power of my algorithms? Bear in mind, Little Englanders, that the MOMENT Corbyn was defeated the financial markets gained huge new zest and profit-making will start to reach all time highs, for the tiny minority, for the financial sector, gains which, institutionally, never reach the coffers which fund your schools or hospitals, but often get huge bailouts from them. Yes, the MOMENT Corbyn was defeated I myself had to fund my account as it became clear that new trades and new profits (for the banking sector, not Britain's businesses or workers or home makers or public servants) are on the way, lots of them. LOTS AND LOTS of them. That's what you just did, you who voted against Corbyn, you JUST put money in the pockets of Mr Big - the financial bastards. And yet, of course, you'll never know about that, not, anyway, in terms of knowing it adds anything to your purse or wallet! You just gave them a load of money. You rejuvenated speculative asset flipping and jiving in a big way, and this will adversely impact your lives, unless you are all really really rich banksters. Even the slaves of banksters, the 'high paid' lackeys, are worth zero. Their entire lifestyle and 'wealth' can be switched on and off by their 'superiors' any time. Right now only the extremely few are cashing in on all the fat gains, not the many. I, fortunately for the many, am a maverick trader, like Soros, trading on behalf of Skid Row. Soros is out there, making billions, you can bet on it, so that's a good thing - I'm sure some of his money and power will be used the 'right' way - in the more racist parts of Eastern Europe I have seen news sources labelling Corbyn a "puppet of Soros" - ie where they REALLY hate jews, they hate Corbyn as a "puppet of jews". Aren't you "clever" Riley? Eh? Yes. How "good at maths" you are. And how "funny" you are. And how "clever" you are. I bet you could write 10,000 algos like mine in between putting your make up on and having a coffee enema. The reason you don't and take a low paid celebrity idiot job is because you just love doing quiz shows for old people and school boys. Imagine how polite my jokes would have to be with Corbyn J as Prime Minister - and you INSISTED I not be restricted in that way. Muchas gracias.

And let's not forget, during the time all the Dan Hodgeses were frothing and foaming at the mouth and bashing Nelson Mandela's people, in Rachel Riley's case, I worked out how to use my algorithm with literally a ZERO POUND BUDGET.

I'll take your brain to another dimension. Pay close attention.

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