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Let's be clear, the 'tinges are funny' corporation is racist, the woman who gave us their slogan, ie that 'tinges are funny', made it whilst attempting to allege that people, mostly who fit her description of 'funny' in the 'tinge' area, are 'anti-semitic' - ie 'racist against jews' ie 'racist'. So an openly visibly racist woman is telling people who are mostly of a skin colour she labels 'funny' that they are racist. Then various Lib Dems and others continue to wave HER flag, her banner, the woman who thinks tinges are funny, and attach it to 'causes' like: The Liberal Democrat party, The 'remain movement', and beyond. Even commercial society, they try and make it commercial society's banner, even 'defence of the realm'. And then when the Queen's son is apparently slandered by an array of sensationalists, look how many neoliberals care about their reputation more than any shred of decency!

How can white racists in Britain become less racist? What could the racist BBC do, for example, to stop being the racist BBC and be the BBC of all Britons (and the world) regardless of colour?

Here lies White Western Credibility - Caroline Lucas, I never knew you.

Hobama vs Corbyn.

Racist/Imperialist Louise Ellman joins those who condemn opposition to genocide and war as 'anti-semitic'.

Having captured both the devil and the deep blue sea.

Western anti-darwinism vs mutual aid based progress.

Facebook has insulted all anti-racists yet again, banning me for 3 days for the following.

Structural racism is, despite its name, only going to be fixed by a change in the ATTITUDE OF INDIVIDUALS - many of them, most of them.

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