XMAS 2024 BONUS FOR ALL READERS: Sherlock Holmes and the Kathy Burke cloning incident. (Click here to read it in pdf form)

Nothing on this site is financial advice or trading advice. The idea is that if you are intellectually honest you can use my research to help you initiate your own research. You will have to make your own decisions on how to use the information because even the algorithms I have laid out on this site can be subject to change in legitimacy any time if dramatic change to their environment occurs, at which point I will readily and swiftly adapt, and if you learn what I have taught then not only can you make money the way I do now, but you'll be able to make money in other, new ways if conditions change and people like me change our approach.

To all my readers

The majority of whom have been intellectually honest enough to want to find out what truth really is and not just bow fanatically to received 'wisdom' in the name of any number of delusions. THANK YOU. You see this is what happened, and I shall try to be brief, sincerely I shall.

When I left Oxford at the start of this century, having attended a top 'elite' school, one of the 'original eight' bully schools ("Public Schools", for bullying the nation) my naive faith in 'the system' was hit for six when my name and the xenophobia of Britain merged into the prominent feature of my world - ie inability to get a career, to have money, a nice flat, an attractive and wise partner, the stuff we're all taught to dream of. When I complained, most people accused me of lying - indeed to clarify with example, one of the things I did over the decades was chat to a lot of class and racial profiling victims who have been followed in supermarkets and so on, while they were merely minding their own business and shopping. Or asian women who had had their career prospects hampered so that they complained of racism against them. In all cases these people are told "it's just you, you're a problem person. Shut up. It's you who is the problem. Including to yourself". And I was hit with that on all sides. When businesses I built properly failed due to the lack of any material backing from society let alone banks, while rapacious rents and bills were thrust on me - whether it's those instances where my business ideas and similar endeavours were overshadowed by much vaster commercial force all the while that powerful investors I know all around sat there pumping their money into longterm failures whilst right at the outset I tried to get so many of them to invest in businesses which proved over time that they would have been the correct choice. I remember when I told my 'tech expert' friend Erik that we should build a fat precise search engine with immense detail, just before the rise of Google, and he was certain that internet service providers were much bigger businesses than search engines would be.

So during those many many years where everything I did, all my talents, all my efforts, all my spirit was constantly abused and squashed by almost all people around me everywhere, of every race and class and identity and gender and politics - I took Chomsky's generic advice and began to intellectually defend myself. I began to publish evidence of everything I say and believe. As you can see a great deal of that evidence is now here, "for all time", one way or another. And the strength I gained, as readership mounted, at one time in the run up to the rise of Corbyn, to 200,000 and more, increased very dramatically. Thanks to YOUR MORAL SUPPORT, READERS I started, by 2018, mastering a very specific area of 'financial science' which, to cut the crap, has led today to a situation of dreamy wondrousness and infinite easily produced wealth. I WILL NOT FORGET YOU - or your activism, the things you stand for, etc. You were there for me and I am there for you. I hope you have come here today and read this - in the old days it was easy to spread my writing and site across social media to many of you. Since then there has come to be near 100% censorship of anyone as daring as I. Even alternative writers can be tame enough to be allowed through, and mostly these days they are. But writing like mine, attitudes like mine, meet a full on stormtrooper response, one way or another, so my aim now is to just inform you all, however I can, that this thank you message is here on TVhobo for you to read.

I cannot emphasise enough that without being able to have that strength brought to me THROUGH YOUR READERSHIP I could not have succeeded in the victory in question.


Shams Pirani (Tuesday August 29th, 2023)

And now, if you must delve into the past and into the materialism at the heart of things, click here and fall into the rest of the web site.




Some recent late 2023 quotes from Chomsky of significance (made to Piers Morgan in an interview).

Chomsky on "A.I." - it's largely just science fiction. We need to worry about REAL threats (eg climate disaster, nuclear disaster)

Chomsky on "woke" and "cancel culture" - there is a problem of a small number of young people now embracing a fascist-style policy which has been accepted for decades, a many-decades accepted policy of cancelling left wing dissident speakers and thinkers, and now a few young liberals are copying this fascist longstanding right wing position and applying it to the right wing and even to left wing people perceived as 'right wing' for opposing neoliberalism. (Morgan shuts up at that point and moves on).


And on that subject, all the anti-'woke'rs, and all the neoliberals, and all the kleptocrats and other numpty goons the world over, Madonna herself has penned a message from me to you: Don't ever tell me to stop. And Dido has penned a postscript: there is no love without freedom, no freedom without love.


And very finally a note to just one reader out there among you. You will know who you are, when you need to - that's how the universe works. You are the one who will change the world, in ways I can never do, and nobody I've seen or met can ever do. Don't consider that we who came before you have failed, because all we had to do was light the way for YOU, which we did. And so here is the only piece of advice I can give you, that one reader, who has to carry on where I and others have left off: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MhActwPPZA (listen to the song, you'll understand then). It's also here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKOwY-rATBc (you must listen to it, the history of the species goes to a better place than you realised, because you were destined to listen to this song, right now, and learn from it, and take things forwards again, like so many like you have already done. Be the reason for the sun to rise, my friend). And so I must now ask YOU, reader, the one I speak of, to let your emotions go now, and do your job, as I have, and many great people did so before I learned from their example. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nntd2fgMUYw take the wine of this music and drink with me. When I am gone, it's then your turn.