Is the 'Israeli' state in the present day guilty of war crimes? [edit] [add a main pair]

Thrust: The evidence condemning 'Israel' is unchallengeable, but what does that really mean? 'Jews' were victims of the 'white' supremacist ideologies which gave us Hitler and Nazism amongst other things. Many jews do not consider Israel to be a part of their identity. Many racists attempt to conflate criticism of Israel with criticism of Jews. Such racists go as far as to brand Jews who criticise Israel with labels like 'self-hating' or 'not a real jew'.

1. Resistance: There are people who insist that 'Israel' is guilty of war crimes so heinous that they should be ranked at the same level as Nazis, in terms of the devastation and ignorance of their actions. 1. Counter-resistance: I agree with Levi that the comparison between the Nazi Regime and the 'Israeli' Regime can only go so far and is open to absurd exploitation.

As I think Uri Avnery points out in Counterpunch, Israel houses many traumatized victims of 'European' war crimes.

That does not mean Israeli war crimes do not exist or do not need to be IMMEDIATELY stopped.

There is no doubt that Israel now operates racial laws and is as in breach of globally accepted moral standards to the same extent, perhaps more so, than Hitler or Apartheid South Africa.
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Norman Pollack writes of 'the Nazification of Israel, which has, I believe, corrupted, shamed, distorted, betrayed Judaism in all its historical reaching heavenward in the praising of God and its secular and cultural aspirations to freedom and democracy, in contrast to Israel's own militarization of religion through arrogance, hubris, superiority complex, leading to contemptuous disregard of all that stands in its way - even the kibbutz integrated into the security system which feeds on population displacement and unimpeded fury directed to the Enemy, within as well as without'. So the fact remains that there is still some difference between Nazism's history and Israel's history. Even though Israel has become no different to Hitler's Germany, it is not what all of those who founded Israel necessarily (consider the works of Arna Mer Khamis) founded it in the spirit of, even if it was done foolishly and immorally even then. It is evident that to a greater extent even in its founding Israel was in every way nothing more than a racist terrorist organisation on its way to becoming a state terrorist, like the 'governments' of the USA, Saudi Arabia and other notable 'nation states'.

Thus it is not necessarily the same degree of problem as the still rampant white-supremacism which was behind the rise of Hitler - in that when Israel has been conquered by anti-racism and turned into a decent democracy where non-jewish people are all treated like human beings, there will be no further work to do on the matter, in all probability.

Dealing with white supremacism is a far far longer-term issue. It has dogged humanity for much much much much longer than Israel has.
To a greater extent, Israeli public relations manages to stamp out mainstream 'western' awareness of any genocidal element to Israel's current behaviour and policies. Naturally it's not always possible for the Israeli state to successfully cover up all such behaviour and sometimes they are caught more red handed than other times. A Times of 'Israel' blogger claimed "Genocide is permissible":

Salon reports "The Times of Israel is under fire on Friday after publishing a blog post titled "When Genocide Is Permissible." The post, written by Yochanon Gordon, was quickly removed from the Times' website, but cached and screen-captured versions of the piece quickly proliferated on social media."

The racist blogger wrote: "Hamas has stated forthrightly that it idealizes death as much as Israel celebrates life. What other way then is there to deal with an enemy of this nature other than obliterate them completely?"

Finally this 'Israeli' then declares "If political leaders and military experts determine that the only way to achieve its goal of sustaining quiet is through genocide is it then permissible to achieve those responsible goals?"."
2. Resistance: Few middle class people I know have any understanding that if you read Levi's works you come to understand what life is like at the receiving end of shit like that.

They do not see it as a work about how racism and nazism operate, but as a record that the nazis did these things. They do not look at WHAT they did, yet Levi makes it clear that "If this is a man" is written to tell you and me and everyone else HOW the nazis did the horrible shit they did.
2. Counter-resistance: "If this is a man" explains what actually happened in Auschwitz.

It tells you details about what a vicious racist ideology does when it fucks people over.

When you have read "If this is a man" a lot and understand it, you also understand what Levi believed was a moral way of living, ie by contrast to what Levi shows in disgust to be a sick and brutal ideology.

When you understand that you are qualified to 'interpret' Levi's remarks concerning Palestinians.
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3. Resistance: A pertinent example of Israel's racist legal system is easy to highlight: we can all agree, hopefully, that sexual exclusion is often considered to be a question of taste and choice: if you want to exclude people from having sex with you, that's up to you.

Nonetheless, few would believe that in 'Israel', breaching that exclusion by lying about your 'race' is now considered to be a form of rape.
3. Counter-resistance: Israel's legal system is dangerously racist.

According to the Telegraph, in 2010 "a court in Jerusalem has made international legal history by jailing" an Arab man for pretending to be Jewish prior to having sex with a woman.

The Israeli court and proponents of this deed say that the act was "rape by deception".

Every day millions of men and women get into bed with each other as a result of being drunk, lying to each other, messing with each others' heads and a lot else like it, none of which constitutes rape.
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Unification: Whatever crimes committed by 'Israel' need redressing do need redressing. This has no link to any racist claims made about jews or the jewish faith any more than criticism of Saudi Arabia's barbaric practises and tyrannical feudal administration is an attack on the billion point something muslims in the world and how they live their lives and their character and ethics, in some general way. Only a mad idiot or mental slave would try and conflate such things in that way.

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