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Tropes about muslims are bread and butter to racist white Britain, whilst racist white Britain pretends to be 'outraged' when tropes about people, eg jews, are employed. This amazing double standard seems so far above the heads of most racist white Britons and many racist black non muslim Britons who love to join in the muslim bashing you have to wonder how low their intelligence is.

So let's start with Labour MP Jess Phillips, who was thrown out of the shadow cabinet by Corbyn because she wrote, in the national press: "Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls".

Let me explain to readers who don't know what a trope is. A stereotype or trope or widespread slander against a particular group would be perpetuated by me if I said to a lot of readers "Britain has a problem with British Jewish men raping and exploiting white girls", let's say I'd met 20 jews in Britain who had done that. Or something. And decided that this indicated that all or most jewish men are rapists. That would be dishonest and xenophobic of me. For example if after the Harvey Weinstein and Epstein fiascos I said this about jewish men, perhaps American jewish men, since both Weinstein and Epstein are - American jewish men and their white male royal friends, I could say, referencing Andrew Windsor. To put it more simply, how insanely unintelligent is it to pretend you can make a general rule about how Harvey Weinstein and Noam Chomsky both behave based on their identity as American jews? Similarly can you pretend that you can make a general rule about the Aga Khan's and Osama bin Laden's behaviour based on the fact that they're both muslims?

On the topic of British white men who are convicted of rape and paedophilia: in actual fact I did go to a school (St Paul's School - THE St Paul's School, a London day school which - attended by John Milton, George Osborne and numerous other big names - is one of the centres of privilege in Britain, one of the original public schools along with Eton, Winchester and others) where 5 white male teachers were convicted of sex crimes including grooming children for paedophile porn and making paedophile porn. Indeed I gather the games and p.e. teacher convicted for making paedohpile porn was a member of the SAS.

Let's say I said "Britain has a problem with British white men raping and exploiting white boys and girls" - Phillips would come down hard, I expect. Is it a trope? The idea that because a bunch of white men I encountered were convicted of paedophilia and paedophile porn and rape and harassment - if I make a statement suggesting that all white men are a threat, in this manner, that Britain has a problem with "British white men" - and that these "British white men" are rapists - I would certainly be making a generalisation which would be a grisly trope even if I didn't mean it in a racist way, even if in my mind I thought of my old headmaster Peter, or my good friend Jim, or Matthew, or my heroes like Alex Cockburn and internally refused to accept that THEY are rapists and felt that I was talking about 'all the other white men'. This is the level of stupidity and xenophobia public servant Jess Phillips not only put in the public domain, writing for The Sun, she has yet to admit that what she did was wrong. She still is proud of her trope-spreading and xenophobia around five years later - still an unrepentant xenophobe who uses dog whistle electioneering tactics and insults brown men in order to win votes from racist white and black non muslim women and men.

But if I went around saying British white men have a problem wherein they exploit and rape a lot of people, I'd be spreading a trope about white men. Now, when you have a society which is already using tropes about muslim men in general, when Boris Johnson is ridiculing Muslim women and the clothing some segment of them chooses to wear, when the average johnny on the street is quickly caught labelling muslims, even the doctor treating them for the cancer they have for having such a godawfully stupid diet, as 'irrational' and, as Johnson said, in yet another trope, "centuries behind" white racist people who love to look down on others - in the already hostile environment of this widespread abuse of muslims in Britain by white racism, against the xenophobic backdrop of the ever rising number of hate crimes committed against muslims by white racists in Britain and even black racists, Phillips' and Johnson's remarks are even more deeply irresponsible trope spreading, beyond the pale, infantile crusading (to use a term Einstein set aside for describing atheists).

I mean think about this, reader - my school, one of the original 8 public schools, recently saw 5 white male teachers convicted for sex crimes including paedophilia - and it didn't make any front pages other than the local press, and it didn't hang around in the press for years - if a bunch of white male teachers at one of the best schools in Britain is convicted of rape, the public and press forgets - when a few brown men driving taxis in the underprivileged north are caught doing the same thing, we never ever stop hearing about it and at the time the press goes nuts, front pages on all news sites, and people like Phillips stirring, like the vicious stirring xenophobic cretin she is.

Loud ugly-tongued British Xenophobes Jess Phillips and Boris Johnson are people not only spreading amazingly warped tropes about muslims, or in Phillips' case certain tracts of Britain's muslims, they're not even being challenged about it by the bulk of society, which is alarming, and they're doing it at a time where their behaviour is even more utterly reprehensible than if it weren't the case that the Daily Mail and Sun (in which Phillips wrote) and others are constantly demonising muslims and glorifying the killing of muslims.

Let's look more at what an amazingly racist warped liar with double standards, doing feminism no favours, Jess Phillips is. She recently made an electioneering statement concerning Assange: she felt that his case shows that our government doesn't take rape seriously. So let's look at the basis for why some people attempted to use the smear of 'rapist' to stop Julian Assange exposing the war crimes and RAPE by western soldiers and their allies - brown girls and brown boys, brown women and brown men, being raped by white and black American men and even women (remember the Hersh photos of Abu Graib) and it is clearly alleged British men too - have been raping brown women and brown girls and brown boys in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

So let's look at this extract from an article on ABC News a long time ago, something Jess could easily be familiar with if she took even the rape of white people seriously (even though it is beyond all reasonable doubt that Phillips doesn't care about brown victims of white rapists) and didn't use talking about it as a way to win votes.

Mr Assange details notes taken by his lawyers at a Swedish police station after they were allowed to read text messages sent between SW and AA - the two women who made allegations against the WikiLeaks founder. According to Mr Assange's statement the text messages included the following:

On 17 August, SW wrote "JA did not want to use a condom".

On 20 August, while at the police station, SW wrote that she "did not want to put any charges on Julian Assange" but that "the police were keen on getting their hands on him".

According to the statement she was "chocked (sic shocked) when they arrested him" because she "only wanted him to take [an STD test]".

On 21 August, SW wrote that she "did not want to accuse" Julian Assange "for anything" and that it was the "police who made up the charges (sic)"

On 23 August, SW wrote that it was the police, not herself, who started the whole thing.

On 26 August, AA wrote that they ought to sell their stories for money to a newspaper.

On 28 August, AA wrote that they had a contact on the biggest Swedish tabloid and SW wrote that their lawyer negotiated with the tabloid.

I'm quite sure the rape victim I know would find it insulting that Phillips is pretending that these money-seeking privileged white women caught lying about Assange are being compared to her, in terms of her suffering - to pretend that rape victims the world over should call these two smearers of Assange victims is amazing. As for the fact that rape charges were dropped - given the extreme lengths to which we have all seen the governments of USA and UK go to 'deal with' Assange, does Phillips want to lie to herself and us by pretending that if any rape case was really there to be heard, Assange wouldn't have been convicted by now? Assange offered to answer the Swedish government's questions while he was at the Embassy and there was no reason to not do so unless the questions were disingenuous and the only purpose of the whole process was, as we see now, to attempt to extradite Assange so that the USA could punish him the way Hitler punished Sophie Scholl.

Trevor Phillips - if you said "jews see the world differently to the rest of us" - you'd be not only obviously making an inaccurate generalisation on so many levels, you'd be spreading a trope. Yet you said exactly this about muslims. Shame on you, you nasty trope-spreading Islamophobe.

Charlie Hebdo, one of the few aspects of French 'culture' celebrated loudly in Britain, spreads tropes about muslims far and wide, thick and fast, and celebrates these tropes as 'free speech' - that is as absurd as if I were to say "jews are big nosed money grabbing cheats, a bunch of judases, thirty pieces is all it takes to buy a jew" - if I said that it would be no different to the jokes of Charlie Hebdo, but because xenophobia against muslims is championed in the west, by people like Johnson, Phillips, Phillips and so many others - people don't appear to recognise that it's the same thing. If I said it's my 'freedom of speech' to say "jews are big nosed money grabbing cheats, a bunch of judases, thirty pieces is all it takes to buy a jew" I'd be being a total fool, trying to pretend that my anti-semitic and disgusting statement was free speech to celebrate, the way so many people 'celebrate' Charlie Hebdo's 'right' to be as abusive about muslims as that hypothetical statement I just gave you is about jews.

There are literally 1000s of racist Britons one can line up here and humiliate. Rachel Riley, your 'comedy' about Corbyn and South Africa and Mandela is profoundly disturbing for someone who portrays herself as a scientist and a rational person, but you're not alone, there are so many xenophobes like you in our society, Riley. If you want to pretend you don't have sh*t for brains, Riley, read the Jerusalem Declaration on Anti-semitism and pay attention to the guidelines which deal with people who conflate being jewish with supporting Israel, you ignorant xenophobe. And Hislop - Spitting Image recognised Maureen Lipman as someone spreading tropes about jews in her BT adverts: 'bagels bagels bagels, it's jew we stereotype' - but you didn't remind the public of this extremely relevant fact during the recent anti-semitism smear campaign when she stood up essentially demonising muslims by pretending that the only MP to have ever stood up on behalf of British Muslims in a way which had a chance of succeeding - is an anti-semite. As we have seen, and the JDA contradicts this allegation inept juvenile mindless xenophobes like Maureen Lipman and Rachel Riley make about Corbyn and anyone who contests Israel's visibly genocidal and apartheid regime, it is clearly a falsehood. And you, Hislop, didn't ridicule her, this trope spreader, you were busy attacking a 15 year old mentally ill girl who turned to crime because the society she lived in clearly didn't make her feel like she had many options. Indeed when you were ridiculing Begum, O Private Eye, some white Labour MP was saying 'it's not just about people with funny tinges' - an opportunity for you to ridicule the racism of powerful people, of our political representatives. But no, it was more useful for you, in terms of profit and readership, to ridicule a 15 year old mentally ill girl. Oh, what Jonathan Swifts you are!! Yes. Truly noble people attacking corruption and tyranny. Oh yes. Pathetic Hislop. Whether one measures your stature by your physical height or your morality, you are a small man. And you do represent a great deal of Britain in this way.

To quote a counterpunch writer on the matter of tropes about muslims: << The problem with the present French position is that it gives wide latitude to people who care little or nothing for cultural awareness. Stephane Charbonnier, the murdered editor of Charlie Hebdo, seemed uninterested in the real cultural consequences of his personal practice of freedom. In truth, he was an extremist who persisted on insulting a religion of 1.8 billion adherents, the vast majority of whom are peaceful folks. As he knew no bounds to his freedom to be brutally insulting, so his behavior activated a small number of Muslim extremists willing to be even more brutal than Charbonnier. This led to his violent death. In death he has become a French cultural icon - in total disregard of the extremist nature of his behavior and the counter-extremism it triggered. >>

And to quote another: << With utter contempt for history and context, the pundits discuss freedom of speech as the central issue. Freedom of speech in France where it is a criminal offense to "deny" the Holocaust of European Jews. Where an anti-semitic remark, even one overheard in a bistro, can land one in considerable trouble, with loss of one's job and a fine. Where an offhanded comment cost a writer at Charlie Hebdo his job because it was deemed anti-Semitic. Where the predecessor to Charlie Hebdo, Hari-Kiri Hebdo, was banned decades back when it took a swipe at Charles DeGaulle, just after his death, resulting in its rechristening itself as Charlie Hebdo on reopening. And where anti-Islamic insults in the mass media are just fine. >>

And what is the result of this rampaging xenophobia coming not only from the Tommy Robinsons of our society, not only from Katie Hopkins and Boris Johnson but from neoliberal Britain - from Jess Phillips, from Trevor Phillips, from Cameron's government (and its Go Home vans), from May's government? What is the result with reference to the muslim British public whom these public servants are allegedly there to serve? This from the Independent sums up the realities as they are today in 2021: << Contrary to the mainstream narrative that veiled and bearded people are flooding through our borders, a significant number of Muslims are leaving their homeland because of rising rates of targeted religious hate crimes. Despite this reality, harmful discourse in the media, politics and places of power continues to contribute to an increasingly hostile environment that is driving British Muslims away. >>

The same article explains very clearly what the problem is: << Sama Khan, who requested for her real name to be protected, is moving to Pakistan with her three children, her husband and her mother in the summer. She was born in the affluent London borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and her parents came to the UK during Partition. Sama told me: "I wouldn't want to leave. This is where I've been born and bred. My family's here .. everyone's here. But I have to think about the future and my kids. If we stay, they'll face discrimination - and their kids and their kids after them. I don't want them to feel like second-class citizens. I don't want them to be miserable." >>

The article furnishes us with even more British tropers: << Last week, Michael O'Leary, the CEO of Ryan Air openly linked all men of "Muslim persuasion" to bombers, conflating religious extremists, who form less than 1 per cent of the international Muslim community, with non-threatening, normal travellers. >>

And this: << I do not have the words to respond to Sama's 10-years-old daughter, who told me she didn't "want to leave Nana's grave" before saying: "But I don't think British people want us here." >>

I know many of the people I went to school with hate me, hate my personality and only layer the hatred of muslims on top of that - they hate me for causing so much trouble about racism, such people, far more than they hate me for being muslim - if only I'd shut up, know my place and stay in my lowly rank, they'd not hate me. Well they should think about this - and about what it means for the way their descendants will live: << Until we address systematic discrimination in the UK, which trickles from the top downwards, and is reproduced through mainstream media outlets, we risk losing the Muslim journalists, doctors, business people, humanitarians, restaurateurs, academics, carers, partners and friends who have helped build the diverse nation that we are so proud of, since the 19th century. In their place, we will allow the radical alt-right to flourish instead. >>

So what will happen? Well clearly the muslim exodus from the UK will continue for many years and the 2 million will drop to a low number, and when there aren't enough muslims to demonise the usual suspects will pick on the next group and the next, and before you know it Britain will be about 95% to 100% 'white'. No doubt perceived as a backward third world state next to a considerably advancing globe. The brain drain is reversing, unless more than 0.1% of British people make a sincere effort to end the scourge of scapegoating minorities neoliberal (along with neoconservative) Britain has been conducting since before I was born.

Continuing, then, with more examples of Britain's anti-muslim trope-festivity: FGM, the mother of all tropes.

So you probably heard in recent decades numerous loud preachy voices attacking muslims over the issue of female genital mutilation (FGM) and perceiving this as a 'muslim problem'. This is false, as you'll soon appreciate with just one glance at data from the African Women's Organisation (which I haven't included below but which concurs with the United Nations / World Health Organisation which does appear below), but first an insight into how it impacts people's lives when you spread tropes:

I worked at a conference company in London Bridge, as a sales person getting delegates to sign up for defence sector conferences. An organiser of one, an American Catholic woman a bit younger than I, called Anya, had her conference saved by me, when I joined the company and had 'record sales results' in my first few weeks. Many employees had resigned in protest and left her conference in the lurch, because of their beef with the company - and I was one of the people recruited to fill the gap. I turned her conference around and was able to prevent its being cancelled by signing up just enough delegates.

After three months I left the company as I didn't like their financial practises, but I joined facebook in subsequent months and added many of my former colleagues, who were glad to receive me. On facebook Anya was bleating about muslims being evil and carrying out FGM and I told her that nobody in my family, no muslim women in my family containing dozens and dozens of them, has ever had such an operation and that it's not muslim. She then called me a terrorist and an FGM doer, and so on, the usual racist western crusading response. And presumably deleted me and so on, and others joined in of course, demonising the muslim.

So now take a look at data which stretches far beyond the fact that none of the many many muslim women in my family have ever suffered "FGM" -

The World Health Organisation explains << Though no religious scripts prescribe the practice, practitioners often believe the practice has religious support. Religious leaders take varying positions with regard to FGM: some promote it, some consider it irrelevant to religion, and others contribute to its elimination. >>

The United Nations, at, says this about the matter: << "In many communities, the practice may also be upheld by beliefs associated with religion (Budiharsana, 2004; Dellenborg, 2004; Gruenbaum, 2006; Clarence-Smith, 2007; Abdi, 2007; Johnson, 2007). Even though the practice can be found among Christians, Jews and Muslims, none of the holy texts of any of these religions prescribes female genital mutilation and the practice pre-dates both Christianity and Islam (WHO, 1996a; WHO and UNFPA, 2006). The role of religious leaders varies. Those who support the practice tend either to consider it a religious act, or to see efforts aimed at eliminating the practice as a threat to culture and religion. Other religious leaders support and participate in efforts to eliminate the practice. When religious leaders are unclear or avoid the issue, they may be perceived as being in favour of female genital mutilation." >>

Here's an example of what you'll find if you actually investigate the reality of FGM by consulting the world's leading authorities such as the World Health Organisation and the relevant women's groups in Africa which are trying to combat FGM:

Percentage of women who 'support' genital mutilation, aged 15 to 49:

Guinea: Christian 61, Muslim 69

Mali: Christian 52, Muslim 81

North Sudan: Christian 42, Muslim 79

Eritrea: Christian 32, Muslim 73

Ethiopia: Christian 58, Muslim 76

Burkina Faso: Christian 7, Muslim 21

Ivory Coast: Christian 10, Muslim 50

Central African Republic: Christian 21, Muslim 31

Kenya: Muslim 15, Christian 26

Nigeria: Muslim 7, Christian 16

Benin: Christian 3, Muslim 10

Niger: Christian 7, Muslim 9

So as you can see clearly FGM in Africa is not specific to a religion, indeed jews, christians and muslims in Africa are known to both practise it and oppose it depending on where you are. A not unintelligent reader will appreciate that it is a tribal practise pre-dating these Abrahamic religions in Africa, it appears to be largely concentrated in Africa and among African-descended communities and has negligible presence as a custom outside Africa; it has nothing to do with Moses, Jesus or Mohammed, but of course the western press, from the Guardian's 'feminists' to the tory 'nationalists' loooove to demonise Mohammed, Muslims and anyone who tries to 'deny' that Mohammed and Muslims are evil demons.

And let's put a question to Private Eye here, on the topic of treating women properly even when they're not white - in recent years you were 'mocking' Shamima Begun, as I have mentioned, and AT THE SAME TIME that 'Labour' MP was talking about 'people with funny tinges' - and neither you, nor anyone else in our media, no other comedians, not Mitchell or Webb or anyone else - ridiculed her - but you, Private Eye, were busy ridiculing Shamima Begum, a mentally ill British child. Years ago I was working in London bridge for the defence sector and on a lunch break I met a young British asian girl collecting for charity, but she was in tears. It turns out an old white woman had come up to her and just spat on her face and walked off. That's what happens when people like you help demonise muslims and never ever ever ridicule old (or young) white women (or men) for being racist. To me, Hislop and co, you are nothing more than the spit of an old white racist woman/man.

And take a look at this, reader:, some fresh (3rd December 2021) and prime examples of British xenophobia aimed at muslims. And here: (mid January 2022) - no doubt I'll keep adding to this if I can handle the horror - the production line of white British racism is always in full swing.