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White British racists use the word 'unhinged' to mean not thinking like a white racist.

Chris Williamson posted a short video warning that the NATO military alliance contributes a major nuclear threat to our world by its very existence, something an array of exemplary humans such as those involved with the Doomsday Clock, agree on. A white racist (as far as one can see, there is no other reason to put nuclear military 'power' before human survival, unless you see most of the human race as your enemy) replied as follows:

<< Sam Marner: This is quite unhinged Chris >>

For Sam, 'unhinged' happens to match with what most of the human race, most of planet earth, agrees is in fact the sane, cold, real view of the world, with him and a small group of isolated sheltered self-defined 'white' 'majority' nations in a tiny bubble, disagreeing with the entire world about how racist, greedy and above all dangerous their behaviour is. I saw a book in Waterstone's earlier called "The War on the West" - amazing. After centuries of imperialism, suddenly 'the west' is claiming to be 'a victim' of a war? The US bases all over the world tell a far clearer story about the 'west' and its 'wars'.