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When people discriminate against non white people should they be deported to Rwanda to deter others from doing the same?

Migration Observatory Oxford tells us: << The government has stated that the aim of the policy is to 'tackle illegal migration, control our borders and crack down on the criminal gangs exploiting this international crisis', making specific reference to 'migrants who make dangerous or illegal journeys, such as by small boat or hidden in lorries'. The government has suggested that sending people to Rwanda will deter unauthorised arrivals. >>

Naturally Migration Observatory points at the fact that there is no evidence that it will 'deter' people, and I don't know if they have pointed out that this is just an exercise in jingoism to promote the personal and collective power of a few particualrly racist segments of British society, but if we PRETEND (it's not true) that this vicious policy can and will 'deter' people from doing something they should not - my next question: the potentially 70% of Britain which discriminates, largely against "non white" people (a 70% which discriminates against its victims, discrimination which shapes its actions and their lives) as has been shown by organisations like London School of Economics, can we think of some equivalent of deporting racists who discriminate against non white people to Rwanda?