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RupertBoris MurdochJohnson and his fantasies of 72 virgins.

I was born 'a muslim' and the first I heard about '72 virgins' which a lot of white racists and others seem to imagine 'muslims believe in' was when white racists brought it up in the media, in my 30s or so. In fact most of the terrorist-minded people I've known were non muslim (and have worked for organisations like Mckinsey, Royal Shakespeare Company, the Conservative Party and the Fabians) and most of the sane scientific minds I've known were born 'muslim'. But that's nothing to do with islam, it's not even to do with 'whiteness', it's to do with perceived whiteness (and the pressure it puts on victims of it to better themselves and to be intellectually honest, such as the case of many jews in and just after Hitler's era or today's equivalent of those 'jews', ie western muslims in this apex in human history of white supremacist imperialism) - a condition causing white people to call themselves that, ie ordinary humans like the rest of us come out and define themselves as 'white' and as a 'different species' - imagine if people with slightly longer ears or slightly chubbier fingers or something defined themselves as a separate species from the rest of us, culturally, morally, etc - skin mutation is no different.

So, to the nub of "point 72", the 72 virgins point. So the two most crucial things I did in my adult life, I believe, or two of the most crucial things, were 1. pursue love in spite of odds, out of principle - ie stay true to the one I love in spite of the racism blocking us from EVER being together or even knowing each other better than when we were kids. 2. Deciding, 24 hours ago or so (at 20:20 gmt on 23 May 2022, in fact), to stick to my guns and seek a way to help the disenfranchised of Britain through coming up with 'an algo I can teach them' to 'eat bankers alive'.

The first thing caused me to succeed in trying to change the imbalance, giving myself much financial power. It didn't magically make me go back in time or get my true love back or change her life away from the idiotic white racist path she took, like everyone else I knew, even the tokens, all but all took. But it did cause me to be able to survive the floodlike financial collapse of Britain now emerging, and has changed my life, made me one of tomorrow's survivors and the new ruling 'class'.

Secondly the decision, spurred by irritating white racists in a video called "resisting woke". The speaker, well educated, was so horrifyingly disgraceful and the multitudes of white racist former BNP style fans made me realise I can't leave the alleged 'woke' with no defence against the global NATO-KKK movement. So I stepped up the pace and because I found a way I could genuinely easily get poor, disenfranchised, tired people to use to make money easily, I suddenly catapaulted myself into financial power which had not been my destiny unless I was going to be selfless about getting it, ie trying to make something for the most weak among us, that they could use - and that caused me to end up with something truly of financial dream makers. And yes, I will teach it the way I have to - but that's not about arbitrary public speaking and education - only one by one, very few people will be taught by me and will acquire this power also - people who above all do not discriminate against not just me but anyone at all in any kind of unreasonable way. Discriminating against letting an actual rapist be alone with you, a vulnerable woman, that is one thing. Pretending every muslim or brown person is that and discriminating against them - well, that's exactly the same as being the rapist in the first example. So think about that. To whom will I give this magnificent power? No one lightly. The universe bestowed it on me very precisely and clearly for precise reasons. It can be lost just as easily. I will seek only, as usual, to 'do the right thing'. People who imagine that is fanatical, irrational or 'unscientific' have no idea how much they would value the financial power I have today and how intellectually honest they would be about protecting it.

As for Boris Johnson and his 72 virgins - a lot of sexually obsessed, racist, deviant, self-declared 'white' men often seem to point at moderate muslims who aren't obsessed with sex and say "it's a conspiracy, they believe that not being sex-mad idiots like me will get them 72 virgins when they die - indeed this makes all muslims likely to blow themselves up asap, to get their virgins, because like me they drool over anything in a skirt except a Scotsman".