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Pseudoscientists of the west talk but do not listen.

I was talking to another friend of mine in Putney, a nice guy, a dentist seemed, once to me, to be a little more intelligent than other western pseudo-scientists. The other day I was passing after a long time so I said hello to him and we got talking and I mentioned something I thought ought to be medically/scientifically interesting to him: the use of an indian aryuvedic toothpaste had been doing wonders for me so I told him about some of its advantages: the lack of flouride, I pointed out, means it doesn't harm your digestive system. This immediately got him on the white-defensive, you know how western pseudo-scientists are about their sacred cows and for dentists enhancing your enamel artificially with fluoride is a sacred cow. Cheekily, knowing he probably didn't know, I said to him "as a dentist I'm sure you're fully aware that if an infant swallowed the contents of a small fluoride toothpaste tube they would die." Now instead of trying to be reasonable with me, this white male typical western self-adulating pseudo scientist said that I was trying to say that fluoride causes tooth decay: THAT is what he managed to turn my statement into. Meanwhile his ignorant worshipping junior European female hygenist stood by saying (of me) "he's trying to kill us!" - in that laughing teenage girl way. Which made me very angry, so I told the pseudo-scientist right off and left and will not waste any of my time with such scum, whether I know them or just presume in advance that they are scum, when meeting western pseudo-scientists. As for the facts around fluoride, using healthier toothpastes, not eating stuff or drinking stuff which hyperdegrades your teeth, etc - I'll write about that another day, with detailed references.