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Britain's intellectual shortfall.

A pleasant educated man in Putney I know who had to shoot squirrels to prove to his father in law that he was worthy of penetrating the man's daughter's vagina exposed new levels of British stupidity to me. He mentioned that he had very weird side effects from the cov vaccine but that he didn't want to sound mad so only mentioned it to his doctor who said it probably was side effects. Anyway he claimed also that the plight of one vegetarian 80 year old he knows disproves BMJ's articles indicating plant based diets protect you against it. 100% ingenuously this sanctimonious typical Briton told me that chain smoking tobacco prevents people from getting covid. He began to give me what Britons call a "scientific explanation" but did not manage to as by then I was ripping the piss and not letting him finish any more sentences. Meanwhile Britain's "satirists" are busy laughing at the Russians because Britain's feudal owners spend much more money on celebrating how glorious they themselves are than Russia spends on commemorating the time Russia defeated Hitler: