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White Racial Preference - the scourge of trying to get a job or trying, naively, to meet people who are sincerely not treating you as beneath them if you're not non-non-white and are British.

As well as reading the content of this page, do also click here to understand the 'numberwang antisemitism' game played by the 70% racist population of Britain - which hates musims, Palestinians and non zionist jews.

It looks like my efforts with markets have placed me beyond the problems I have faced much of my life due to Britain's racism, but millions of others are still trapped inside that racist limited society, so it is vitally important in my position to more than ever draw YOUR attention, readers, to this material, no matter whether you're non-white or not non-white. Have a read of this data and follow all of the urls below to make an honest, extensive study of this topic if your life hasn't already given that to you, or if you have and you want some data with which to stop your racist white peers and 'friends' from behaving so reprehensibly when you want them to take a good look at their own racial preferences and those of the world around us.


So rather than wasting minutes of your precious time being hysterical about the Numberwang-antisemitism-claims, what REAL racism do we need to concern ourselves about?

Let us examine, since these people are crusading against 'racism' - let us see what real racism is under their noses and which is stuff none of them - Nick Cohen, Margaret Hodge, Jonathan Freedland, Jess Phillips, Theresa May and her posse of amazingly grotesque conservatives (the biggest contributor to Corbyn's voters? Tories fleeing the shame? Perhaps not the biggest, but it must count for a lot) - to name but a handful of these insufferable arses - none of these pantomime politicians and 'journalists' are apparently even aware of, let alone concerned about the long list of genuine problems of a racism-related nature in Britain today which I shall now write down for you.


Let us start with jobs. With money. With the stuff you buy your food with. How does racism impact jobs in Britain? I suppose many of you don't know. Well, if you're white. Then you may not know. The rest tend to know in varying degrees. For example, Emily Dugan at the Independent writes:

<< Racial inequality in the workplace has worsened over the last decade, despite the fact that ethnic minorities now outperform white British students in education, research shows.

The Runnymede Trust, the charity behind the study, believes the findings point to institutional racism in the workplace. Ethnic minorities are also more likely to live in poor housing conditions, a comparison of census data from 2001 and 2011 in England and Wales has found.

Omar Khan, director of the trust, said: 'It's time we stopped telling ethnic minorities that all you need to do is get better qualifications and integrate more and it'll be fine. The evidence shows British ethnic minorities don't have a problem in terms of attitude, or education, or good grades, so what else explains their poor outcome in the labour market other than discrimination?'

In more than a third of districts in England and Wales there were increases in ethnic inequalities in employment over the 2000s. Newcastle, Leeds, Cardiff, Swansea and Bristol were amongst the cities which saw the gulf in employment outcomes for ethnic minorities when compared to white British citizens grow in the decade to 2011.

In some cases progress reversed dramatically. Ethnic minorities in Durham, Dover, Fylde and the Ribble Valley had better employment outcomes than white British people in 2001 but by 2011 they were worse.

Mr Khan said: 'I think racism is more hidden now. It's more insidious and hard to capture. It's easier to spot racism when it's Tommy Robinson and the EDL saying awful things. We absolutely need to rebut that, but it can distract attention from insidious racism happening across the country in public and private institutions that not only are preventing black and Asian people from being recruited and promoted but also are leading to higher rates of child poverty and lost opportunities for a third generation of British born ethnic minority young people.' >>

And Jamie Doward of the Guardian writes:

<< Ethnic minority graduates in Britain are much less likely to be employed than their white peers six months after graduation - and many can expect to earn less for years afterwards.

This dramatic divergence in life chances is revealed in a major study - the first comparison of how university choices, parental background and social class can affect students' chances of finding jobs and fulfilling their earnings potential.

The study, by the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex, finds that British ethnic minority graduates are between 5% and 15% less likely to be employed than their white British peers six months after graduation. There are also marked disparities in wages between many ethnic minority women and black Caribbean men who do manage to find jobs after graduation and their white counterparts.

It is a gulf that persists long after graduation, according to the study. It found that, three-and-a-half years after they left university, the difference between earnings for ethnic minorities, especially women, and their white peers increases, suggesting they may be finding it harder to climb the career ladder. >>

And Rajeev Syal at The Observer writes about how in 2009 a sting operation revealed racism in UK employment.

In October 2009 a government sting operation targeting hundreds of employers across Britain has uncovered widespread racial discrimination against workers with African and Asian names.

Abigail Morris, employment policy adviser to the British Chambers of Commerce, said << The researchers only used nine occupations, and I am not sure that the number of replies they received is a representative sample. >>

The National Centre for Social Research, commissioned by the Department for Work and Pension (DWP), sent three different applications for 987 actual vacancies between November 2008 and May 2009. Nine occupations were chosen from across the pay spectrum.

This data on its own shows considerable racism in the way employment is awarded and Abigail Morris' response indicates the reasons why Government has done nothing to start fixing the problem.

So consider, to begin with, how many lives are hugely impacted by this form of racism every day and throughout a person's life - their opportunities, their health, everything is contingent on being able to earn enough - but for non white Britain there are few roads which lead to enough.

We hear so-called feminists talking about the very real 'pay gap' but there is a racial pay gap which they don't appear to be that interested in talking about if they are 'feminist' and white.

Kiran Daurka at Leighday writes:

<< A comprehensive look at the true cost of entrenched race discrimination, the EHRC puts a clear spotlight on a divided nation. If this report does not 'start a conversation' about race, then the impact on Britain's reputation within a global market will be hugely detrimental. >>

She points out:

<< The report also highlights that there is a race pay gap. Government should now introduce mandatory race pay gap reporting alongside the mandatory reporting to be completed in relation to the gender pay gap (which it is understood will come into force as of April 2017, with the first reporting to take place in April 2018).

There is no good reason why pay gap reporting should not also cover BAME employees.>>

According to Kiran, << Alongside this, we remain in denial that we live in a society with racial preference. This is now less of a surprise following the surge in reported race hate crime post-Brexit. But the metropolitan cities must not be complacent, as race discrimination pervades all systems - education, health, justice and employment. >>

So to begin with, what do the numberwangers say about this systemic racial discrimination impacting millions of British people, impacting their employment opportunities and the basis of their material lives? NOTHING. For it is not numberwang. Somehow it is worthy of a great furore if a man claims that the so-called 'anti-semitism' related defamation of Corbyn and many of his allies is being conducted disingenuously, intellectually dishonestly - THAT is a reason to have a hissy fit. But the millions of non white youngsters whose intelligence is way in excess of the opportunities they are permitted due to the tone of their skin and the name on their birth certificate are nothing for Nick Cohen, Margaret Hodge, Jonathan Freedland, Dacre, Murdoch, Jess Phillips, Theresa May, Boris Johnson, or any of the other absolute cretins to concern themselves over. That's not important. What's important is if a Labour NEC member claims that allegations of anti- semitism are being made up by far right ultra nationalist racists.




CLICK HERE to now face the truth about the dishonest attempt to label critique of Israel's bloody genocide a form of 'anti-semitism'.