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Russians, Europe, America

The Ukraine-Russian showdown has inadvertently exposed sooo much white racism in the west, so sharply, so damningly, it's not possible to be an appeaser of white racists in the west and have any sense of dignity - those who aid and abet this 60% to 70% racism in places like Britain are not fooling anyone, not even themselves, they have zero dignity. No form of poverty is as undignified as is being the equivalent of a jew who serves nazis in killing other jews. And for "The woman with around 30 relatives trapped in Kyiv who has one simple message for Putin" I have this message: the millions of people who had relatives trapped in numerous countries you and your buddies RAPED for oil and weapons profits - what about them? Do you have a comment yet or are you still unvocal about those atrocities committed in the name of you and your children? Any thoughts, genocidal hypocrite? No? Fuck you.

If you really want to help Ukrainians, western 'I'm not racist' people who believe in eugenics when probed, I think saying things of the sort Inger Stojberg is saying is pretty much the opposite of what you need to do - doing it is only really going to make it take longer for Ukraine to resolve its issues. Russia Today informs us: << "We might as well be honest about the fact that we would rather help Ukrainian refugees than Somalians and Palestinians," former immigration minister Inger Stojberg, whose party passed the law, wrote on Facebook. "No one dares to say it like it is: It's because the Ukrainians are more like us and because they are primarily Christians." >>