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50 to 75% of Britons believe in eugenics, even if they don't specifically call it that, their beliefs in it are demonstrable: the vast vast majority of Britons are white, so that means that something close to 75% of white Britons believe in eugenics (ie they are racist).

An article in The Conversation tells us:

<< Let's look at racist beliefs first. Through the European Social Survey, we asked a representative sample of the British public two questions on "biological racism" - that is, the belief that there are innate differences between racial or ethnic groups. A belief that innate differences make some groups inherently superior to others is generally taken to be the core idea of racism.

We asked whether interviewees agreed that "some races or ethnic groups are born less intelligent than others" and found that 18% of the British public agreed with the statement. We also asked whether "some races or ethnic groups are born harder working than others", to which a substantially larger percentage - 44% - said yes.

Perhaps the difference between these two percentages is due to political correctness. The claim that there are innate group differences in intelligence would widely be recognised as a racist statement, whereas innate differences in work ethic may not have the same blatant connotations. But whether we go for the lower or the higher figure, on this evidence a substantial minority of the British public subscribe to some form of racist belief. >>

Of course the analysis doesn't include people who lie to cover up their racism, understanding the implications of the question, so taking the 44% and then some more, presumably you'll get more than 50% probably no more than 75% of white Britons overall. Of course non white people in Britain may be going along with similar beliefs, but they ARE being told, aggressively, to embrace the ideology of what Johnson calls "the white majority" - and so they can't really be blamed for copying what 75% of white people are doing, but of course it's likely to be far less among them because they get to experience first hand the fact that these racist beliefs are untrue, when they are slighted, regularly, by white racism/discrimination. In this bit of evidence lies the key to white Britain's problem - because it's easy to pretend that white people who worship jews as superior humans are "not racist" or rather "not anti-semitic" - which manages to blur the notion of "biological racism" so well that people who imagine jews are devious deadly-minded geniuses get away with being seen as "not anti-semitic" and are clearly in the majority in Britain. To put it bluntly, EUGENICS IS EUGENICS. I met a Scottish woman in Fulham and was chatting and I thought she wasn't a racist, I was glad, but before long she was saying "bring back Polish plumbers" (yeah, all Polish people just want to be plumbers, it's Polish ideology, and probably to speak broken English) and "I don't trust the Chinese". Anyway reader, I think you see the problem now, if you actually were objective and self-critical enough to read all this and let me tell it to you.