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When you send out fake elite numpties who are nothing more than hyper-consumer preppy saleswomen to deal with actual statespersons in other nations in this day and age you are being wholly self-destructive.

So this numpty "Liz Truss" about whom I know very little because everything about her makes me suspect that the less I know about her the happier my life will be and the same goes for millions like her, so this numpty Truss has made an idiot of herself during a simple exchange of words with a Russian public servant of some sort. Thanks to following Pepe Escobar's up to the minute news on that situation I found my way to the heart of the matter, which is elucidated even in the mainstream NATO press here:

Truss is clearly a bit of a Tom Saunders of a woman. Our society is run by em at all levels, bottom to top. Brittasland. So some Russian asked her pointedly if Russia has a right to build up soldiers in two particular places which are inside Russia and next to Ukraine - and Truss, not being remotely familiar with any of the names and places, it seems, being a 'qualified' Foreign Secretary, apparently presumed the places he mentioned were in Ukraine and said no. The British Ambassador had to correct her. This exposed, perhaps by design, a level of ineptness which is unacceptable even in non crisis, non emergency, non potential nuclear disaster situations. So if you are someone who 'gains' from white entitlement and white racial preference and you want to know "where's the harm?" - well when you judge people based on things like the colour of their skin, you end up with people as inept as Truss asked to do jobs as vital and sensitive as the one she royally f@cked up there, so much so her own propagandists and cheerleaders had to quickly 'come clean' - as reuters has done, to the limited extent that an imperialist source representing concentrated private power could ever do.

There are not many dimensions to people like Truss, and indeed Starmer, whom the Times itself (Murdoch's Times) has branded a "NATO hawk" as he attempts to be even more overtly thuggish and genocidal than Truss, or do I mean Russophobic not genocidal? Well, I think the general desire of Truss and Starmer is, at least they'd like a lot of people to believe, to kill a hell of a lot of Russians at the first 'excuse'/'opportunity' - that's what'll get em votes, saying "let's kill a load of Russians with our brave lads and lasses in our wonderful ethical murdering institutions we call our 'defence' 'forces', yeah! Let's do it. Vote for me. I want to represent you in the area of getting deals with corporations for myself so I can live it large, ultimately. Look at my drool as I think about all that personal wealth I'll gain from pandering to the media-fed corporate-dictated thirst for mass bloodshed, war, division, huge profit for the 'war corporation' - look at the drool, my name is Truss, my name is Starmer, as I think of Russians being blown to pieces like the muslims and others I've been a part of doing that to, I drool, because of how many mansions like Tony Blair I can get me, bling bling, somebody get Sacha Baron Cohen to mock poor non white people and pretend they're the ones doing what I'm doing, look at my drool, I worship money (just like you my dear voter)."

Not many dimensions, by which I mean to say that they are simple people, simple thugs with very little scope for thought or action, they are tightly bound, constrained within a small predictable range of stupid antics, such as Truss's being so easily tripped up and exposed as ignorant of the culture she wishes to talk down to and give orders to. I've met my own MP, a Labour MP called Fleur, I voted her in, but the fact is like Truss, like Starmer, a team of very young school debaters could make mincemeat out of her, because these people aren't capable of reasoning, let alone of oratory, they are office workers, taught to do presentations, marketing and obedience. That punctuates everything which happens in their lives. Simpletons. And I'm sorry to bring it up, Mr Corbyn, Mr Brand, etc, but there are MANY of them, not few, and they aren't gathered into one single group, institution, identity or characteristic, they spread across them all and their opposite, in its minority, is also spread across them all, although naturally less so among those with the greatest illegitimate entitlement given to them, and grid point 48 suggests that this means over 50 million Britons may be impacted by this dampening of ability/survability brought on by dependence on what can only fairly be described as bestial/brutish theft from others.

As Escobar points out: << The British ruling class, who once ruled the waves, should know better: you don't appoint astonishingly stupid people for top political positions where they have to face pros with twice their IQ. >>

Let's be honest Pepe, those Russians don't have 'twice' Truss's IQ. A big mac has twice Truss's IQ. If you divide any of Truss's Russian peers' IQ by her IQ, you get a much bigger number than two. British celebrities, if you look closely, mostly strive to out-stupid each other - and I would class most 'political' 'workers' and 'representatives' in Britain and no doubt many other lands as 'celebrities', nothing more. Their power lies in no more than fame itself, almost none of them have any talent in any field whatsoever, often not even in becoming famous, they're just parachuted in by giants. Why do they (really, it's true) go out of their way to appear stupider than each other, each trying to be proved the stupidest of all (consider not only all of Boris Johnson's actions, but look at Keir Starmer's, the "sensible" alternative - in fact both try to win power, wealth and backing by bowing to the most stupid opinions possible, vis a vis each other. Power requires that their reps are as stupid as possible and do that which makes society as stupid as possible, when it comes down to it, and so these celebs really do compete to be more stupid than each other as it equates directly into money. If you think about it, for white people, white racial preference and white privilege make a lot of sense. Life becomes a lottery anyone can win not just by being born (eg prince Charles) but just by waking up in the morning sometimes, eg the inventor of any number of completely stupid consumer fads, facebook say, or whatever. In a society which is turned into a game which one class of people can win, from time to time, you remove much of the intellectual honesty and thus real survivability of the entire collective, not just the overtly racist, not just the overly privileged - not just the bad guys, the best thinkers, the most moral, the good guys - all of them suffer the same structural eradication of a truthful measure of their own ability, in the end).