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Whoopi Goldberg vs Jimmy Carr.

Let's sum this up in simple terms for the majority-cretinous British population: Whoopi Goldberg said the holocaust by Hitler was an issue of man's inhumanity to man and making it about 'race' is oversimplifying; they made her say sorry but she insisted that it was true, even if it's also true that race is something the holocaust of jews and others was about; they said nothing nice about her, they didn't say "she's a nice person, but she was a bit out of line", they said "you made an anti-semitic remark, get off". Jimmy Carr said "ha ha, the jews are lovely, but those gypsies, it's hilarious Hitler tried to kill them", to paraphrase the 'comedian'; Carr's words are PRECISELY the outcome of pretending that the holocaust by Hitler was about jews not about man's inhumanity to man - whether the people Hitler killed were jews or anyone else, the horror of it is the problem, not the identity of whom he abused. If people who are white and jewish and racist realised that and changed, then you wouldn't get morons like Carr saying utterly diseased things because of how much money he makes off em like a Sun headline. Of course you'll see people on the mainstream media continuing to treat Carr as their loved buddyboy. On GB news the man said to the other "we both know Jimmy's a nice guy" and put it down to 'misjudgment'. Is that like how Hitler misjudged whether or not gassing jews, gypsies, homosexuals, disabled people, and assorted other 'non pure white race' people was 'the right thing to do'?