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Descendant of self-defined 'white' people who pretend to be different from the rest of the world and who murdered jews by the million for being 'the wrong kind of white' pay attention you dumb fucks.

Primo Levi's book about his time in Auschwitz which I read, one of several he wrote, "If this is a man", showed in great detail the pain and humiliation and horror of the suffering of jews under Hitler - when I read it it immediately reminded me of my own humilation and pain and suffering at the hands of white racists. Today those racists push harder with abuse and humiliation and try to maintain that this abusive, violent way of theirs, their xenophobia, their violence, is part of a drive to do their duty to people like Primo Levi - when Levi's work shows clearly that this is about humilation, abuse, "man's inhumanity to man", and they, these people of the sort who smear Corbyn or Whoopi Goldberg or many others, even Soros, people have tried, since he takes the same position as chaps like Goldberg and Corbyn, these smears are part of a ritual humilation and attack which Primo Levi warned us is what Hitler did and we should not do to each other or ourselves. Consider that when you promote war and division, when you discriminate against people who are 'not white' or whatever it is that you discriminate against (in Britain, where I live, most of the 60 million people here discriminate against 'non white' people, muslims slightly more than most, but in reality about the same for everyone, but muslims are abused openly and proudly, a badge of honour. But in truth the 'white west' discriminates against everyone 'not white' as much as they do against muslims, they just do it more discreetly. If they wanted to they could even be discreet in how they abuse muslims, but currently it's fashionable to be seen to be a 'muslim-hater'. Even Keir Starmer, even the Lib dems, wouldn't dare to actually challenge the anti-islamic narrative. Muslims are, Levi would point out I am sure, the equivalent of jews to Hitler, ie we're the ones whose ritual humiliation is done openly as a kind of ritual of manhood and woman-with-penishood by most westerners, not just the white ones. What is sickest of all is how many jews abuse muslims thinking it does them a favour in the eyes of white people who discriminate against jews - ie they do it to protect themselves or assert themselves as part of the 'rest of the white' society, but in reality all they do is help perpetuate the underlying discrimination which causes so many white people to hate jews - ie they help spread racism by siding with racists against victims of racism, these jews I mention, jews like David Baddiel clearly. What do you even do for a living Baddiel? You talk bullshit and are paid for it. That's your actual income. Isn't that slightly retarded? What would Feynman or Chomsky make of your crap? You are a village idiot Baddiel).