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The 'white' approach to covid.

Right now in late Jan 2022, omicron "BA.2" has emerged and is a serious threat but the media and society are in total denial and are distracted. Their approach to covid is a 'white' approach and goes like this - they will carry on stubbornly being and doing what they are and do, all the time, making things worse, on every front, and sooner or later covid will throw in the towel and accept that their whiteness and brow beating trumps its deadliness!!!

When all you need to silence and shut down are vulnerable and exploited victims of your racial preference that may 'work', but trust me you will NOT save your kids' lives from covid by trying to treat it the same way you have treated your other designated 'enemies' like non white people. Calling covid 'woke', for example, or a wife beater or an anti-semite or a terrorist - will not make ANY DIFFERENCE AT ALL to its spread and to the deaths of your kids. Whitesplaining can't save you. Pseudo-science is pseudo-science. Your problems will get worse and worse until the day you begin to become an honest society. And even that day will only be the beginning of change for the better, it'll take a while after that.

And more stupid 'whiteness' RIGHT AT THIS TIME? Ukraine's puppet western leader beseeched Biden to 'calm down' as Ukraine doesn't want to become a blood bath, like Iraq. Johnson meanwhile is so desperate to save his career that he wants his own Falklands and has made extremely abusive remarks towards Russia, AFTER the Ukrainian leader's call for the west to not cause a war in Ukraine! Johnson wants and needs a war and many Ukrainians will die so he can stay Prime Minister and enjoy more parties as PM - obviously even when he isn't PM he'll carry on partying like Wayne and Garth and Blair and the Queen and Epstein and the lot of em. Weinstein. Party on Boris, they all say. Party on.

<< consumers, indifferent to ethics, and more than willing to criminalize and pathologize the enemy, reward mindlessness, and maintain, at all costs, silence >> is another place to start looking, if you have not yet understood key facts such as that 'race' is a nonsense, believed in by backward 'unscientific' numpties, sadly still the majority, at least in Britain and no doubt many nations it is involved with. A white skin mutation 5,000 years ago is very recent. The uniform nature of our ability to think, as a species, predates it by about 100,000 years. 'White' racists tend to equate their perceived superiority with Shakespeare and stuff like that, as recent publicity stunts by Johnson have shown so well, and of course the fact is that the capacity of 'white' 'Europeans' to print books and put them in libraries does not equate to some sort of birth of the capacity to think, as the deluded racists have been taught. Their 'world view' is based on the now entirely debunked notion of a 'white race' in Europe going back 50,000 years or more. Indeed, the 'white skin mutation' which is all that any 'white race' really amounts to is extremely recent and 'white' people are no different to anyone else in the world, in terms of their intelligence and what they are, essentially, what sort of creatures they/we are.

In essence, believing 'white (skin mutation) people' are 'different' in how their minds and morals operate compared with 'other coloured people' is like taking a red mini metro and a blue one, exactly the same inside, just with different paint, and saying "these two mini metros operate in different ways - I have no proof of this, but received wisdom given to me insists it is the case and that you are a liar if you contradict me, I need not examine any evidence and I can kill you for not agreeing with me as it's uncivilised of you to do so, and it is anti-semitic of you to even THINK about contradicting me you jew-hating gay-hanging woman beating muslamic rape gang terrorist commie!!"

Naturally the notion that people have causing them to imagine that their 'whiteness' makes them different - that notion IS guilty of making them fucked up and of making them do and think and say clearly very foolish things. This may confuse racist people, who may imagine that pointing at people who call themselves white and separate themselves from humanity and see themselves as superior to humanity, and saying that such people are in the majority groomed to be racist and fucked up - is somehow 'the same' as what those people are doing (ie the racists feel that saying that people who perceive themselves as 'white' are entirely racist, just from that presumption onwards, is 'racism' against 'white people' as they still obviously don't quite accept that they are the same as the rest of us, we are one species and skin tone is a surface level mutation which doesn't change that, as Chomsky says, our internal language and capacity for organised thought is virtually uniform across the species), it is in fact the reverse and people calling for an end to the fanatical belief in a 'white race' include very very many who would be labelled 'white' by those fanatics who wish to continue with this outdated 'categorisation'.

Plenty of vital material surrounding this matter is available and I've seen a few key bits of it, so I'll try and bring that info here asap from my archives. One tract of info you'll need to get stuck into is the subject of Hubert Harrison and Theodore Allen as currently explained by American academic Jeffrey B Perry. covers the issue of 'white racial preference' in 'majority white' societies like Little Britain.