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During the last couple of weeks I have taken algo 22 and created the most magic money tree tech yet.

I have the infinity algo now, as of 26 Jan 2022. It is totally amazing. While I was working on that the news papers, the government, the political classes, all my posh rich 'clever' 'educated' old friends etc have been busy like Marina Hyde saying "I WANT SOME BIRTHDAY CAKE TOO!" and "I want a party! I want a party NOW!" and "I want an oompa loompa daddy, I want an ooompa loompa NOW!!". And meanwhile I've been doing hard scientific work which puts me ahead of all global financial warriors in Israel, China, Russia, USA, the EU in general, Asia in general, etc, working hard, staying ahead. It wasn't just the last couple of weeks, this is the general behavioral pattern going back a long time - the British 'elites' have been very concerned with how much fun they can have for a long time, busy demanding the right to lord it over others and have a good time, and I've been making myself powerful against global dictators all that time too. This is our daft society. Warning to US and Chinese dictators aiming to take over Britain and others, warning to all financial dictators coming for Britain - I am strong, don't judge MY country by the behaviour of these numpties. FINANCIALLY ATTACK BRITAIN AT YOUR OWN PERIL. This is my turf now.

What is definitely splendid is this, relating to 'the conservation of morality' - this infinity algo came to me on exactly the same day the NEC was making a fresh declaration that Corbyn would not be allowed back into the Labour Party. Pure conservation of morality. The people doing that to Corbyn would be SO better off if they weren't empowering me against them so monumentally - they should not do the wrong thing to Corbyn, as they have done - and earn the opposition from me they have - they were fools. Don't be like them, reader.

I was banned from Facebook again on the 14th, for legitimately being rude to Russell Brand as he defended a mad war monger who writes 'books for children' (Facebook's robot banned me, not Russell Brand, it was because I used some common south east London vernacular which American puritans will crucify you for using - thus I broke no rule in any real way at all, since Brand himself was not offended by my language and welcomes criticism, so Facebook, yet again, banned me illegitimately - though some would believe 'less so' than other occasions since I used 'a rude word') - and the result, in terms of C.O.M. was that out of the blue I found a way to brilliantly hedge algo 22, which made it into pure magic. I didn't even expect THAT boon, let alone what happened when the NEC punched Corbyn again - what is the infinity algo? Well it used the knowledge of the hedging of algo 22 to create something even more unbelievably powerful and dastardly. Does this mean I have to be 'glad' that these goons treat Corbyn and muslim Britain so badly? Well obviously not. But I am glad that the conservation of morality arms me financially against these malefactors.