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Towards a non-idiotic humanity.

Language, thought, morality, religion, atheism.

The advertising industry, its profits, the capitalist ideology and the harm it does to the true nature of people (and life on earth).

Intellectual honesty and Britain (and the west in general, from the USA to Eastern Europe).

Chomsky on concision and the whole brevity thing, Chomsky on media you could describe as democratic media.

An introduction to the world of good, bad and ugly "quantum physicists", their adherents, fan clubs, altars, vices, mad religions, base stupidity and ineffable unreliability other than in exceptional circumstances.

When science or truth or whatever name you pin on it is not for the faint of heart: "Not only is the evidence scattered among other data, but from much of what anyone knows there's almost no evidence at all".

If people's minds are their genetic inheritance then 'social systems' which create 'civilised society' are built on a completely false idea of how we, as beings, 'work' - and political systems, parties, religions, 'science', education, 'breeding'/'grooming' etc etc etc are all parts of those social systems the deluded (which means most humans, emphatically including effectively all the 'atheists') pretend 'create us' and define our minds, our personalities, etc - when this is the furthest thing from the truth, the diametric opposite. As long as people allow themselves to pretend the opposite is true (with peer pressure as the primary engine used to force them to allow this), all tyrannies can call upon the people themselves as witnesses to their, the people's, (imagined) 'need' to be controlled.

From Numberwang to Dave Lister PhD. Nature cannot be brow beaten.

Chomsky attacks most social scientists, artists, etc and the majority of hard scientists, indicating they are intellectually dishonest and blindly believe in disproven dogma.