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Stella Creasy, Boris Johnson, Arthur Daley - can you trust any of them? Seriously you need to ask that?

Maybe the causes run a little deeper than present-day numpties like Johnson telling mad English villagers that muslims are 'centuries behind them', feeding them the kool aid, making them believe they're all innately omniscient, but the case of Stella Creasy's recently saying things which fly in the face of the World Health Organisation's scientific advice is another of many examples showing us that in our society, and that is presumably our 'worldwide society' in all languages people are very ready to pretend to have scientific knowledge they don't have.

When Stella Creasy bemoaned the fact that only a third of the 12 to 15 year olds in her constituency have been given vaccines, she just imagined that what she said was consistent with WHO's advice, when it was in fact the opposite. At the time she made it, WHO's advice, and still is at the time of my writing this, was and is that they will only recommend that it's safe for people under 18 in general when they know that, and they don't know that, and they don't give out the recommendation she is PREACHING, not just recommending, using emotional words and forcing people to call each other bad things if they don't do as she says. She's pretending, readily, to have scientific knowledge she doesn't - as readily and sincerely as Arthur Daley would.