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Will a Prime Minister capable of telling these amazingly regressed retarded apes to shut up and listen to those who may teach them PLEASE STAND UP.

A western white racist abuses Corbyn as the latter makes a statement of solidarity with Bahraini dissenters and activists demanding Bahrain ends human rights violations:


Matt Groarke

Relevant to the UK and of course Corbyn will slag off Bahrain as they accept Israel..subtle anti Semitic actions again.


Tells us all, does it not? People who call you and me and Corbyn 'anti-semites' tend to be people who have no qualms about any abusive dictatorship as long as it supports x or y or z - in this case NATO and Israel as opposed to China. Presumably when Corbyn then calls out China this walking alcholic's-shit called Matt Groarke goes quiet, after all, China's one of the societies he no doubt loathes, particularly as China has frequently called out Israel's human rights violations.

"Subtle anti semitic actions" - what a phrase. What is nature doing to the human race, overloaded as it is with complete and utter genocidal dickheads like Groarke? Well we can see. Outside it's raining hell on our world. More of us need to tell silly little bastards like Groarke to get his head out of his own arse.

Under it is this loathesome walking snot-based life-form, no doubt full of booze, fat, gluten, with shits as smelly as the black hole of Calcutta:


Andy Robinson

Excellent... A speech from an Anti Semitic, terrorist sympathiser and Socialist on human rights. The memes and jokes just write themselves sometimes.


And another:


David Harounoff

So says the man paid £25k by the Gay hanging women - stoning Jewhating regime in Tehran to act as their Goebbels.


I ask my old school friends, the ones I mention in grid point 37, this question: are you not ashamed that these people I'm quoting are ON YOUR SIDE, stand WITH YOU, and claim to be protecting YOUR CHILDREN from me? Are you not ashamed before God? Are you not afraid of what nature and God will do to disastrously immoral people like yourselves and these allies of yours? My ally is Corbyn. I am proud of that. Look at your allies. Look at the people you have made into the 'team' YOUR OWN CHILDREN are a part of, a team which includes Blair, Johnson, Farage, Tommy Robinson, Rachel Riley - whether you like it or not, that's who is in the 'flock' you and your loved ones are part of. I can't imagine that what you experience is real love. No one who loves their children would be on the side of Blair, Johnson, Farage and Tommy Robinson and Rachel Riley instead of on the side of humanity, decency and Jeremy Corbyn.

It's as though a large contingent of white supremacists is hell bent on challenging nature and what the hippies and hindus call 'karma' to wipe them all out, and a fair few of the rest of us while it's at it.