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NHS is here to keep capitalism healthy not people healthy, Javid apparently thinks.

In a speech at the Tory conference, Sajid Javid has been quoted as saying people should turn to families before the NHS, and that we should take responsibility for each other in that way. If he were to really believe this he would look at the extent to which capitalism and profit-pursuit is pumping Britons full of things which doctors urge them not to consume. If a government is sincere about that which Javid speaks of it would put pressure on companies not to produce and sell things like that, certainly it would curb advertising which, as a rule, psychologically manipulates people into buying all that they do. In short his first port of call would be the people who pump ill health into our lives, not the various working members of a family who have to look out for themselves, and their families, already, without Javid apparently deciding to remove other avenues of help, which is the only way to interpret his sinister comment.