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First they tried to browbeat COVID the way they browbeat Corbyn - oh it's a foreign problem, not us, we're British - oh it's just a cold, ignore it, etc. Now they want to create what they call 'a hostile environment' for covid. Is the mad racism of British and American people their entire undoing? Will the tactics underlying racist abuse help Britain fight a virus? Will a virus be 'minimised' by people whose lives seem to be modelled on Alf Garnett's?

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"The immune system is left with a richer knowledge and understanding of the virus," said Prof Jonathan Ball, a virologist from the University of Nottingham.

He said for all the talk of the dastardly tricks of Omicron, a highly-trained immune system is "an incredibly difficult and hostile environment" for the virus and its variants.


That's from a bbc article about why a third shot of vaccine works even when two shots fail. It's clearly an oversimplification and in that regard will cause more harm by making people continue to be reticent about living healthier lives rather than turning to corporate-made drugs for solving this particular problem which really won't go away until the globe has a healthier majority population. Fortunately the virus itself will provide that outcome if humans fail - ie by killing much of the human race. Naturally I won't link to the bbc article for that reason, it is propagandist and scientifically unsound.

It is absolute nonsense to describe what they're doing as 'training the immune system' - doing the latter involves having a healthy diet and lifestyle, nothing else. Medical drugs don't make your immunity better, medical drugs are there when you have FAILED to make your immune system better, when you have f*cked up. The pretence that people being stuffed full of recently-developed corporate drugs have 'improved immune systems' is about as true as saying Jeremy Corbyn hates jews. In other words it is ENTIRELY false and being stated, sincerely often, by people who are just intellectually barren and ethically questionable.