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The truth is both Labour and Conservative are equally islamophobic and anti-semitic (and the Lib dems are the same as them, and the other parties are too), and both are slightly more islamophobic than anti-semitic, and this is a reflection on the general non-muslim and non-jewish population of Britain. Defensiveness over this is presumably why jewish racists have been allowed (by either near silence or (unracist British jews') being a minority, it's hard to tell as there are only about 600,000, smaller even than the 2,000,000 muslim population of Britain) by the rest of Britain's jews to aid and abet white racism against muslims.

This is very hard for British people to hear, for my allies on the 'left wing' as well as the many many opponents of theirs.

To begin with, the 'anti-semitism' smears against Corbyn, Williamson and numerous Labour MPs and voters were a singular act of white supremacist terrorism. There is no other word for it. As someone at the receiving end of the islamophobic environment Cameron, May, Blair, Brown, Starmer, Johnson etc create, I have to tell you - you are terrorists who attempt to use fear and violence to make me obey you or die (of attrition, in the ghetto, along with so many others).

But I am not here to defend the Labour party, whether its leader is Corbyn or Blair, or to suggest that either Labour or the Tories are better than the other. In fact CLEAR, IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE is available proving quite the opposite.

And so I must emphasise that this document's primary readers are the English speaking muslims of the world and the English speaking jews of the world, its secondary readers are British non-jews-non-muslims. So I shall address my remarks, from here on, to those jews and muslims, and the rest of you must stand behind them and listen and pay attention and your interactions can follow those of the jews and muslims.

Muslims and Jews of Britain and the English speaking world, including of course the USA, the statements concerning anti-semitism and islamophobia made by our closest allies, people like Corbyn, Williamson, Counterpunch and no doubt other worker institutions and movements simply are not nuanced enough. This is indeed the main reason Corbyn failed to thwart the xenophobic smear campaign which attempted to label the least racist Britons, along with all muslims, as anti-semites, terrorists, terrorist appeasers, etc. This is why I hope the worker movements will also read this and not just you, jews and muslims of Britain, USA, Canada, and other parts of the English speaking world, other cultural colonies of racist England. They have no real notion of the nature of the beast as it is experienced here in the motherland of their 'whiteness'.

So, my jewish and muslim friends, let me now show you an extract of an analysis which overturns not only what the xenophobes like Johnson and Hodge claim about Britons, muslims, jews, socialists and people who are white and 'not socialist' but it even overturns the responses of the majority of the left wing which tried to defend Corbyn, albeit without being honest about the true nature of white racism in Britain.


Check that link out. Read it properly you lazy work-shy fool. Yes, you. Read it properly. Here's a key quote:


We set out to gather some evidence on the extent of bias by local politicians against their constituents, using a correspondence experiment. We sent ten thousand emails to councillors with a quick question, and randomised whether they came from a stereotypically Christian name (Harry or Sarah White), Jewish name (Levi or Shoshana Goldstein), or Muslim name (Mohammad or Zara Hussain). We kept the email short in order to minimise the burden placed on our busy objects of study.

Response rates were six to seven percentage points lower to the Muslim and Jewish names - a clear evidence of bias. We don't however see more bias against Jewish names by Labour councillors. Neither do we see more bias against Muslim names by Conservative councillors. Such discrimination in the provision of services based on race or religion is against UK law. This form of discrimination by councillors may have substantive impacts for constituents. For example councillors set policy on access to the limited supply of social housing, policies which have been documented to disadvantage ethnic minorities.


So you see, the truth is not that Labour is not anti-semitic or that Corbyn's Labour was somehow 'more' anti-semitic than the rest of Labour or that the tories are more islamophobic than the Labour party and most of its members, voters and workforce. The truth is that most of white Britain hates muslims noticeably more than jews but hates jews too. The crimes committed by councillors, MPs and others can be prosecuted by someone with immense wealth and no doubt that will happen so don't worry jews and muslims of Britain. We can catch them now, bang to rights. They won't change so there's no danger that it will become impossible to pin them down in courts and convict hundreds of British government workers, party members and 'ordinary' business owners, etc. Their illegal discrimination against muslims, jews and no doubt others, can be prosecuted and class actions can be taken and we can take it to international courts, to the united nations, beyond. They are as guilty as Hitler. 200 leading jewish specialists in the area of Hitler's crimes provide ample evidence to show that.