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Impact of islamophobia amplified by organisations like facebook has led to a major court case.

Read the following: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/dec/06/rohingya-sue-facebook-myanmar-genocide-us-uk-legal-action-social-media-violence.

Since it is the Guardian it is probably relatively biased in favour of facebook, but the material facts are what you should be digesting. Obviously the real problem is the vastly xenophobic population of facebook/meta users, so the court case can achieve very little even if it succeeds, which appears doubtful. It is an excellent move, however, it is nice to see people taking this to the next level. As my own case shows, facebook is a hotbed of hatred of muslims - hatred of muslims, worldwide, is fanned by facebook, protection of people who brand all muslims paedophiles, woman-beaters, terrorists, etc - plays a huge role in not only cementing racist hatred and exclusion but also, as the Rohingya case indicates, the end result is often much worse than 'merely' the violence muslims suffer in 'lone wolf' attacks by xenophobes in western societies - as well as deepening of institutional xenophobia, whether in employment, justice health. It is nice to see a major case being made. I would be glad if they were to win, but it will still change very little. Britain's and Europe's and the USA's and Australia's and Israel's populations need to seriously address their failures as societies, failures above all not to be brutal, bestial and backward. These three 'bs' are caused by the three 'ps' 'good salespeople' are taught to sell everything with - prestige, pleasure, privilege.