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Money-ocracy and its millions of mad stupid minions, sales apes, total cretins.

So currently, on 28 Nov 2021, a few days after the WHO announced a new "variant of concern" called "omicron", the press and governments around me are all, along with almost all the people, without a doubt, all going "it's okay, it's not serious, it's not a problem, everything's fine" and are literally behaving as though the World Health Organisation did NOT just label it a variant of concern, whilst pretending to themselves that it's perfectly reasonable to assert that what WHO calls a 'variant of concern' is something they and their bosses, friends, companies, fellow shoppers can legitimately call 'not really serious', so let's peek at what are requirements of a mutant before WHO is officially 'concerned' about the mutant:


A SARS-CoV-2 VOI is a SARS-CoV-2 variant:

with genetic changes that are predicted or known to affect virus characteristics such as transmissibility, disease severity, immune escape, diagnostic or therapeutic escape; AND

that has been identified as causing significant community transmission or multiple COVID-19 clusters, in multiple countries with increasing relative prevalence alongside increasing number of cases over time, or other apparent epidemiological impacts to suggest an emerging risk to global public health.


A SARS-CoV-2 VOC is a SARS-CoV-2 variant that meets the definition of a VOI (see above) and, through a comparative assessment, has been demonstrated to be associated with one or more of the following changes at a degree of global public health significance:


increase in transmissibility or detrimental change in COVID-19 epidemiology; OR

increase in virulence or change in clinical disease presentation; OR

decrease in effectiveness of public health and social measures or available diagnostics, vaccines, therapeutics


So, reader, see here for the rest: - and meanwhile we are all mostly led and forced to behave as though there's no reason AT ALL to not keep ensuring to the max that corporate profit pumps away 'as normal' and we don't 'panic' or do anything to stop that, eg take measures we 'may' (yes, MAY,) not need to and inadvertently cause capitalism to crumble even more by our doing so.

First off, what is the reason we should be concerned? Well all the reasons WHO says it is a matter of 'concern'. Secondly, what may happen? Well, WHO presents, on their site, all sorts of info on the possible problems coming and how we can exacerbate them as well as how we can combat them. Finding an intelligent solution, o individual, will not come from one source or by doing what others tell you - ascertaining, with your mind, and the resources of the world, intelligently, what the answer is - that may help you, if such a feat is really within your grasp but if it isn't you may not be able to discern the latter fact and so inherent in the entire process, for you, is uncertainty, hence you cling so hard to received wisdom and orders you can 'just follow'. I'm sorry, but if you don't do the work, you won't achieve the result which comes about from that work. See also: