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Stupid Britain.

Our society is so stupid that most of the people in it will wait until 1,000,000 people in it have died of the current plague before saying "we need to take the sort of action which will definitely stop this thing killing millions of people" - they will naively and lazily go along with the Bilkos and Arthur Daleys of the world until there is the worst possible disaster in progress and THEN they will finally admit that their approach is flawed. Indeed that million may not be enough. They may buy into more lies until we're passed 3 million and the situation is almost entirely irreversible - ie the collapse of Britain. Right wing, 'centrist' and other capitalist governments may be in control even up to the point where 3 million are dead from this and a subsequent democratic government (eg Corbynlike) may not be able to stop the deaths without time and effort, and so it may flow on towards nearly 5 million if it reaches 3 million before we have a real change of the way society is run, a change curbing capitalism and corruption and anti-science in all its modern corporate manifestations and political manifestations.