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When non-zero numbers of British jews insist that abusing muslims is part of being decent, when non-zero numbers of British gay people imply that all homophobia in Britain is caused by its tiny muslim population and that all British and other muslims are homophobic (including, therefore, the gay ones).

Corbyn shared a post by Apsana Begum a Labour MP. In Apsana's words: "Here are some of the examples of the Islamophobic abuse I receive online". Her article is here: https://labouroutlook.org/2021/12/01/the-rise-of-islamophobia-is-being-ignored-apsana-begum-mp-exclusive.

So let's look at two key islamophobic comments made on Corbyn's page by the usual "we hate you you are a commie anti-semite terrorist" mob, one by a female eastern-european descended islamophobic British jew and one by a gay white male islamophobe: (wait, don't judge me in your kneejerk way for suggesting that anyone gay may be islamophobic, read what he said before judging me, the universe watches your thoughts and is far more important than British 'intelligence' or whoever you are afraid of or bow to).

<< Christopher Michael Chase: Makes me remember all the abuse thrown at me by muslims in the UK. Not nice is it. It's ok when they do it to gay people but they dont like it done to them. I have never done anything to provoke attack other than exist. So I know how she feels. >>

Firstly let's just butt in and say this - "it's okay when they do it to gay people" (they = all muslims, from what he's saying, including MP Apsana Begum, a known activist for human rights, including gay rights) - he's actually accusing Begum of being homophobic only on the basis that she's muslim. That she's a known activist standing up against homophobia doesn't occur to him, after all she's a muslim, therefore she is in his view homophobic.

Christopher is, by his photo, a 'white' man - he somehow feels that homophobia in Britain is a muslim thing, it's muslims in Britain who hate gay people. The other 58 million Britons don't have any homophobia - hence it is not, as far as he believes, islamophobic to simply pipe up claiming that muslims, as a group, are the homophobia he faces in Britain - because of course there are no homophobic views among the in fact majority vast population of people around him, atheists, christians, jews, agnostics, black, white, brown and blue - no, it's muslims. What a diseased islamophobe. Thank you for helping me make this point clear Chris, you deeply unpleasant and aggressive xenophobe. I'm sure those I know who are gay would agree with me on this if I showed them this page.

And now the jewish woman, we must be grateful to her, she exudes a sense of entitlement and xenophobia and clarifies what it is people like Margaret Hodge, Keir Starmer, Tony Blair and so on stand for when they moralise to muslims or justify bombing people on the basis of their claim that these people need us to 'intervene' in their lives (with bombs):


Suzanne Ananicz: I think she has her own agenda and might be inviting these responses by accusing us of being against her...She had better focus on politics not herself

Suzanne Ananicz: I am a well educated hard working taxpayer and I dislike anyone criticising our liberal democracy.Wd are a welcoming country why do you think so many want to come here?

Suzanne Ananicz: I witnessed my own late father having to suffer because of racism. I am indeed the daughter of an immigrant who worked very hard in this country and would never dare criticise it. Shalom


In other words Suzanne is saying that it is okay for people to abuse muslims because muslims, apparently, in 'some cases', 'invite' abuse - being abusive is not abusive if it is done to those who invite it. Interestingly Corbyn and others like him have never ever suggested that abusing Israelis who are guilty of war crimes is the answer to those crimes, he and those on his side insist that accountability, fairness, decency and a sense of unity must heal the problems we face in the world. The answer to Israel's crimes is dialogue, unity, peace, disarmament. And Suzanne makes it clear what people like Starmer, Hodge, and the rest of those crying wolf about anti-semitism really believe in. Moses would tell them to get lost. They have no link at all to the ideology we can all see Moses espoused, the literature is hardly difficult to come by.

More from Suzanne...

Suzanne Ananicz: Might I add that if she was in another country would she be mouthing about this? It annoys me that people criticise our country that we fought to defend... >>

Suzanne, democracy is itself when you are entitled to criticise and choose your governments and indeed this should obviously be extended to society's relationship with 'private companies' too, and people, like Corbyn, who seek democracy, do intend to extend democracy that far, fortunately enough.

And back to Chris, check this out Chris, who made a statement implying that Apsana Begum, by dint of being muslim, is homophobic:

<< Happy #BiVisibilityDay to the bi community in Poplar and Limehouse and across the world
You exist.
You are valid.
You deserve human rights.
>> {taken from Apsana Begum's Twitter feed, september 2020}

And this one's priceless, another from the same discussion on Corbyn's page covering Apsana Begum's article about her experiences of racism etc:

<< Andy Mcnulty: I wouldn't say this is islamaphobia, I would say it's unfortunate you share the same last name as a known terrorist. Like all the Savilles out their. Its just something they have to live with now. >>

Such a lack of awareness about his own powerfully xenophobic statement. So is it alright to call anyone with 'stein' on the end of their name a rapist, eg Epstein, Weinstein? Is that 'not anti-semitism'? If you think so, you're a fool, calling anyone with a name like Epstein/Weinstein a rapist IS anti-semitism, unlike that which the bleaters of cries of wolf have been claiming is anti-semitic, of course.

McNulty's statement shows us how justifying and articulating islamophobic statements is very normal for many many Britons (they need not make any effort or think about it carefully as they would certainly do if they were having the same discussion but with a jewish person and about xenophobia against jews instead of xenophobia against muslims), so far removed are they from realising that they treat me and others like me (eg Begum there, and countless others I've spoken to on this matter) the way they treated gay people in the 50s, and this includes, as we've seen, xenophobic behaviour by gay people today, not just the one I pointed out, I've met others who have Johnsonian views about muslims, and even further are people, including McNulty, not just the more blatant statements articulating tropes and stereotypes or perpetuating them, away from admitting that how they treat muslims in countries worldwide is how Hitler treated jews, and indeed the populations he savaged in his war against jews, which he indicated was a 'war on terror', as Chomsky points out.

Another important note for the gay islamophobe Chris to face is this - currently there are apparently 3.6 million gay Britons and about 2 million muslim Britons - so in Britain gay people actually outnumber muslims (although obviously there is an overlap), and yet somehow he feels oppressed by this tiny minority and is happy to generalise about the entire minority group that is British muslims. I would be a completely naive idiot to imagine that Britain's islamophobia will even BEGIN to disappear in my lifetime - considering the many many many examples I have shown you reader and the unchecked Islamophobia pumped out even by Members of Parliament like Jess Phillips and Boris Johnson.