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I admit when I am wrong and it has made me amazingly strong and amazingly powerful and helped me on the path of truth and freedom.

Niels Bohr said something akin to the notion that an expert is one who has made every possible mistake within a narrow field. Chomsky points out that someone who doesn't recognise that her/his first priority is recognising her/his crimes has "no right to talk". Feynman points out that 'science' is the process of experience or experiment, that truth is 'what is' (as Lenny Bruce said) and that whether the fact check site or the bbc told you, whether on your cv it calls you a 'scientist', etc - none of that has any value or meaning in the context of truth. And so we find, looking at my old school, the highly expensive, top ranking private school, in Britain known as one of the elite 'public schools' - one of the original eight 'top' 'posh' schools, that almost every single person I went to school with, exceptions numbering less than half a percent, refuse to ever admit when they are wrong - this is not uncommon, most of our society is like that, corporations enforce it in their workers, academics build their careers on it instead of on the things Bohr and Chomsky and Feyman mention, journalists act as the biggest vehicle of enforcement of the refusal by anyone in our society to admit to any of their own errors.

http://37.tvhobo.com gives you a clear idea about one or two examples of people from my elite school who refuse to ever admit when they're wrong, when it's visibly demonstrated to them in front of any number of witnesses, and on the front page of tvhobo you can read more, about the many silent ones who behave the same way. And examples are everywhere, from the 'lowliest' supermarket worker, from the 'most key' nurse, to the 'most educated' bankster and the 'most experienced' captain of industry - refusing to EVER admit when you're wrong is so entrenched you don't even realise there's another way to live.

I have algorithms which can birth a new kind of financial monster, with power never before seen, materially, on this earth, that's how far my work has taken me during these decades of working on my own, entirely because I always seek to find where I'm wrong and correct it and work rigorously, in spite of anyone's perceptions, peer pressure or propaganda, separate from your shameless 'society' - and when I say that, in spite of the fact that everything I said leading up to it is true AND YOU KNOW IT you STILL laugh and think the things Tom was primitive enough to just blurt out.

Your ego and sense of superiority to me blinds you even after I have systematically shown you exactly what all your flaws are and you KNOW those ARE your flaws, but in spite of that, it takes one tiny piece of bait to turn you back into Judge Bullingham.