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Worse than 'woke'?

The word 'woke', like many labels, is used rather inconsistently, by a variety of people, to generalise about a number of different types of individual on the basis of a number of different things. The emotionally potent oversimplification 'woke', at face value, is in no way a word likely to be used ever in a way which is intellectually honest, articulate, useful, constructive and clear. It has joined many words in that way. A key question: saying you are saving someone by bombing them, that you are saving gay muslims and female muslims by bombing muslims, including gay and female muslims - that is 'virtue signalling' - there are many examples of virtue signalling but George Bush, Obama, Blair, Brown, Starmer, Cameron, May, Johnson - their virtue signalling is at the highest level of disgusting. The deaths those individuals have to be held to account for are numerous. It is only in the minds of backward racist westerners that gay Palestinians, female Iranians, etc etc - are saying "bomb my country so that I have the same 'rights' as in your countries, other than of course those of your countries banning abortion and whatever else follows". It's time for virtue signalling neoliberals and virtue signalling neoconservatives like the main political parties - Labour, Lib dem, Conservative, Green, UKIP, Workers' parties, etc to plead guilty to the crime of being all form and no content.