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Fed up with Palestine?

Sam Bahour writes in Counterpunch << I have had enough of those Palestinians. I think the world in general is also fed up with Palestinians. They have gone too far in demonizing Israelis and must be stopped. The international community must act now before it is too late and Israel is wiped off the map and a second tragedy of historic proportions fall on a significant part of the world's Jewish population.

For starters, Palestinians embarked by land, sea and air onto Israel and displaced more than half the Jewish population of Israel in 1948. Imagine, more than half of the population of Israel displaced, forced to live to this day, 66 years later, in squalid refugee camps only hours from their homes. Other than some faint attempts to fight their way back to their homes in Israel, Israeli refugees have been "unreasonably reasonable" in accepting their fate, and continue to patiently wait for word when they can return home to Israel. This man made tragedy was perpetrated by Palestinians, who continue to this day to strangulate Jewish citizens of Israel by the use of brute force and economic suffocation in an attempt to have them voluntarily emigrate elsewhere.

Palestinians are a violent people. Every Palestinian high school graduate is forced into mandatory conscription, three years for males and two years for females. During this military stint, every Palestinian citizen is trained on the use of weapons and combat methods. Many Palestinians brag about how they brutalize Jewish Israelis during their military service; some have even posted photos on their Facebook wall of them posing with Israeli corpses or a blindfolded Israeli who was taken prisoner. >>

It goes on: << You think it cannot get worse? Well, you're wrong. Palestinians have kidnapped 5,000 Israelis from their homes, about 200 are Israeli children under 18 years old, and have locked them into Palestinian jails. These jails that the Palestinians maintain are all built inside Palestinian lands in the West Bank and Gaza. When Israeli mothers want to go visit their loved ones, they must get permission from Palestinian security forces to visit. Hundreds of those 5,000 prisoners are being held without charge; the Palestinians deceitfully call it Administrative Detention. You would think the world would hold these Palestinian jailers accountable, but they haven't for decades. This is why the time has come to stop those Palestinians once and for all. >>

Readers - it's time for you to face the truth about Israel and Palestine, is it not? Read over Bahour's article at Counterpunch, there are more details and there is more 'humour' - I've just shown you a couple of extracts.

Additionally, reader, dig into this: << At a time when any sexist remark to a woman can lead to a riot, the torture during interrogation or false imprisonment of women infuriate no one. When careers and lives are ruined because of an improper kiss or a hug, the restraint of women for days and nights in contorted positions, sleep deprivation and false imprisonment are acceptable because they are "terrorists". The #MeToo movement has gone far, sometimes too far and sometimes not far enough: it stops at the gate of Camp Ofer and the interrogation facilities of the Shin Bet security service. There, it doesn't exist. There women can be abused to the heart's content of the occupation authorities. No one will protest. >>

Source of that item is: https://jfjfp.com/no-metoo-for-these-palestinian-women-imprisoned-in-israel/