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The one group of people in Britain who cannot be blamed for any of Britain's woes or for its crimes.

British muslim voters have absolutely no say at all in how our society is run, everyone else but us has a say, and we are scapegoated and demonised and any attempt to point this out is met with claims that to suggest muslims suffer xenophobia in Britain is both false and 'appeasing terrorists' by 'taking sides' with them, allegedly - so entrenched is the xenophobic posture which treats all muslims as terrorists with an 'evil ideology'.

So whoever among you the universe has to punish for the crimes of this country and whoever among you the world is laughing at because of how amazingly disastrous Johnson's period as Prime Minister has been - nobody is for a minute going to pretend it's muslims who are responsible for Britain's decisions and actions even in part - almost no non muslim Briton feels ashamed that muslims may as well not vote because the system in the UK doesn't represent "us" AT ALL. By "us" I mean all the diverse forms of 'muslim', practising or not, religious or not. The average non muslim has blind fanatical belief in the widespread dogma among many non muslims, both atheist and religious but obviously not agnostic (as that position requires objectivity), claiming that we, the "muslims" are all clones and think the same way. Someone as 'educated' and 'intelligent' as Trevor Phillips believes that - an absurd notion to believe - that's how widespread it is - most 'educated' Britons suffer from this medieval religious-fundamentalist type of delusion.

And I speak as an 'agnostic' - so many times people rebut me by claiming my 'religion' is evil - and the fact is I don't practise Islam, I am just 'identified' as muslim by society and treated, along with all muslims, shia, sunni, agnostic, atheist, religious, practising, religious but not practising, practising but not religious - the same way. And that tells us all we really need to know about the objectivity of people labelling Islam 'evil'. On facebook, for example, there are 10s of millions of comments labelling Islam evil. Any comment doing the same about Judaism is banned and removed, so there are zero of those, but millions calling Islam evil - take a look - facebook doesn't police that, they consider it perfectly fine for millions of people to do it.