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An American soldier commits sexual assault or rape about every twenty minutes.

Figures show that almost three times an hour an American soldier is raped or sexually assaulted by another American soldier. A lack of appropriate coverage is helping the rape problem in the US army continue to remain unsolved. As Chomsky has pointed out, and is obvious, in his opinion we should be more concerned about just ONE priest of 'theirs' we kill than even a thousand of 'ours' they kill.

If the majority of Britain's and the USA's xenophobic writers want to lecture brown people the world over (and at home) about how to treat women or gay people or whatever it is they use to sell their snake oil and justify 'interventions' and weapons/'defence' industry profits and resource theft, they should take care to not be guilty of abundant rape within their own ranks themselves.


The United States government stats show that in the United States 20,500 soldiers are estimated as victims in the year 2018 which, for argument's sake, we'll consider a guideline indicating the likely internal military rape/assault-tally of any given year.

8760 hours in a year.

20,500 / 8760 is approx 2.3, so that's 2 to 3 rape / sexual assault victims per hour in the United States military.

This is very under-reported. In the cases of almost all patriotic and appeasing and just dumb and apathetic British/American people, if they were told that this is the number of sexual assaults and rapes in the army, they'd say it was a lie and presume you had fallen for 'fake news' and are a naive racist fundamentalist unscientific 'fanatic' foreign person they see as beneath themselves in their yeah but no but way.