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If David Amess could go back in time.

Would he still vote for the 100s of motions in which he and Tory and Labour governments created more and more Islamophobia and an increasingly painful and hostile environment for the majority of muslims in Britain? I really don't think so. After all, had none of those things been done, he'd not have been stabbed to death - by a criminal, yes. But what does the innocence or guilt of one man (other than himself) matter to Amess?

Had he not helped make Britain such a dangerously racist and genocidal country, with his votes in favour of wars, that 'spycops' bill authorising Britain's military to kill British people with impunity even if the killing is entirely demonstrably immoral and in any other circumstance (outside the military) illegal, his vote against any sort of amendment even watering these things down, had he and others like him not done that I expect he'd be alive.

So maybe he'd not vote the same way if he had seen the future and he knew that the Islamophobia and abuse of muslims he contributed to for decades would lead to his assassination not by some powerful wealthy criminal cartel or state terrorist forces the way so many of his victims died, but killed apparently by a young, mentally ill criminal presumably with very little to lose.

At the time of the murder of Jo Cox, also killed by a person who was as in the case of Amess's killer, a disenfranchised product of the neoliberal (and neoconservative) policies Ms Cox (like Mr Amess), despite their redeeming characteristics, had gone along with, had stood shoulder to shoulder with, no matter how briefly in Cox's case and with no matter how many years of public support as in that of Amess - at the time of Cox's assassination, as well as paying my respects to her at some sort of memorial they made for her near Parliament, I posted this Alex Cockburn quote and here it is again, equally pertinent and in the moment: << "By now apologies for what happened at Columbine High are mandatory for Marilyn Manson, video-game manufacturers, Hollywood, publishers of Mein Kampf, the Internet. The only people who apparently don't have to apologize are the U.S. military and their civilian overseers, who trained and paid the pilot dad of one of the teen killers; who sent F-16s over the funerals in Littleton; who are now pounding the Serbs each day and night; who mint the currency of violence." >>

And it is the military, and glorification of violence in war, and all the propaganda which goes with it, whether indeed in those films, the glorious patriotic ones, such as the new Bond film, whether the computer games like Call of Duty portraying genocide as noble, it is ultimately militarism which is behind the violent mentality not only in the killers of Cox and Amess but in the votes of Cox and Amess which backed, nonchalantly, a worldwide two pronged attack of state-backed corporate raiding of other nations and protecting the raiders by laying down a suppressing fire with bombers, invasions, air raids, coups, smear campaigns - even today in Britain one of the most popular PM candidates the nation had to think about electing was, as all honest history books will say, smeared out of possible office by the United States' massive military-industrial republican machine and that of its democrat underlings, rendering Britain's health and other public services entirely vulnerable to international, primarily American, corporate raiding.

"He (David Amess) was just doing his job," say numerous 'compassionate' left wing supporters of Corbyn, joining with everyone else in the country in the asymmetric outpouring of virtue signalling or, if we trust them, grief and compassion. Asymmetric not merely in relation to the 100s of 1000s or millions killed by the policies voted in by people like Cox and Amess, Coxes and Amesses in their hundreds, but interestingly, and most interestingly overlooked, the approximately 1000 people who died in the UK during the same week as Amess as a result of the overreach and ineptness of capitalism and the governments it controls. Yes, the victims of the current global crisis, the current healthcare disaster sinking the already battered ship of not just the NHS but of state itself, ever deeper, ever closer to the tipping point. Doing his job would have been voting the opposite way to most of his votes, in fact. The one thing he singularly failed to do, thus helping to generate his own murder, was his job.