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When the longterm and the present collide it is too late to reverse the problems which in the initial present are seen as 'longterm' risk/problems.

In 2019 I was very busy trying to gather materials to write an article about the fact that people don't appreciate that when they're told about longterm risk, one day the 'present' and 'the longterm' will meet and in most cases they'll have been too lazy to have prevented the problems which almost inevitably arise. Time slipped away. I was trying to warn people, above all, about the serious ramifications of their terrible health, their terrible diets, gut health, weak immune systems and the very serious danger of growing numbers in cases of obesity.

It would have been too little too late even if I'd written it in 2019, would it not, readers? So, writing it now, what are the most important bits of evidence which I went through that year and previously, when gathering data which led me to realising it needed to be understood by society at large? Well to begin with look at information concerning antibiotics and farming, it's quite urgent for you, no matter what your diet, unless it's a good one already. Then you should look at the issue of gut health, carefully, and what people say about the 'western diet' - now a global diet. Then you want to look at what Attenborough says are other very very important advantages (or rather reasons for the necesssity) of a situation where most people or effectively all people have a plant-based diet and eat no animal products at all.

Another manifestation of the same mathematical problem as outlined in the title, of the present and the longterm colliding, is the way neoliberalism and neoconservatism have buried their heads in the sand, decade after decade, as society has become more and more unequal and now the time of what for argument's sake I'll call Corbyn is here. Corbyn is the zeitgeist, the voice of the people. Attempts to deflect that voice only make the voice's manifestation more imperative, so the people continue.

The risks of nuclear war, of nuclear accident, of continued dramatic change to climate, of continued vandalism of our diets by greed and profit-seeking, of hypersexuality, of glorification of violence - all continue to stack up, layer after layer, hour after hour, and approximately nobody is not an accomplice to the serious disaster closing in on us at a rate which ought to alarm us all but apparently does not.