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All you 'proud capitalists' who praise our current failed-capitalist status quo, let's focus on how stupid you are being.

Blogs (etc) in the age of the Grenfell disaster.

A definition of egregious. Grenfell's private and council tenants vis a vis Britain's corporations and their corporation-sheltering government.

Liberal Democrat Stephen Williams, when asked for automatic sprinkler protection for towers like the Grenfell Tower, said "I have neither seen nor heard anything that would suggest that consideration of these specific potential changes is urgent and I am not willing to disrupt the work of this department by asking that these matters are brought forward."

"Did you know that a third of private rented homes in England aren't up to a decent standard? Worse still, many won't even complain, in case their landlords react by evicting them."

Scientists not economists need to be running the government, financial sector and commercial sector.

"Along the petro-chemical zone, refineries flooded, pipelines ruptured, chemical plants exploded, and toxic waste sites were swamped. An early estimate, almost certainly low, calculated that two million pounds of hazardous chemicals had been released into the air during the flood by the big oil companies alone. Two oil tanks ruptured spilling 30,000 gallons of crude into the floodwaters. Another storage tank released 9,500 gallons of highly toxic wastewater. These were only the highlights in a state where regulators are charged with concealing not exposing such incidents." (Jeffrey St Clair)

Why do some people accuse Labour and the 'left' of being bad with money, or wanting something for nothing? What is the real psychological reason?

A response to people who rarely use their minds, are lazy, ignorant and visibly so, and yet who often accuse 'the left' of 'being bad with money' or figures or some vague accusation of that kind which leads to asserting that the economy is 'not safe' in the hands of people who are not right wing moronic corporate whores with no minds. Let's consider this theory of theirs for a moment.[..]/damp_and_mould_in_rented_homes[..]legal_loophole_exploited_by_developers2[..],_44_of_low_earners_cut_[..]_food_[..]_clothing_to_cover_rent

Read about a low-risk "end of day" trading method designed for long and stable periods of economic activity.