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So hang on. We have here Bim Afolami, tory MP, who has argued that British colonialism 'helped' Africa and who idolises Winston Churchill. Okay. Right. Hmm. What the god damn hell is going on? Is this for real? Is society able to just call this 'modern' and 'rational' and acceptable in any way? Hello?

Bim Afolami, Conservative MP.

'Keeping decapitated heads as war trophies, in this day and age, in a national history museum, must rank among the highest forms of racist moral decadence, sadism and human insensitivity.'

British schools must teach children to be ashamed of Britain's 'empire' and 'colonialism'.

'India' did not invade 'England', it was the other way around. The barbarian is the one who invades, not the victim, it is the rapist, not the person being raped.

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